Chalets and Snow

Chalets and Snow

A woodsy chalet tucked into deep drifts of snow is an iconic image of alpine elevations. But the origin of the historic European chalet has its roots not in snow-sports but in dairy farming. In the heat of the summer, herders would drive their dairy cattle into the mountains for the duration of the season. With the temperatures significantly cooler than the lowland regions, the herders would live in the chalets where they would then produce milk, cheese and butter without fear of everything getting spoiled. Before the snows arrived, the cattle were then driven back down the mountain and the chalets closed up for the winter. Only in modern times have these lovely chalets become ‘ski chalets’ and opened up for the snow season.

Chalets and Snow Videos: I had to hunt to find this. It’s a personal 1-minute video that shows some beautiful footage of the wall of a historic chalet. Here’s a 1-minute video featuring a luxury chalet in Switzerland.

FunFacts about Chalets and Snow: (Source)

  • Basic information, quote: A chalet, also called Swiss chalet, is a type of building or house, typical of the Alpine region in Europe. It is made of wood, with a heavy, gently sloping roof and wide, well-supported eaves set at right angles to the front of the house. (Source)
  • Chalets were often sunk into the ground to help maintain a comfortable temperature during the winter.
  • The term chalet stems from an Arpitan word (from parts of Switzerland and French Savoy) which means the hut of a herder.
  • Historically, the chalets were originally built in Alpine areas as a cool place to produce dairy products in the hotter, lowland summer months. Dairy cattle would be driven to the higher elevations where they would be kept until the fall. These chalets would then be locked up for the winter.
  • In modern times, these chalets were turned into homes to serve winter sports enthusiasts.
  • The term chalet is used all over the world and can even refer to beach houses.

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31 thoughts on “Chalets and Snow

  1. As a Southern California girl, I definitely only like to LOOK at the beautiful pictures of the snow, not deal with it personally, lol. As always, thanks for sharing (and glad to see your blog is back up). Happy 2020!

  2. I have seen American chalets in the mountains, covered with snow, and I’ve seen a beach chalet.

    Just seeing a chalet makes me think of mountains and snow.

    denise from maryland

  3. Snow is surely beautiful! I would love to curl up with a good book (know where I can get one?!), but I would have to have lots of extra firewood! Lovely thought.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Just love the chalets in the snow and wouldn’t mind spending a few days in one. Just thinking of sitting by a fire and reading – heaven!! AZ

  5. I love the variety in the architecture. My aunt lives in Vail, Colorado and I loved walking around seeing all the chalet inspired buildings.

  6. I love snow. I grew up in Western NY and live in North East Ohio’s snow belt. Just love it. This year is pretty much a bust so far :(. Love all of the photos but the third one down is my favorite.

  7. The luxury chalet is awesome. I love love love the 9th photo from bottom with the trees lot up and the snow with a blue look. Stunning

  8. Really beautiful pictures. I truly want to visit Switzerland, but, I don’t like the cold. I wonder how strong those roofs are? I also wonder if any of the chalets have been totally buried in the snow?

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