I confess swans are one of my favorite subjects. As a fun introduction, take a look at this very brief video of a mama swan and all 8 of her chicks climbing on board in the water! Swans are lovely creatures and very protective and nurturing of their young. They are also one of the favorite birds of mythology. In Irish tales, they are often shape-shifters. In Greek mythology, the beautiful Helen of Troy was conceived from a union of the Queen of Sparta and Zeus who took the form of a swan.

ISwans don’t know why, but the swan videos are some of the best I’ve seen. Here’s a video of a cygnet (baby swan) rescue you’re going to love. Here is a short, slow-motion video of swans running along the surface of the water and also of swans flapping their wings while on the water. Awesome. Now, here’s a real puzzler: In this short video, this baby black swan had a mind of its own and a crowd of tourists try to figure out how to help. All the while, ‘mom and dad’ talk to the baby. This was really fun. Here’s a video of a mother and her five cygnets taking a first walk and a swim. Finally, here’s a curiosity. In this video, the swans take fish food from a tray and feed the koi fish. But what do the swans get out of it? If you know, tell us in a comment!

FunFacts about Swans: (Source)  

  • Swans are from the family Anatidae which includes ducks and geese. Swans comprise the genus Cygnus.
  • There are six or seven species of swans.
  • Swans mate for life, though a nesting failure can result in the pair seeking other mates.
  • Swans produce an average of 3 to 8 eggs in a clutch.  
  • A male swan is a ‘cob’ and a female is a ‘pen’. Young swans are known as ‘swanlings’ or ‘cygnets’.
  • Swans are the largest of the Anatidae family.
  • The larger species, mute swan, trumpeter swan, and whooper swan, can reach a length of nearly five feet (1.5 m) and weigh over thirty pounds (15 kg). The wingspan can exceed 10 feet (3.1 m).
  • Males are usually bigger and heavier than the females though their plumage is the same.
  • The Australian black swan (Cygnus atratus) is completely black except for the white flight feathers on its wings. Black swan chicks are light grey.
  • Several species of swan will migrate.
  • Swans aggressively protect their nests. Swans are big. They will attack, including humans.
  • For the most part, swans are herbivores and feed on both land and in the water.
  • The average lifespan of a swan is anywhere from 7 to 20 years.

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(Photos from Pixabay)


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*** This Week’s Giveaway is Over ***

We have a winner! Congratulations Charlene F.!!!

March winners: Denise H. and Veronica T.

February winners: Jackie B., Drea M., Sandra L. and Judy M.!!!

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We have a winner! Congratulations Charlene F.!!!

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45 thoughts on “Swans

  1. Truly majestic birds. That last picture is so adorable. The black swans we have here in Australia are incredibly beautiful.

    • Mary,
      The black swans appear to have a little ruffle in their feathers. Is this the case? They’re very pretty.

      Buckeye, Arizona USA

  2. The swan videos were fun! There seemed to be an argument in the comments of the YouTube video (for the swan “feeding” the fish) but the consensus appears to be that swans need to wet the food pellet before eating it and the fish are opportunistically getting in the way?

  3. Swans are beautiful creatures. I have seen a couple of swans before but not many. A friend of mine in England post alot of photos of Swans and other birds.. I am surprised that the people in the video of the baby black swan didn’t get attacked. The baby reminded me of my 2yr old granddaughter lol. A mind of its own. I think I like the 4th photo best.

  4. I loved the videos. I couldn’t believe the one where the swans were feeding the koi. The last picture is my favorite, it looks like a heart.

  5. Can’t choose just one picture, love them all. Also enjoyed all the videos especially the one with the black swans and the cygnet who wouldn’t listen to its parents-that was so adorable, stubborn little one. Were the swans actually feeding the koi fish-how unusual. Have seen swans but never got close to them, they can get mean. AZ

  6. I love swans, they are truly majestic imo. I see why they inhabit so much of mythology throughout these places in the world. I only get to see them when I go to the world wildlife zoo out here.

  7. Swans are lovely. I had no idea they had a tendency to feed koi. So cool. Thanks for sharing the information.

    Southern Minnesota

  8. I think swans are so elegant. I love the pictures of the black swans. Never grew any. Probably way to hot here in Central California for them and not enough water.

  9. Swans are so graceful.

    Too bad their personalities don’t always match their beauty.

    I have photographed numerous swans, locally, and although at times I will use a telephoto lens, they will still go on the attack, even when they are in the middle of the lake.

    I’ve noticed this behavior is the same with or without having chicks.

    Maybe the NC swans are just grouchy?

    Anyway, they are a joy to watch gliding through the water.

  10. I’ve never raised them but there was a woman nearby that was known as the Swan Lady. She had a rescue for them. She had over 20 and took very good care of them. We considered buying her land and the rescue went with it. We knew we weren’t up to the task of care for them as well as she so we didn’t purchase.
    I love the photo of the chick riding on back :).

  11. I so adore the black swans! Otherwise, swans remind me too much of geese and I have a sort of hate/hate relationship with geese!

    Drea – Casa Grande, Arizona

  12. Sure graceful creatures. I didn’t realize they mate for life. Very interesting. Thank you for your time in sharing these details about Swans.

  13. Swans are awesome. I would love to have Swans in my yard if only I had a pond haha. The babies are so adorable and it’s so cool how they ride literally on the mothers backs. I will have to check out some of the videos later, because I’m at work right now LOL.

  14. Hi, Everyone!
    I have to admit the last photo of the baby on mama’s back is one of my all-time favorite photos. I’m a mother and I love the imagery of the swan swimming around with her cygnet curled up, comfortable, and protected. Soon enough, that youngster will have to grow up and take on the world. For now, the chick gets to rest.

    Of course, I laughed and laughed at the video of another mother carting around 8 of her chicks in the same way while swimming. Too funny to watch them all squeeze in there.

    It’s always my pleasure to do these blogs. I love learning new things as I’m sure most of you do as well. Plus, info on a variety of subjects fills my writer’s well: A real win-win!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Buckeye Arizona USA

  15. oh my, the video of the baby black swan and the two parents talking to it is adorable! and those black swans are so beautiful, is that somewhere in asia? ive never seen black swans before but it was a cute video!

  16. I’m lucky that there’s a river close to where I live with dozens of swans. It’s such a joy seeing them on their nests and later in the water with their cygnets

  17. I must admit, I’ve never met a swan I didn’t like, maybe because I’ve actually never met a swan! Birds scare me a bit, probably residual trauma from the eponymous Hitchcock movie. But, when I think of swans, 2 main things come to mind. The ballet Swan Lake (not necessarily danced by Natalie Portman!), and the Hans Christian Anderson story The Ugly Duckling. That poor baby swan had major self esteem issues! Good thing he actually gets his HEA, though he may have needed some therapy that Anderson neglected to mention!

  18. Lovely subject for a Monday. Sorry I missed it. A family friend had trout ponds that was home to a pair of swans. We did enjoy watching them. Surprisingly, in recent years, swans have found Mid-west Michigan to their taste. Their is usually at least one pair of swans on Hart Lake. My parents had, now my sister has, an apartment on the lake. Sitting on their deck and watching the lake, in general, the swans in particular, is a favorite pastime for me. It is amazing to watch the swans mate, begin their family, and then watch the group glide around the lake. Hours of good clean fun.

  19. The swan pictures are all beautiful. The baby black swan with a mind of his own is my favorite video. Reminded me of my daughter when she was little. We saw a swan just the other day in a pond.

  20. Hello, I am from Virginia. I love all the pictures of the swans. They are truly amazing and magnificent animals. The way they flow over the water and the way they take care of their young.

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