I am a big fan of daylilies. They’re one of those plants that works hard, looks pretty most of the season and blooms and blooms. I have only one daylily in my desert backyard, but it lives in what I call my ‘furnace’ zone. This angled portion of the garden doesn’t yet have enough shade so that June through July, the poor daylily gets fried then vanishes only to reemerge the following spring. The first time it showed up after months of having ‘disappeared’, I was so surprised. I thought it was long dead. But after doing a little research on the daylily, I have a new goal to buy more plants and put them in areas where I know they’ll get a good portion of shade during the hottest times of the day then we’ll see how they do.

This 7-minute video showcases all kinds of daylilies as well as lovely classical music. Here’s a 2-minute video on planting daylilies. Here’s a 4-minute video featuring Nebraska-grown daylilies and good information on care and propagation. 

FunFacts about Daylilies: (Source)  

  • Basic Information, quote: A daylily is a flowering plant in the genus Hemerocallis. Gardening enthusiasts and professional horticulturalists have long bred daylily species for their attractive flowers. Thousands of cultivars have been registered by local and international Hemerocallis societies. Hemerocallis is now placed in family Asphodelaceae, subfamily Hemerocallidoideae, but used to be part of Liliaceae (which includes true lilies). (Source)
  • Daylilies are perennials.
  • Each blossom lasts for only one day, withers at night and often the next day will be replaced by another bloom on the stalk.
  • Some species of daylilies are night-blooming.
  • Daylilies are native to eastern Asia, including China, Korea and Japan.
  • There are over 80,000 registered cultivars.
  • Some daylilies are considered invasive in North America.
  • The daylily is hardy, drought tolerant and can thrive in many growing zones.
  • Most daylily flowers are edible and are used frequently in Chinese cuisine. But, some cultivars are poisonous, so be careful.
  • This blog had lots of interesting information about daylilies in nutrition, medicine and food. 

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*** This Week’s Giveaway is Closed ***

We have a winner! Congrats Becky W.!!!

July Winners: Sherdina A., Linda K. and Kim C.!!!

June Winners: Mary M., Amy S., Mary P., and Suzi D!

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We have a winner! Congrats Becky W.!!!

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43 thoughts on “Daylilies

  1. I think I’ll look into growing some daylilies in the garden. They seem like a pretty good plant for me since they’re hardy and will be less likely to die under my questionable gardening skills!

  2. Love daylilies! Currently we have orange, pink, and purple ones growing in various places on our property. On of my memories from when I was a kid was helping my mom transplant them. She’s got the greenest thumb ever. We’d take snips from ones on the side of the road and she’d cultivate them and them plant them. All the ones she’s planted 20 years ago are still around and have expanded. One thing I find crazy is how they can change color. Originally we picked only orange and purple and over the years have had all sorts of colors. My favorites were a few years ago when we had a few that were magenta and purple. So pretty!

    • Tamara,
      I love that your mom took cuttings from the side of the road! She sounds amazing! Love!

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  3. Daylillies are one of the flowers that gives a garden big impact with little work. Although I enjoy their brilliant and various colors, they are not my favorite flowers.

  4. Gives me hope that I may be able to grow some daylilies (I do not have a green thumb). I do have a peace lily from my brothers funeral from 25 years ago that stiff blooms every year (my husband takes good care of it because it means so much to me). Loved the photos – beautiful.

  5. How could anyone go wrong with daylilies? They are quite the showstopper with little work. The variety of colors is impressive. Their foliage is attractive even after the blooms are spent. They make wonderful border plants.

  6. I love the different colors. I believe that an interstate running through North Carolina is lined with them making for a lovely drive. I’m betting they plant pretty flowers like this to help calm and relax drivers. Keeps the roads safe!

  7. Can’t pick out just one picture, they are all beautiful and all the colors!! I do love them. My daughter has them in her garden. I tried growing them once but they didn’t take. I do not have a green thumb! 🙁 AZ

  8. I have oodles of different daylilies which the deer find quite delicious. Buds & leaves, but they leave the naked stems for me to enjoy. So considerate.

    But this year I covered a few plants with wire and was actually able to watch my favorite ruffled peach lily bloom.

    Sadly, somehow they knocked off the sheet of wire on the Stargazer lilies and ate the plump buds.

    Oh well, win some lose some, or a lot.

    • Sandra,
      I’ve been thinking of you lately, in your North Carolina garden and how often the various critters attack-and-devour.

      So, here’s my story — that has nothing to do with daylilies, but came to my attention this morning. This has to do with my Party Plant Lantana.

      Because the humidity was low this morning, only 15%, I was out on the patio with my evap cooler and enjoying my garden and my coffee. I looked over at the closest Lantana and was stunned to see these ‘small yellow daisies’ instead of the lush flowers with lots of pink petals and modest yellow center. I thought wth? Did something unexpected suddenly grow up and bloom right in front of them or what, like overnight?

      Come to find out, this colony of very small birds — um, bigger than a hummingbird but smaller than a sparrow — has been eating all the petals off my Lantana. This is the first time it’s ever happened. I would be disheartened, but I adore these little birds, so there ya go. When you’ve got a thriving garden, you get all kinds of trade-offs including your wonderful deer versus the daylilies!

      Thanks for sharing,

      Buckeye Arizona USA

  9. I have yellow daylilies in my yard. My brother brought them when he laid the sod for our yard. They come up every year and are pretty low maintenance. Need to divide every so often.

    denise from maryland

  10. Hi Caris,

    We don’t have any daylilies in our yard but I enjoy looking at them. They’re so pretty and colourful. My sweet hubby would say no to me planting them, so I’ll enjoy the photos and where ever I see them.

    We have roses and a pretty pink crepe myrtle. I’m hoping for an herb garden for me and to also help the bees.

    I love your newsletters! I’m just getting mine started. You amaze me getting out two a week, plus all of your books. You’re an inspiration.

  11. I have a good variety of Lillie’s and they spread like fire…lol can be annoying but so beautiful…awesome pics!!

  12. Love day lilies, but I have the same problem that Sandra L and Caris has. The deer eat mine also. I use gallons and gallons of deer away. I have a small what I like to call a vineyard with about 7 different kinds of grapes. The birds have eaten most of my concord grapes. This really upsets me as I make concord jelly.

  13. I am a huge fan of daylilies. I live in New Jersey on a wooded lot, and every year I buy more. I love how they edge the woods. I hate (not really) when the deer come and eat the blooms. 😉

  14. Daylillies were in our backyard when we moved in to our new home 49 years ago. We enjoyed them and they lasted a long time. They did not return some years ago and we keep saying we need to replace them!

  15. I love day lilies. When we lived in NJ we always grew them. I can only get day lilies here in New Mexico by going to a store. It’s really not the same.

  16. I planted several lilies this season thinking I would have a beautiful array of color and my lilies all nice and proud. Well some did come out and was growing nicely. But then the Hot, Hot, I do mean Hot weather also came about with little to no rain for weeks. I happened to go away for a while and when I came back they were all burnt and brown.
    I will try again next season.

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