Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements 

One of my favorite things is a beautiful flower arrangement. Are you with me?

Even this morning, when I was out in my garden pruning my colorful lantana, I thought, ‘This would be so pretty in a vase.’ Now, I know from experience that lantana isn’t a real cutting flower and the flowers I decided to jam into one of my smaller, cut glass vases won’t last but a day or two.

Even so, I can’t tell you the delight it brought me. I settled the vase on the small table by my garden window and felt all warm and glow-y inside. It didn’t take very long to do and I found myself smiling. It also seemed the least I could for for ripping these beautiful flowers off their shrubs all in the name of pruning, lol!

Flower arrangements have dressed up our world probably from the time Eve looked around the garden and said to Adam, “Wouldn’t these look nice in the cave?”

And I’ll bet they did.




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Flower Arrangements Flower Arrangements Flower Arrangements Flower Arrangements Flower Arrangements Flower Arrangements Flower Arrangements

I hope you enjoyed these photos of Flower Arrangements! Take some time today to bring something into your life, however small, that makes you smile.

And now, have a wonderful day and an even better night! For more information about my books, keep scrolling! Live the fang!

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27 thoughts on “Flower Arrangements

  1. Really beautiful flower arrangements. And I loved your lantana arrangement as well.
    Did you know that in Australia lantana is considered a noxious weed and you’re not allowed to grow it in your garden. It’s probably because with our ‘wide open spaces’ it has just run mad.
    Cheers Roslyn

  2. Roslyn,
    I recently learned about lantana being outlawed in Australia. I’d emailed back and forth with a fan in your part of the world until I could make sense of it. Apparently, there’s no known natural controlling pest to keep lantana in check. I have to admit, it does like to take over the world. I’m pruning it constantly, especially the purple trailing variety. Otherwise, it sends lots of new growth up, through then over the other plants. I could see it smothering them. But it’s my favorite in our dry desert climate and both varieties I have bloom constantly!

  3. Lovely pictures today. I could almost smell all those roses. Love the smell of roses. *deep breath* I used to buy a bunch of cut flowers to decorate our apartment when I was overseas. I could get a bunch for about a dollar. Loved it. Now I mostly just sit on my porch and enjoy things in their natural environment. The Lilacs last week smelled amazing! They are white ones just off the side of the porch and they didn’t last long this year. They are finished already. Maybe that cold snap we had last week here in Michigan. The purple lilacs in the back yard have amazing blooms. If I wasn’t packing to move in a week and a half there would be some sitting on my table. My simple pleasure is just sitting on the front porch watching the world go by. Thank goodness the new place has a front porch too. I get such joy from it.

    • I would love to try growing lilacs and clematis. One of my sneaky plans is that when my mesquite trees grow tall enough to provide some decent shade, I’m going to try to grow some flowering vines you shouldn’t be able to have in the desert!

  4. Oh all the beautiful rose pictures. I just love the smell of roses. I have one pink rose bush and the smell – heavenly. You have a beautiful garden with such a variety of plants and flowers. I also have irises growing in front of the house. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful day!

    • Betty, my mother and grandmother had beautiful gardens and they were always sharing cuttings back and forth. I got the bug early on. I only wish I had a little more time to work out there, but one day! I love roses as well. I love to stick my nose straight in and take a deep breath. One day, I was hovering over the pink roses by the south wall and getting close to a gorgeous bloom. I was ready to do the usual when a bee emerged. Okay, I freaked out a little, but learned my lesson. I make sure the roses are bee-free before I engage, lol!

  5. I just looked the flower arrangements over again. Here’s a simple pleasure: Collecting photos for a blog or for my newsletter! Hunting on Pixabay gives me tremendous pleasure. I mean, I always knew I was a visual person but I’m kind of amazed just how much a beautiful photograph feeds my soul.

    • My grandmother grew both sweet peas and roses to do exactly the same thing. She always had small bud vases scattered around the house with some of each in them. It’s one of my favorite memories…

  6. When I lived in New England I had beautiful hybrid tea rose gardens. Fragrant Cloud was my top favorite rose. The sweet fragrance is unmatched by any other.
    Sadly, the high humidity in NC makes growing tea roses an exercise in frustration. At least there is one variety (floribunda) that was developed for this central region of NC which does well.
    Every year I plant zinnias for masses of color. The more you pick them the more they produce.
    I like planting silver foilage plants as a background for bright orange marigolds.
    I have lilies in many colors, including the stunning Stargazer lilies. Sometimes I get to see them bloom…the deer thank me for those, yum-yum.
    The gardens are rounded out with vinca, hostas, ferns, Blackeye Susan’s, Lambs Ear, and tons of purple coneflowers.
    The front steps are lined with pots of calidiums and vines.
    My favorite of all the plants in the gardens?
    I’ll let you know when I figure it out…lol.

  7. P.S.
    I forgot to answer the question, what brings me simple pleasure.
    Obviously, spending every minute possible puttering around in the gardens.
    I even enjoy weeding!

    • Isn’t puttering the best! One of my goals is to try to end my writing day just a little bit sooner so I can putter.

  8. Beautiful pictures!!! I’m waiting patiently for our Michigan weather to cooperate with my impatience of waiting for my flowers to come up and bloom. I’ve been smelling the lilacs everywhere. Weeding and Reading is 2 of my favorite things to do.

    • Isn’t it funny how much pleasure can come from weeding! But it’s all about tending and grooming the garden. I haven’t been able to do nearly enough. Right now, my garden looks pretty good at a distance, but up close, I’ve got some work to do. Now I just need to find the time!

  9. I love looking at the beautiful pics of your garden! My favorite flower is a rose. My grandmother’s name was Rose. I love spending time with my family and just sitting with my husband watching tv. Have a good day and night!

  10. Beautiful floral pictures! I’m from California and I enjoy going to wineries in Lodi and the surrounding foothills with either my husband or my girlfriends and packing a nice lunch. Very relaxing and you always meet interesting people, but most importantly there’s some excellent wine.

    • That sounds wonderful. I have relatives in Santa Rosa and I love the area. Yes, wineries and wine, not necessarily in that order, lol!

  11. I love reading obviously, but I also love flower catalogs. I love Brecks and I have gone on to rose sites looking for unique colors and flowers. Here in central California everything grows so flower catalogs and cookbooks are my relaxing go to’s.

  12. We’re still busy (4y later!) tearing out the old, sad, dead, and unhealthy plantings from the previous owner of our 5 acre property. I have great plans to add roses, hostas and lantana to several areas out front.

  13. Your flowers are always so beautiful! My mom loves to work in her flowers as well, but the green thumb skipped me LOL I appreciate their beauty, but leave the growing to others 🙂 Thank you for sharing ur pics!

  14. Hi!! I’m from Washington State! My simple pleasures is reading! I work full time and I also go to school full time, so I’ve been trying to squeeze it in wherever I can! As of today, I’m on break from school! So I’ll have lots more time to read!

  15. I really enjoy your emails seeing your garden & the pictures of different things. My small garden is looking pretty good after all the rain we been having in Oklahoma. Lost a few plants but just bought some more. I have to keep the rabbits from eating the plants so out comes the hot peppers. Seems to work.

  16. I always enjoy opening your emails to see what beautiful pictures you have included. I especially love the flower pics and the animal ones.

  17. Beautiful flowers. My father has a green thumb and grows calla lilies, celosias and hydrangeas. I wish I had his talent but I have loved flowers since I was a child. Still love roses the best.

  18. I love the way a beautiful arrangement can brighten up a room. I have a green thumb with green plants. Not that I can’t grow things with flowers, but I tend to use only plants that are green around the house. But I love buying flowers to put in a simple vase and have them decorate my dining table.

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