I have something super precious for you today: Bunnies. After two rabbits showed up in my yard, I decided I had to do a blog about them. My visitors looked like any of the brownish-gray bunnies in the photos below. I only saw each of them a few times. Once, when I went out to shut the water off, I saw the baby bunny in my northwest island next to one of the Party-Plant Lantana. He was only ten feet away. He froze then eyed me for about fifteen seconds, then hopped into the lantana and disappeared from sight. I let him be hoping he’d stick around. I will treasure this memory for a long time. Unfortunately, that was over a week ago and I’m sorry to say, I haven’t seen him again.

The other bunny, who was full-grown, used to come in to do some chomping then would sit on the tall rock at the back of the garden and groom himself. I’d never been around rabbits, so it surprised me when he cleaned his face and his ears then took to licking the fur on his stomach. It was so cat-like that I’m still smiling when I think about it. 

The Photo Below: Using my cell phone, I took this photo of him from the window of my kitchen. The rock on which he’s perched is at least forty feet away. That meant to even see him, I had to enlarge the photo and in doing so, I lost a lot of the detail. I even had to add texture to the photo to get the bunny to show up. But there he is. I miss seeing him on that rock in the mornings.

That I haven’t seen either rabbit for a while leads me to wonder if a predator got to them both. We have so darn many in our area that it’s more a wonder to me that any of them survive. But I’ll keep hoping.

FunFacts about Rabbits (Source) (Source)

  • The female rabbit is called a doe, the male is a buck, and the babies are called kits.
  • Female rabbits can reproduce at 4 months, males at 7 months.
  • A female gestates for about 30 days and will give birth on average from 4 to 12 babies.
  • In a given year, therefore, one female rabbit could be responsible for producing a total of 800 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
  • Rabbits are born blind, naked and live in a fur-lined nest the first few days of their lives.
  • Jackrabbits have been clocked at speeds up to 45 miles per hour.
  • More than half of the world’s rabbits live in North America.
  • Rabbits live about 10 years.
  • Rabbits are meticulously clean animals and are easy to house-break.
  • A happy bunny will perform ‘binkies’, that is, they will jump up in the air, twist and spin around.

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The winner is Dianne K.C.! Congratulations!

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31 thoughts on “Rabbits

  1. Rabbits are banned here in QLD. In fact there is a rabbit proof fence to stop them from travelling up from the southern states. You cannot have a rabbit for a pet here.

    Pet rabbits have escaped, or been let loose, in the southern states and multiplied – as rabbits do. Becoming real pests. Vermin proportions in some places.

    Rabbits are not native to Australia.

    • Mary,
      If one female rabbit can be responsible for an expanded brood of 800 bunnies in a single year — if left unchecked by predators — it wouldn’t take long for a huge problem to develop. In my neck of the woods, we have so many predators that we really don’t see that many rabbits. I honestly don’t know how they survive at all! Of course, this is the desert, lol!

      Caris, from Buckeye, Arizona, USA

  2. I still see the jackrabbits that live up her in the high desert of Southern California. I guess that the coyotes and red-tail hawks can’t keep them down! Fortunately, for all the landscaping at my house, there are too many houses for them to eat up my flowers and shrubs.

    • Merrie,
      It’s the same thing here in the Sonoran Desert. We have owls and hawks, coyotes, feral cats, wild dogs, and rattlesnakes. To me, it’s more of a miracle that I ever see a rabbit!

      Caris, from Buckeye, Arizona, USA

    • Susan,
      Oh, I wish that were true. But they can come and go through the large space at the bottom of the gate. As for burrowing, my soil is all rocks, and I do mean ROCKS, lol! BTW, I have a bracelet for you. I’ve tried emailing several times, but I haven’t been able to get through. You were a winner in a previous month! You can contact me anytime: carisroane@gmail.com

      Caris, from Buckeye, Arizona, USA

  3. In Minnesota we have lots of rabbits. They are cute but destructive. They can decimate a garden overnight.The only recourse is to plant rabbit resistant plants and fence the garden in then hope for the best. I still think they are adorable.

  4. i actually had rabbits for pets …one year my parents got my brother and I two for easter …both female …sadly one was ill and died overnight ….the store gave us a replacement that was suppose to be a female ……BUT …we ended up with a surprise litter and when my brother found them in the hutch when he went to feed the TWO we thought we had ….they were already expecting a second litter even though we had quickly separated them it was too late..we ended up with 18 for a very short while ….now as an adult I enjoy the cuties who reside in our yard every year instead : )

  5. awwww those pics are adorable! i adore rabbits from afar, sadly im not allowed to have them where i live, but i love looking at the ones in the pet store

  6. Once upon a time, in a lifetime long ago, my family raised rabbits. I know all about how quickly they can breed. My father tried his best to control the population, but those adorable little bunnies were – well bunnies. Boots, the dog I mentioned in a previous comment, was our bunny wrangler. They were her babies and she kept a close eye on them. Rounded them up for my dad every time my sister decided to “play” with them – out of the cage of course. Did I mention Boots was a Boarder Collie? I have mentioned we were farmers, so it should come as no surprise that all of these rabbits were destined for the freezer. Dad even sold to the local market. It augmented the grocery fund quite nicely. I still enjoy eating rabbit, when I can find it.

    My nieces currently raise show bunnies. Since this is fair weekend, that is where you will find them with their bunnies. The often win prizes. One of them took best of show a couple years ago. I am not allowed to eat those and they do not appreciate me joking about what good eating they look. Some of those bunnies are nice and fat. 😀 I need to try and get up to the fair. I enjoy strolling through the barns, both the livestock barns and the craft barns. Guess I am still a country girl at heart, in spite of the fact I lived in the city for so many years. It is nice to be back in small town Michigan where I can see bunnies running around in the yard.

  7. As a child, we had a rabbit we saved and kept it in a cage outdoors for several years. Because it was wild, after a time, we weren’t able to pet it any longer.

    There are rabbits running around the neighborhood. I have to watch the kind of flowers I plant to prevent the rabbits from eating them. I gave up on pansies and petunias.


  8. Love all the pictures but especially the 3rd picture-so cute. I’ve never had a rabbit as a pet. When I was working, this one road I took would have rabbits running across the road-had to be careful to not hit them. Loved watching them! This was at 5 a.m. so it was still dark and had the bright lights on so was able to wait and watch them. 🙂

  9. What’s cuter than a baby bunny?
    Well, a kitten, but they share a boatload of cuteness.

    The bunnies here in NC don’t last too long because of the coyotes, hawks, etc. The humongous black snakes wipe out a lot of the babies.

    With all the woods around me they don’t bother my gardens. They are safer staying in the woods where they have a chance of longer term survival.

  10. I’ve totally loved all the comments. My biggest concern was that for many of you, rabbits were nothing short of pestilence. Though that was true in some cases, mostly you all feel as I do, that they are just adorable and can be appreciated despite their potential nuisance factor. In my predator-riddled part of the country (owls, hawks, coyotes and rattlesnakes), the bunny population is kept well under control. Seeing a rabbit is a rare treat. Though I might in future plant petunias and pansies to try to lure more of them into my yard…

    Caris from Buckeye, Arizona

  11. How adorable .We use to have rabbits for a little while while our children were younger. However they multiplied so quickly that we had to give them away. Bunnies are so cute but they really hurt if they bite. One of my sister’s has a scar on her finger where one bite her when she was young.

  12. And that is why we have so many bunnies. Oops, no we don’t because “we” have bald and golden eagles as well as owls and hawks. Thanks for all the fun info.

  13. A friend of mine had a rabbit for a pet at one time. I never did become attached but it was fun watching his antics. I love the second photo the best when they are small and cuddly.

  14. Hello Caris, thank you for sharing your bunny photos. I too have a few wild jack rabbits that come around my fruit trees and eat the new grown grasses around the trees.

    • Hi, Renee,
      Aren’t they wonderful! They’re like little special friends that just show up to make you smile!

      Caris, Buckeye, Arizona, USA

  15. Almost got a bunny as a replacement pet for our cat who had recently passed away. It was so sweet and cuddly. Unfortunately it didn’t happen and several years later I still think of that bunny and wonder if it found a good home!

  16. Oh, how I miss my bunnies! We had Mr. Sheffield, a mini-lop, Dolly, a mini-lop, and Oreo, my special bunny, a Harlequin. I loved the pictures and facts. Thank you.

  17. I’ve seen some pet rabbits when I was a kid but have never touched them before because they were held in a cage. I often wonder if their fur is really soft. I love the photo of the family of three rabbits, gives me a warm feeling.

  18. I love bunnies . They run around our area all the time . They would nest under my bushes sometimes . Then last year on my patio I have this huge flower pot.
    To our surprise and I never saw a rabbit do this . It nested in this pot .three feet tall pot . She did a pretty good job at hiding them as well.
    Love your bracelets ! The way you put them together . The green is so pretty .
    Thanks for the chance ..

    • Cheryl, what a thrill, but that must have been one BIG pot! I’m so curious. What plant was in the pot that could hide a rabbit and her litter? Wish I could have seen it!

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