Pincushion Flower

Pincushion Flower

An Australian native plant — both tree and shrub — the pincushion flower is a bird and bee delight. With round deep pink or red flowers that look stuck-all-over with ‘pins’, the plant lives up to its common name. The pincushion flower is a member of the Hakea family, which is a genus of about 150 plants that are endemic to Australia. The flower produces a unique, woody fruit. 

Pincushion Flower Videos: Here’s a lovely 2-minute video of the pincushion flower. Here’s a 2-minute video that shows the shrub and the flowers.

FunFacts about the Pincushion Flower: (Source)

  • Basic information, quote: Hakea laurina is shrub or small tree commonly known as kodjet or pin-cushion hakea and is endemic to Western Australia. The Noongar name for the plant is kodjet or kojet. It has red and cream conspicuous globular flowers and lance shaped leaves. Hakea laurina is an upright shrub or small tree with smooth grey bark, 2.5–6.0 m (8 ft 2 in–19 ft 8 in) high, 3–5 m (9.8–16.4 ft) wide and does not form a lignotuber. The inflorescence consists of 120-190 conspicuous white, deep pink or red pin cushion shaped flowers in the leaf axils. (Source)
  • The name ‘laurina’ refers to the resemblance of the leaves to the laurel plant.
  • The shrub was first formally described and named in 1830 by Scottish botanist, Robert Brown.
  • The pincushion flower shrub is propagated by seed.
  • The shrub is often used to form a hedge.
  • The pincushion flower shrub is widely used in America and Italy.
  • Though common in Western Australia, it is also being planted in the eastern states of Australia.
  • In the language of flowersHakea laurina symbolizes nobility and longevity.
  • Hakeas need well-drained soil.

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32 thoughts on “Pincushion Flower

  1. The pincushion flower is so unique! It actually reminds me of something that sci-fi shows would use to represent an alien plant.

  2. What an interesting shrub/flower. I have heard of it, but never really looked at it. I enjoyed seeing the petals as they were looped before they completely opened. Thank you for this info!

  3. What a unique flower and love the red one-that one really stands out. Make a wonderful plant in a Sci Fi movie too!! AZ

  4. What a beautiful flower! I have never seen it before but would certainly love to have it grow as a hedge here in Florida. I am really amazed that it propagates via a seed!

    Fort Myers, Florida

  5. It is different. I’ve never seen a flower that grows on trees. It does live up to its name though.
    Thank you for showing it.

    Valparaiso, IN.

  6. Totally get how it got it’s name. The ends of the petals often look like the eye of needles which would be in a pincushion. Thank you. NE Ohio.

  7. I’m from Connecticut and I loved the pictures and think it’s a beautiful flower. I hope some survive the terrible fires in Australia.

  8. I have never seen this flower. While not a favorite, it is very different. I like the picture set against the white, which I assume is snow. It pops the red color.


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