Seeds and Pods

Seeds and Pods

I have used seed pods over the years in wreaths I’ve made for my home or in silk floral arrangements to add texture. In fact, the lotus seed pod has been one of my favorites. You can see it pictured in the photo below. This arrangement sits in my work area.

I’m fascinated by how unique seed pods are and how much they can differ from plant to plant. For the pics in this blog, I put the name of the plant on the seed pod photo. Enjoy!

FunFacts about Seeds and Pods (Source)

  • Seed PodsThe double-coconut is the largest seed in the world and can measure up to 1.6 feet around the middle. Coconuts have an air space between the nut and a fibrous coating. The air space allows the coconut to float so it can travel hundreds of miles on water to a new resting place.
  • Seeds provide the world’s daily food from cereal and toast to sandwiches, pasta and pizza.
  • Orchid seed-pods can hold as many as three million seeds.
  • Seeds have a variety of delivery systems to help them move away from the parent plant: Some seeds or pods have hooks and cling to animal fur or clothing, some seeds have wings, some pods create a pepper-pot and sprinkle the seeds over a large area, some seeds have air trapped in them so they can float on the wind, some seeds have wings, some seed pods simply explode. And of course, some seeds create a delicious fruit or vegetable and get moved around that way.
  • Seeds can survive the cold. 10,000-year-old seeds found in the frozen soil of Canada were grown and produced flowers.
  • Occasionally, the seeds of plants can be very dangerous such as the deadly nightshade – two berries could kill you – and the seeds of the Castor-oil plant. One bean of the latter has the capacity to kill an adult.

Nature is fascinating and creative.

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

Seed Pods Seed Pods Seed Pods Seed Pods Seed Pods Seed Pods Seed Pods

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***This week’s giveaway is closed! The winner: Nancy S.*** 

July Winners: Nancy S., Betty O., Shannon C. and Pansy P.

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