Having lived near the California coast as a kid, I can remember watching my mother collect driftwood while we’d roast our hot dogs over an open fire on the beach. Later, she’d create different projects from her findings. She would sand the pieces down and sometimes varnish them. Some would remain just as they were, others she would add candles to them and give them away as gifts. 

Maybe because driftwood was part of my history, I always get a warm feeling when I see tumbled pieces of wood, the edges of which have been smoothed away by being in the water. I’m also amazed at what can be created with driftwood. Here is a famous sculpture by Heather Jansch. (Source) Photo from Pixabay.

In surfing the web, I also found a website that features not only a number of beautiful photographs of items made from driftwood, but that also suggests several ways to turn driftwood into profit. Check it out here.

Here’s a small bit of mythology involving driftwood: According to Norse mythology, the first humans, Ask and Embla, were formed out of two pieces of driftwood, an ash and an elm, by the god Odin and his brothers, Vili and Vé. (Source)

FunFacts about Driftwood (Source)

  • Driftwood is any kind of wood that has washed onto the shores of oceans, rivers, or lakes because of the tides or winds.
  • Driftwood can be a nuisance on some beaches or banks, but it does a lot of good as well:
    • In the ocean or on other large bodies of water, driftwood can provide shelter or even food for birds, fish and other aquatic animals.
    • The organic elements that decompose the wood, like bacteria and shipworms, turn the wood into nutrients that feed other organisms, fish and animals.
    • Once driftwood arrives on the shore, it can also provide shelter for birds and animals.
  • Driftwood can become a foundation for sand dunes.
  • Driftwood is used for all kinds of craft, art and furniture-making projects.

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*** This Week’s Giveaway is Over ***

We have a winner! Congrats, Tamara K.!!!

September Winners: Denise H. and Betty O.! Congrats!

August Winners: Kim S., Dianne K.C., Pansy P., Tamara K., Marie S.

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