I love cats. I always have. I grew up with them which I know makes a huge difference in terms of having an affection for the feline species. I’ve also been fascinated by the ‘big’ cats in our world, like lions and tigers, and feature them weekly in the header of my  ‘Fanged Up’ weekday Caris Roane newsletter. One of my characters in the Rapture’s Edge series has a pet leopard. The character, Yolanthe, is quite unlikable except for her love for her leopard.

Lynx are unique in the cat world because of their stubby tails and the tufts of fur at the tips of their pointed ears. Isn’t that a beautiful face? Nature absolutely amazes me. Look at the design and variety in this animal, in its coat and coloring, the tufts, the nose, the dark mouth. What’s not to love? Or if not to love, then to admire?

FunFacts about the Lynx (Source) (Source)

  • There are four species of lynx, the bobcat being one of them.
  • Lynx have compact legs, stubby tails and pointed tufts of fur at the tops of their ears designed to aid their hearing.
  • They are shorter compared with other ‘big’ cats and are only 32 to 40 inches in length. Weight: 22-44 pounds.
  • Most lynx are uniquely built for the snow. Besides having thick fur, their paws are especially thick and tend to spread to create cat-like snowshoes.
  • They are related to tigers, lions, the domestic cat and other members of the Felidae family.
  • Habitat: North America, Northern Europe, Asia.
  • Bobcats aren’t built for colder areas and lack the thick, padded paws of their snow-loving cousins. They generally live in forests, swamps and deserts.
  • Color: Medium brown, to goldish, to beige-white, sometimes with brownish spots on their limbs. All species of lynx have white fur on their chests, bellies and the insides of their legs.
  • Lynx hunt at night and sleep during the day.
  • Lynx are highly territorial and live solitary lives.
  • Lynx mature anywhere from 2 to 2 ½ years of age.
  • Females gestate 62-73 days and produce 1 to 8 kittens per litter. The kittens nurse for 4 to 5 months but stay with mom for the first year. Mothers will often purr while taking care of their young.

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***This Week’s Giveaway is Closed!!!***

The winner is Dianne K.C.! Congratulations!

August Winners: Pansy P., Tamara K., Marie S.

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39 thoughts on “Lynx

  1. I have only seen pictures of these beautiful animals. They remind me of the Bengal house cats that are now very popular. I love the last two pictures of the lynx kittens.

  2. The lynx is a beautiful big cat. I love their coloring and their ears! They are so unique. I love all big cats but I am particularly fond of the gorgeous and illusive Snow Leopard. I have not seen a lynx in the wild but have seen one in a zoo. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  3. The only place I’ve seen a lynx was sadly at a zoo. I have seen bobcats in the wild while driving around Georgia I saw a mother and 2 kits crossing the road. I was thrilled to see them.

    • Donna,
      What a thrill that must have been to see a bobcat and her kittens on the road! I’m envious. The most I’ve seen is the occasional coyote on the highway and a rabbit in my backyard…oh, and a giant scorpion. The latter is just not the same thing as a bobcat, lol!

  4. I think that big cats are amazing. They are beautiful animals. I wonder if there is a purpose for that tuft of hair on a Lynx.

    • Karen,
      It’s my understanding that the tufts on the ears helps them hear better, though I can’t imagine how that would work. I’m sure a scientist somewhere could tell us, lol!

  5. This is the first time I’ve see a lynx. The photos are lovely. I would love to see a real lynx but I suppose that would be difficult.

  6. I’ve only seen a Lynx in a zoo. They are a fascinating cat and love the tufts of hair on their ears. I’ve always been fascinated by Tigers, just love their coloring and they are so majestic looking! I loved picture #11 the best, but enjoyed all of them! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Big lover of all cats here.
    Large or small.

    The lynx is gorgeous.
    What beautiful markings.

    The Snow Leopard is one of my favorites. I even have a huge hand drawn print by a famous artist of the snow leopard hanging on the wall. I look at it everyday, it’s mesmerizing.

    What breaks my heart is according to the latest scientific surveys, the tiger in the wild will probably go extinct in my lifetime because of poachers and big game hunters.

    It’s a travesty that mankind has the need to wipe out entire species for either profit or sport.

    Ok, my blood pressure is rising, must step off my soapbox.

  8. Lynxes are majestic compared to their bobcat cousins! We have bobcats here in the Mojave Desert and they look like overgrown housecats except for the ears and tails. I like your lynxes better.

  9. When I lived in Colorado I saw several bobcats in the Vail area. This was in two different areas. They are very agile and blend in amazingly well to the habitat. I only saw them because I detected movement. There were a few signs warning about the dangers of the cats in the area. It gave me a tingle up my and down my spine to know at least one of them had seen me before I ever knew it was there. They are wild and beautiful creatures and they demand respect.

    • Amy,
      Yikes! Of course it would be rare for them to attack, but still! Since you came away unharmed, I’m sure you’ve loved getting to see them in the wild.

  10. Caris, I looked at several sites on the purpose of the ear tuft hair.

    There isn’t consensus on the function.
    Most scientists think it may act as a sensory detector much like the whiskers.

    Others think it gathers more sound waves.

    There are a lot of disagreements about it.

  11. I love all the big felids but I am most in love with tigers. I’ve had the privilege of seeing all kinds of the big cats, including lynxes, at the various zoos I’ve been to (besides bookstores and crepe places, that’s where I tend to go when I am in a new place). Thank you for sharing all of the lovely pictures, they are enchanting, and thanks for making those beautiful bracelets…you have a lot of patience, lol.

    • ELF, I’m pretty sure we each have a favorite Big Cat. I have a particular fondness for mountain lions but I honestly can’t tell you why. It’s interesting what we’re drawn to.

  12. I have seen a a lynx at a zoo. Always loved the look of them.

    I like wearing leopard print clothing.

    My son’s high school’s mascot was a bob cat. The sculpture outside the stadium is pretty accurate with the details of the bob cat characteristics.


  13. I so love big cats. They used to live near me. The road behind me is even named Cat’s Den but we humans drove them out in the early 1900’s.

  14. Love cats! Saw a post on FB a couple of years ago of the snow lynx. Lots of pics of them in the snow and their huge paws. Beautiful!

  15. Of all the big cats, and I have to say they are all pretty awesome, I think this one is my favorite. I mean really, just the name – Lynx – is kind of sexy. Add to that they are the closest to our cuddly domestic cat, and well, what is not to love. As for seeing one, Yes. I was a teenager. We were eating dinner and had this rather large cat in the tree outside the window watching us. Kind of exciting. Dad called it a bobcat, but since we were living in the upper peninsula of Michigan at the time, and your fun facts says that bobcats are southerners, I suspect it was actually a Lynx. Either way, it was and experience to see a big cat outside the window of our house. We later found out there was a den with young in the neighboring wooded hills and suspect she was just checking out the neighborhood. Sadly, we didn’t see her again, but occasionally we would hear her. Yes, we kept ourselves and the pets close to the house that year. She moved on the next year. Too populated for her I think.

    • Pansy,
      What a great story! Isn’t it wonderful when you see animals in the wild? And what a thrill that she was in your tree. And yes, you were wise to keep your pets close.

      Caris from Buckeye, Arizona

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