Garden Tweaking

Garden Tweaking

I’m an early riser. Tuesday morning was no exception. Dawn arrives around 5:30 and I happened to be ready to go out at just about that time. My feathery buddies are used to receiving their breakfast early. I give them one cup of a simple bird mixture from my local store. At the same time, I turn on the drip in the center of the yard. The birds get to have a morning drink as well and of course my plants get their water, a very necessary commodity in the Desert Southwest.

Before I spread the seed for the birds, I worked on the northeast island. Here’s a picture of it looking south. It’s maybe fourteen feet long by six feet and has a nice height and overall slope. I clipped the lantana in the foreground to keep it corralled. I’ve got an empty bed as well, which means at some point I’ll have to head to my garden center. Oh, darn.

Garden Tweaking

Here’s a view of the northeast island from the south end of the bed. At this end, you can see my young mesquite tree. I’m very excited about this sapling because if it follows the same path as the mesquite from last summer, it could be a towering, thick, ten foot tall tree by mid-summer. Already it’s showing real promise. It’s branching out and putting on some height. It’s got a sturdy trunk and during my garden tweaking session, I trimmed off seven small branches near the ground. It really is starting to look like a tree. Behind the tree, is my four foot tall fig tree. 

Garden Tweaking

My garden tweaking for this part of the island, involved seriously clipping back the purple trailing lantana in the foreground. It was growing every which way. Oh, and see the big rock? One of the younger lizards has made his home there. He has two points of access which I observed while sitting nearby the other morning. What a surprise!

Garden Tweaking

I didn’t do much pruning here. But isn’t this a nice shot of the young fig tree and of course the party-plant lantana? Eventually I’ll get all my drip lines buried, but right now it’s not high on my list.

Garden Tweaking

This is a slightly different shot of the mesquite and the fig.

Garden Tweaking

Finally, at the north end of the island, there is a second mesquite tree only a different variety completely. Its a much slower grower. I had to prune the purple lantana (foreground) away from its base. No surprise there.

Garden Tweaking

That’s all for Garden Tweaking. What I love best about working in the garden like this is how small clips here and there can make such a big difference. The unruly spring growth gets plucked back and the garden begins to take shape.

I think planting, tending and working in a garden becomes a wonderful metaphor for life. We don’t have to make massive changes in our lives to get solid results, just the occasional garden tweaking, a little light pruning, a subtle shift in goal here and there and the goals of our lives can begin to take shape.

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17 thoughts on “Garden Tweaking

  1. I particularly love being in my garden first thing in the morning. The air is so fresh with growing humidity and welcome oxygen. I find myself taking big, deep breaths. Also, when the sun comes up, there is nothing prettier than shrubs, flowers and trees back-lit by sunlight! Gorgeous!

    • Sharon, I’m so glad! I really enjoy putting my newsletters together. They’re a bit of work, but very satisfying. Hope they bring some joy to your life!

  2. I have quite a few gardens spread though out the front and rear yard. There’s nothing I enjoy more than working in the dirt, even if the NC heat & humidity is oppressive.
    My gardens look fairly decent when the Japanese beetles, earwhigs, and other insects aren’t feasting on the plants. Then there are the deer, rabbits and I don’t want to know what else is eating what the insects pass by. All of that is ok, since it’s part of nature’s cycle.
    Locally, the prettiest garden I’ve seen is the Sarah Duke Garden on the Duke University campus.

    • Sandra, we really don’t mind the heat, do we, when we get to be outside with our gardens. Of course, in my case, I need my trees to hurry up and gain some height since I can’t be in the high-noon, 110 degree sun with no shade. But once the sun starts to set and the house casts the garden in shade, I can go to work through the summer. Right now, mid-May, the temps have been idyllic so I try to go out about three times a day. It gets me away from my computer and working some big muscle groups instead of just my fingers, lol!

    • Jean, I’m so jealous. I planted one tomato plant this year and it’s the saddest looking thing you’ve ever seen! I thought it would thrive. I’ll have to do some research before I try it again. It’s probably the soil and I’ll need to do some special amending for next year. Enjoy your veggies! Nothing better than fresh from the garden!

  3. I don’t have a garden per say. Once upon a time there were flower beds an such at various places around the property. But I haven’t taken care of it at all. The body just doesn’t want to do it any more. But what is still going are the tulips and daffodils – they are almost finished here in mid-western Michigan. However the lilacs are blazing beautifully. I love the smell. *deep breath* The Peony will be blooming soon. Not sure how the Day Lilies will do this year. They are in desperate need a of thinning. You are so right, a little bit will go far, but . . . I am moving soon and those flower beds will be easier to maintain I think. They haven’t been neglected.

    I adore seeing what is going with your garden. It looks so different from when I started following you last year. Beautiful. I do enjoy your updates and watching how things are doing. Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

    • Lilacs. Heavenly. It sounds like you have a lot of land around you and a lot of beauty. But maybe the not-neglected beds of your new place will be easier for you. Sometimes, that’s what’s important.

      Yes, my garden has changed so much from last year. It was mostly dirt, or rather sand. The lizards and birds are happy. So am I.

  4. No garden, as I now live in a condo in NJ. But one of the prettiest gardens I have seen was up in Niagara falls on the Canadian side.
    Loved seeing the Arizona garden.

  5. I do not have a garden but I think your garden is very beautiful! Love the pics you send in your newsletter! They are beautiful!!

  6. It’s been great to watch your garden grow and develop over the past several months. Plus your photography certainly enhances the entire experience. Thank you for sharing. It’s taken a lot of the dreary out of my East Coast winter.

  7. My husband and I live in a Senior Apartment facility. There are lovely tulips and daffodils all around the edge of our building and today I discovered some wild Rhubarb at the edge of the property.

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