Frozen Soap Bubbles

Frozen Soap Bubbles

I didn’t know frozen soap bubbles was a thing until I saw photos on Pixabay. I was immediately drawn to them. They are like little pieces of art.

Have you ever done this yourself, those of you who live in snow country? 

Here is a link to one of the best videos I watched. As a bonus, it has the nicest sound track as well. The photo below is just one of several I collected, but isn’t it beautiful?!?

If you want to try doing this even in the heat of summer, you can blow bubbles onto a plate that then goes into the freezer. Check out the instructions here. I think the next time DH and I babysit the grandkids, we may give this a shot. 

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

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***This Week’s Giveaway Is Now Closed!!!***

The winner: Kim S.! Congratulations!!!

August Winners: Dianne K.C., Pansy P., Tamara K., Marie S.

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28 thoughts on “Frozen Soap Bubbles

  1. The first I have heard of or seen frozen soap bubbles. I was missing out. Incredibly beautiful.

    We do soap bubble painting with the pre-schoolers at work. We must try freezing somehow. Off to Google!!!

  2. I love snow globes, so it goes without saying, that I’d find these to my liking. But where snow globes have an artificial beauty, these encompass all the natural beauty that can only be seen in the frozen landscape of winter. Emphereal, exquisite and ever so fragile!

  3. I didn’t know that you could have frozen soap bubbles. They remind me of snowflakes as no two are alike. Love the crystallize patterns made by freezing them. I will have to try this.

  4. WOW ! …have never seen or heard of this before ….cant pick a favorite pic though ….they are all gorgeous ….nature produces some amazing art ….even if humans help now and then …we get great material to work with : )

  5. Love the pictures! Thank you for introducing frozen soap bubbles. They are beautiful and I’m gonna have to try this! Would be awesome if you could somehow keep them and not melt.

  6. Caris, once again you have shown me something that i didn’t know!!! I’m so glad I found your books and started following your blog. I have learned many different things since following you. Your blogs are always so informative.I am going to try this with my 2 year old granddaughter this winter !!

    • Marie,
      I’m sure your granddaughter will love this. Can’t wait til I try this out with my own grandkids, hopefully this weekend that is, if the freezer thing works. I’ll try to report back.

  7. I have never seen these before. Living in Minnesota I thought I had seen everything you can do with ice, snow and cold. The boiling water thrown in the freezing air, for example. These are amazing and beautiful. I will have to try this. I bet you could put food coloring in the water and get some cool results, too. Thanks for the information and pictures.

  8. Like others I’ve never heard of this.
    It reminds me of an alternate universe.
    Remember the globe the cat wore on it’s collar in one of the Men In Black movies?

  9. How fascinating and never knew about soap bubbles. They are so gorgeous and I love #5, #7 & the last one. The intricate details on them is awesome. I will have to try these especially when my great grandkids come for a visit-they’ll love it!! Even though I live in AZ, we do get some cold weather and I definitely have to try it then. Thanks so much for sharing this. Just beautiful!!

  10. Wow! Who knew? I will admit that is a wonderful, inexpensive way to appreciate beauty and creativity. I like it. Don’t think I am going to rush out and try it, but fascinating to watch. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I’m glad to know I wasn’t alone! I half expected most of you to tell me this was old news and where have I been living?!? That wouldn’t have been a surprise. Mostly, I reside in my writing cave.

    I want you to know how much I appreciate all your comments. I usually read them two or three times over before the day is out. Thanks, everyone!

    Hugs all around,
    Caris, from Buckeye, Arizona, USA

  12. Wow, what gorgeous pictures! I didn’t even know you could freeze soap bubbles. The frost designs are incredible!

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