I’m starting to put my imaginary farm together. I’ll have the Valais black nose sheep, some awesome goats and now I must have alpacas. They have absolutely adorable faces and appear to be smiling all the time. The video links below give the best possible introduction to these gentle creatures. One of my favorite things about alpacas is that they’re often used to guard chickens and lambs from pesky foxes and other predators.

Here’s a video featuring some children and an alpaca farm. Really cute. Very brief video of alpacas walking toward the camera. Again, they’re so cute. Here’s a video of alpacas with the job of protecting newborn lambs from foxes. Here’s a noisy video of alpacas guarding chickens from foxes. Finally, here’s a short video of a baby alpaca, or cria.

FunFacts about Alpacas: (Source) (Source) (Source)

  • The alpaca is part of the Camelidae family and are closely related to llamas, vicunas and guanacos, all of which are native to South America.
  • Alpacas are much smaller than llamas.
  • Alpacas graze high in the Andes of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile.
  • Alpacas are bred primarily for their fiber or fleece.
  • Alpaca fibers come in 52 natural shades.
  • Alpacas were domesticated by the Incas 6000 years ago.
  • Unlike llamas, alpacas are not used as pack animals since they are too small.
  • Alpacas are very social and live in herds with an alpha male, females and their young.
  • Alpacas dislike coyotes, foxes, dogs and similar animals. They are used as guard animals for sheep, chickens, etc.
  • Alpacas are intelligent and observant.
  • Alpacas spit and bray to offer warnings.
  • Alpacas make a variety of sounds: Humming, snorting, grumbling, clucking, screaming, and screeching.
  • Alpacas live 15 to 20 years.
  • Alpacas don’t bite or butt. They don’t have sharp teeth or hooves. They’re gentle animals.
  • Alpacas need to be with alpacas.
  • Alpacas create dung piles so on a farm it’s easily managed and makes a good, natural fertilizer.
  • Alpacas eat grass and hay.
  • Quote: Alpacas and llamas can successfully cross-breed. The offspring they create are known as huarizo, which are valued for their longer fleece. (Source)
  • Alpaca babies are called crias.

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(Photos from Pixabay) 

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We have a winner! Congrats BN!

January 2018 Winners: Judie L. and Maureen D.

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57 thoughts on “Alpacas

  1. I love these pictures! Alpacas are beautiful animals and I love using their wool for knitting. It’s so soft! It makes wonderful garments without all the itching that sheep’s wool causes. I picture those adorable faces while knitting and just have to smile!☺

  2. I’m in love. I especially like the dude with the brown ‘toupee’.

    I used to have an alpaca chullo. Kept my head and ears toasty warm.

  3. Hi Caris. This is juls11 from Mesa, AZ. I really fell in love with the beautiful white baby that was laying in the grass and her nose, mouth, and area around the eyes was pink. I’m not positive if it’s a her but with that glam, delicate face it just felt like a her. They look so soft and happy and I just want to hug her and let some of the happy transfer to me. Thank you so much for these wonderful and beautiful pictures. Jules

  4. The alpacas are so cute! There was a store I saw that used to sell alpaca fleece products; I liked the soft and fluffy stuffed animals that had fur made from the fleece.

  5. These pics are great. They are such adorable looking creatures who do look like they’re smiling. I wonder if they could live with my cats?!?

  6. I am from South Australia but am living in the UK for a couple of years. I used to walk my dog back home and would regularly meet a lady walking her alpaca on a lead. I even met her on the beach! She loved her alpaca and treated it like a family pet. It was gorgeous. x

    • Sue,
      That is so awesome. A couple of the videos I watched of alpacas showed people having them as pets. After doing my bit of research, I could totally see it. They seem like such loving, loyal animals.

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

    • Susan,
      You are blessed on so many fronts, including knitting, family and Machu Pichu!

      A little green in Arizona, lol!


  7. Aww, they are all so adorable especially the babies. Loved the last video with the new baby-just adorable. They have cute hairdo’s too! Thanks for all the pictures and videos-watched them all. Just fascinating. AZ

  8. Loved the videos. Especially the one of them with the lambs and when one was nuzzling on the young lamb. So gentle and caring.

  9. Hi, I’ve only seen them, at the zoo, once. I think their adorable and like the different colors. I love the small ones. Thanks for telling us about them.

  10. Since I am a knitter, I am very familiar with alpaca yarn. I just finished a sweater for my sister for Christmas that was an alpaca blend. It is some of the warmest around! They are such gentle creatures with wonderful personalities. Their babies are just adorable.

  11. What a fascinating creature! Yarn on the hoof! Wonderful! Everything about Alpacas that I didn’t know I wanted to know. Thank you. I loved the videos, especially the first one with the kids talking about the Alpaca. How fun for them. The Alpaca seems so friendly and curious. Even the look of their face screams curious to me. That and maybe a bit of the devil with that almost toothy grin. As I said, fascinating creatures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  12. I love them. They are so sweet and MUCH nicer than Llamas. The wool knits up beautifully. It’s so warm. Love love love! Thank you. Living in Ohio.

  13. There’s an alpaca farm not too far from me.

    I have a ruana knitted from alpaca wool, and it is so warm. I have a beanie, too–from a different place–and it’s warm.

    denise from maryland

  14. Not too far from me (I live in the country) a person has some llamas and a couple of alpacas for pets.

    How do I know this? Because they are master escape artists. They haven’t escaped lately so maybe the owner has upgraded his fencing.

    They do have adorable faces and look so innocent. Much like a teddy bear.

  15. I always thought alpacas were adorable. I didn’t know they made such good guard” ” dogs” “. Maybe I can talk hubby into getting one for our chickens and cows. All the photos are awesome but I wonder where # 12 is at. It is simply a beautiful landscape with the greenry and water. Stunning. I Loved the videos but when i get them i just keep going from video to I could spend hours watching them. Please excuse any caps that are where they shouldn’t be. My kindle is wanting to start each word with a capital letters. Thanks for the post.I really enjoyed the adorable animals. I always liked seeing then at the zoo.

  16. I think Alpacas are beautiful animals. Thanks for sharing the videos and photos. I think that their facial expression more resembles a smirk than a smile – but they look like they’re ready for games all the time.

  17. HI. I’m sending this to my sister since she is totally alpaca crazy! If her yard was only a little bigger I’m sure it would be filled with alpacas. The farm up the road from her house has a herd, and she stops by every now and then to love on them! I’d like some too, but I don’t think our subdivision would be too happy. Guess I could tell them that they are my dog’s pets, LOL! Oh, we live in usually sunny TN, but right now I think I have an inch of snow on the lawn and schools were closed today and probably tomorrow. Originally lived in IL, so this doesn’t seem too bad until we go out on the road and realize these people really don’t have a clue about driving in snow!!

  18. Oh my there adorable I also have a s mall farm with nigerian Dwarf Goats,potbelly Pigs,chickens ,rabits ,dogs,cats sestapool Geese Now I think I Might Need An alpaca lol thanks for sharing in Love looking at others animals mine give me so much joy

  19. OMG! Those are so cute. I especially love the ones in pictures number 2, 10 and 19. I just asked my hubby if we could have one. LOL!

  20. I have seen Alpacas, it was at an alpaca farm where they use the coats for clothing, really amazing animals! I love the photo of the three different colored ones sitting on the grass!

  21. I’ve really never been around Alpacas, but one of my Senior Chiefs from the Navy when he retired raised a few. I had to laugh because he really did t seem like the “farm”type, but he really enjoyed them. I did have a port visit to Peru and got to see some up close, it was pretty cool. My fave pic was with the Peruvian and The Alpaca all dressed up, so colorful. That’s one of my fave things about visiting Peru too it was so COLORFUL!!!

    I’m from Hampton Roads Virginia

  22. I love looking at the pictures you put in each email. I think your newsletter is one of the ones I love looking forward to. I love the pictures of the various gorges in today’s email.

  23. I love all the animals, they are so beautiful. I really enjoy all your pictures and especially the information that goes along with the pictures. Thanks bunches!

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