Trees and Snow

Trees and Snow

Originally, when I collected photos for The Beauty of Snow Again, I found so many gorgeous pics that I decided I’d do a similar blog which I’ve called ‘Trees and Snow’. Having never lived in snow country, I can only imagine the difficulties and demands of maneuvering through the season’s offerings. Though, I got a glimpse when one hard-working friend told me that by the time she reaches her car first thing in the morning to head off to work, she’s exhausted from the toils of moving snow around and all the other necessary efforts required to just keep warm. Brrrr! So, for those of you who have to shovel snow or try not to run into an unmarked ditch because of snow drifts or to keep from sliding down an iced over street, my deepest sympathies. I hope you can enjoy the photos anyway!

Now, how about some funfacts and one video about exploding trees!

Trees and Snow Videos: Here’s a 40-Second video of an exploding tree in the snow. Just for fun, here’s a 7-minute video of a two-story tree house with guest house and hot tub. 

FunFacts about Trees and Snow: (Source) (Source)

  • Basic information, quote: Cold weather will cause some trees to explode by freezing the sap, because it contains water, which expands as it freezes, creating a sound like a gunshot. The sound is produced as the tree bark splits, with the wood contracting as the sap expands. (Source)
  • Here’s a quote about exploding trees: I was relaxing in front of a fire in the crispness of early morning when Crack! A sound like an explosion came from behind me in the woods. I scanned the trees and saw that a maple tree had “exploded”. The explosion caused a big crack in the tree about three feet high. When a winter wind stirs the frozen trees, they sometimes appear to burst vertically. When it was 40 degrees below zero at night, I lay awake and listened to the trees explode. That’s a true wilderness thermometer! ~ ~ Linda Runyon, The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide (Source)
  • The windmill palm, the Mediterranean Fan Palm, The pindo palm and the queen palm can all tolerate below freezing temperatures.
  • Dead trees that are still upright can be brought down by the weight of snow. (Source)

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33 thoughts on “Trees and Snow

  1. So beautiful! But not if you have to drive in it! Luckily, we don’t get too much in Seattle, but enough to become a pain sometimes.

  2. All of the pictures are beautiful but I really love #13 with the huge tree all covered in snow and ice with the moon glowing in the background What a sight to behold. I am from Overland Park, KS. We generally have lots of snow and ice in the winter. It is beautiful but sometimes very difficult to deal with.

  3. Beautiful pictures. The video with exploding trees was interesting, being from the south I didn’t know that they could explode like that.

  4. Wow! I have lived up north (Ohio) all my life and have never heard of exploding trees. So that was interesting and makes sense just never thought about it before. This year I find myself missing the snow due to the warmer weather.

  5. Oh what gorgeous pictures especially the first one-beautiful! Watched the videos, imagine a tree exploding like that. That treehouse-I want one!!! What a beautiful place that is and even a hot tub. Just awesome. AZ

  6. I love seeing the snow. I live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of snow in NC. If it does snow the roads are never cleared quickly due to lack of machines to get it done.

  7. The pictures are truly beautiful and I enjoy looking at them. They make me glad I don’t live where it snows regularly, as I remember the torture of wool snow pants as a child. I’ve had a total of 6″ of snow in the past month and have the expectation of even more coming to my Mojave Desert home.

  8. Stunning photos. I love looking at the snow covering the trees on my property, from the warmth of my house of course. The second to last photo could be my driveway.

  9. Beautiful pictures. We live in Ohio on top of a small hill so when it snows the trees on the road going down are just like in the pictures. If it was safe to do so, I would stop and take lots of pictures. I’m sending the video of the tree house to my daughter who has stayed in some before. She’ll really like it.


  10. Love the red truck photo and the cabin photo.

    While I have never heard of a tree exploding from extreme cold weather, I have had a swimming pool explode–a 4ft, above the ground. Dad never “winterized” it. Yeah, it damaged the fence, threw ice into several neighbors yards, and we never had a 4ft pool again.

    A few years later, it happened to another pool in the neighborhood.

    denise from maryland

  11. Growing up in MA I remember how the birch trees sparkled like Crystal when covered with ice.
    With the snow reflecting the sun, it was magical.

  12. The sheer beauty of snow on trees is breathtaking. I’m looking out of my window at snow covered branches while having my morning coffee. I am content, happy and at peace. Happy new year.

  13. I love all the pictures, so I cant just choose one. Since moving from the northeast Ohio, I miss the snow. I have heard the trees explode but only small explosions.

  14. Snow is so pretty on trees but it sure can do a lot of damage to them also. I live in the country where snowstorms sure can break a lot of branches off of trees but most most doing voice. Pretty.
    Alberta, Canada have

  15. I really love the pictures with the thick snow on the tree branches. They are so pretty. While snow can be pretty, I really am not fond of it; driving, plowing, coal boiler heating systems, etc.


  16. Snow and ice on trees can be beautiful. But I am here to say that they can be quite expensive too when the weight causes the trees to fall. Then, they have to be cut down and removed. Not so “pretty” then.

    Fort Myers, Florida

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