Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia 

If you’re a fossil hunter, Nova Scotia might be the place to visit. It is known for fossils as old as 250 million years. If you have a more ‘enjoy the day’ approach, Nova Scotia is laden with natural beauties and adventures to take like tidal bore rafting, canoeing, hiking and biking. Halifax, the capital, has a boardwalk almost two miles long full of shops, all kinds of tour boats, museums and restaurants. If you’re an explorer, Nova Scotia has 3800 islands just waiting for you.

Nova Scotia Videos: Here’s a 2-minute video featuring some of Nova Scotia’s beauties. Here’s a fantastic 7-minute video on things to do in Nova Scotia. This 22-minute video takes you the entire length of the Halifax boardwalk, which features different kinds of boat tours including whale watching. 

FunFacts about Nova Scotia: (Source)

  • Basic information, quote: Nova Scotia, Latin for “New Scotland”, is one of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces, and one of the four provinces that form Atlantic Canada. Its provincial capital is Halifax. Nova Scotia is the second-smallest of Canada’s ten provinces, with an area of 55,284 square kilometres (21,300 sq mi), including Cape Breton. As of 2016, the population was 923,598. (Source)
  • Nova Scotia is a Canadian maritime province that includes 3800 islands.
  • Nova Scotia is Canada’s second-most-densely populated province.
  • In 1621, the province was named Nova Scotia in its Royal Charter.
  • Any given point in Nova Scotia is no more than 67 km (42 mi) from the ocean.
  • Cape Breton Island is part of Nova Scotia and is a large island to the northeast of the mainland.
  • Sable Island is also part of Nova Scotia and is notorious for shipwrecks.
  • Nova Scotia contains 5400 lakes.
  • Nova Scotia has many ancient, fossil-bearing areas including fossils from both the Jurassic and Triassic eras.
  • Nova Scotia has a mid-temperate climate. Though it is mostly surrounded by water, it has more of a continental climate than a maritime climate.
  • Nova Scotia is home to the Mi’kmaq nation of the Mi’kma’ki indigenous people.
  • In 1605, French colonists established the first permanent European settlement at Port Royal in Nova Scotia, founding what would become known as Acadia.
  • Nova Scotia is home to the largest Scottish Gaelic-speaking community outside of Scotland.
  • Possessing 40% of Canada’s military assets, Nova Scotia is an important military site.
  • 200,000 cruise ship passengers land in Nova Scotia every year. Tourism is an important part of its economy.
  • The mainland of Nova Scotia is the Nova Scotia peninsula. It is connected to the neighbouring province of New Brunswick through the Isthmus of Chignecto.
  • Academy Award nominee Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • Musician Sarah McLachlan was born in Halifax as well.

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28 thoughts on “Nova Scotia

  1. Love the beautiful pictures! I enjoyed watching the videos too. I have always wanted to visit Nova Scotia, maybe I can talk my husband into visiting there one of these days. I’ve always wanted to go there to see the different fossils.

  2. I would love to explore the coast line and sail all around the islands. Enjoyed the videos and pictures – beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful place. Another Ship pic 🙂 and I have always wanted to see a real Lighthouse…thank you!

  4. Beautiful scenery. I especially loved the photo of the little brown & blue house. So quaint :):)

  5. Loved the photos and videos. What a beautiful place to visit. Love those old time schooners. How fun to find fossils too. AZ

  6. Once again you have shown us an area which we are not very familiar. Lovely scenery.

  7. I loved the picture of the stone cottage with the living roof and the one of the church in the mist with the statue of a woman in the foreground.

  8. Nova Scotia has been one of my favorite places. It’s calm and serenity in the country and the busy cities are both beautiful and clean. It’s a wonderful place to visit.

  9. I absolutely love that first picture! Nova Scotia makes me think of the tv show Republic of Doyle. Technically it’s set in Newfoundland, but I put both provinces on my bucket list of places I’d like to visit

  10. We went to Nova Scotia once. Unfortunately we were on the barren side and didn’t see much of anything. Someday we would like to go back and see what we missed. I would also like to go to Prince Edward Island.

  11. The coast of Nova Scotia is a beautiful place to visit. Peggy’s Cove is one of the most intriguing lighthouses to see. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  12. Took a cruise from Montreal to Boston ( where we used to live). NS was beautiful. stopped in several ports there.

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