As I collected the photos of statues for this post, I was struck not just with the intricacy of the carvings, but by how much emotion each statue portrayed. Maybe that’s part of what makes a great statue, that when we look at it, we’re moved.

I’m fascinated by the workmanship. How does anyone create something so lifelike out of stone? How do you take a block of chisel-worthy marble or basalt and bring it to life? How do you carve a beard and make it look real?

StatuesThe photo opposite is my favorite, maybe because it’s an action shot. Or it might be because of the clouds in the background. This is a good photo. What I’m really curious about, is how that arm stayed intact longer than half-a-second!

Statues represent cultures that have long since passed and are remembered in part by the images they created from stone. What will our different cultures today be remembered by? With so many of us living our lives online, how can a stone erected near a popular gathering place have any real meaning for us?

I think we need an emoji for ‘stone’, lol! Or how about a whole series of statue emojis.

Curious, I Googled it. There are several emojis for the USA’s Statue of Liberty. The other emoji appears to be the an Easter Island carving. 

Somehow, it’s not the same thing!




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And now, here are the photos of Statues! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

Statues Statues Statues Statues Statues Statues Statues

I hope you enjoyed these photos of amazing stone statues. Be sure to keep scrolling to leave a comment for the prize draw. Details below!

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9 thoughts on “Statues

  1. Art in general is a fascinating thing. Although I can and do appreciate these lovely stone sculptures – that lion is amazing – I prefer other mediums, particularly the thread arts. Sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, etc. Those have always interested me, enough that I dabble in them. Where ever I traveled, I have tried to go to museums, parks, shows, fairs, etc just to gaze with wonder at all of the art. I am in awe of all that creativity. The awe of creativity is one of the reasons I hang out on the fringes of the world of authors, maybe hoping that a bit of it will rub off. Thank you for sharing this love of creativity. The crafty lady from Michigan.

    • My mother and my grandmother always had either knitting needles or crochet hooks in their ‘crafty’ hands. I, unfortunately, didn’t get that gift. My sister did. Somehow it slipped past me. I do like to paint and one day when I retire ~ if ever! ~ I would love to set up camp in an art studio and give myself to acrylics and possibly oils. Chiseling stone, however, will never be something I do! Caris from Buckeye, Arizona, USA!

  2. Awesome sculptures and wish I had the talent. My mother would make small sculptures with clay and she did awesome work, and my brother could paint. Unfortunately, the artistic gene missed me, so I enjoy just admiring. I’m fascinated with the artists interpretations of their work.

    • My mother enjoyed working with clay as well. In a way, I’m surprised I haven’t taken to it. But I do like making my bracelets. We each have our own gifts. I think it’s a gift to be able to appreciate what others have accomplished.

  3. Magnificent statues like those seem to be a lost art these days. Imagine living in Greek and Roman times when these beautiful sculptures we’re common place.
    I frequently visit the NC Museum of Fine Art. One display is compiled of Rodin’s works. They are bigger than life-size. They may not be all the originals but that doesn’t distract from their wow factor.

  4. Your blog about statues reminded me of my town’s cemetery. The town was established in 1755 and the cemetery dates back that far. I love walking through the old section of the cemetery and looking at the headstones. Some are angels on a pedestal either completely or mostly intact. It always amazes me how tye sculptor was able to make the robes drape and flow like real fabric. Same thing for the headstones that are urns partially covered by a drape. The ones that make me cry are the lambs because they were used for children. You can tell when an epidemic went through the town because of this. The most unique headstone belongs to a WWI soldier. It is a pup tent with a bed roll, canteen, and a few other things etched near the tent flap. It is also interesting to note the different stone used as one type did not age/weather well and the writing and carving is almost completely worn off while headstones made from another type are pristine.

    • Christina, thanks for sharing. I never thought about going through an old cemetery, but you’re right, there would be lots of stone carvings and statues. The lambs remind me how fortunate we are to live in a time of inoculations. It’s a rarity for children to die today, painful, but rare, compared to prior generations. Before the 1900s, it was a common occurrence.

      My favorite description is of the intricacy of the WWI soldier. I can’t imagine what that looked like. The next time you find yourself meandering through the cemetery, I’d love it if you took some pics I could post in either another blog or in my newsletter.

      Caris (from Buckeye, Arizona, USA) (Um, just trying to train myself, lol!)

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