Growing up in rural northern California as a kid had so many advantages. Having neighbors with vegetables gardens, fruit trees, sheep, cows and of course, chickens, was a window into a life my children never got to see or experience.

I think every child would benefit from watching food progress from the farm to the table, the labor involved, the difficulties, and sometimes the hardship. My father was raised on a farm and when he was a young boy, maybe 7, he was in charge of feeding the chickens. His father warned him not to name them, but apparently, he did. When Sunday dinner came around with a fine roast chicken on the table, my aunt tells me he spent the time in the woodshed sobbing his heart out.

I’m grateful not to have to endure the visceral reality of farm life. Shopping at the supermarket is fine for me. I often wonder what is lost, though. Maybe a level of daily gratitude and connection to the earth that I can only partially feel as I groom my flower garden.

When I saw some of these beautiful, adorable and even heartwarming photos of chickens, I wanted to share them here today. I love animals of all kinds. This summer, I had three clutches of quail hatch in my yard and it was a rare, unexpected treat. So, today, chickens it is.

  • Our modern day chicken is the descendant of the red junglefowl which was domesticated in Asia 5000 years ago.
  • The Latin name is gallus gallus domesticus, which translated means domesticated cluck-cluck…um, just kidding about the translation. Gallus gallus just struct me as funny.
  • In Egypt, chickens were known as ‘the bird that gives birth every day’.
  • Terminology:
    • Female chicken over a year old – hen
    • Young female chicken – pullet
    • Young chickens – chicks
    • Male chicken – cock or rooster
    • Young males – cockerels
    • Castrated rooster – capon
  • The normal life span of a chicken is 7 years.
  • Chickens are omnivores and will eat insects, small lizards, even small snakes. Here in the desert, some people keep chickens because they’ll eat scorpions.
  • Chickens have a comb or cockscomb on top of their heads and hanging flaps of skin under their beaks called wattles.
  • Chickens aren’t capable of long distance flight.
  • Flocks of chickens have pecking orders based on dominance. The more dominant chicken has better access to food and preferred nesting sites.
  • Roosters crow, a shrill sound generally intended to protect the cock’s territory. Hens cluck loudly after laying an egg. They also cluck to their chicks. If a predator arrives, chickens issue a low warning sound.

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

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*** This Week’s Giveaway is Over ***

We have a winner! Congrats, Tamara K.!!!

September Winners: Denise H. and Betty O.! Congrats!

August Winners: Kim S., Dianne K.C., Pansy P., Tamara K., Marie S.

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