Sierra Nevada Mountains

Sierra Nevada Mountains

As home to three national parks, the highest point in the contiguous United States, and the highest alpine lake in the country ~ Lake Tahoe ~ The Sierra Nevada Mountains is one of the world’s great natural beauties. The range is 400 miles long and a band along its western slopes is home to the most massive trees in the world ~ the giant sequoia. 

Here’s an awesome, 1-minute video on how the Sierra Nevada Mountains were formed. Here’s a wonderful 1-minute video of drone footage of the Kearsage Pass. Here’s a lovely 4-minute video of the Cottonwood Lakes.

FunFacts about the Sierra Nevada Mountains: (Source)

  • Basic information, quote: The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the Western United States, between the Central Valley of California and the Great Basin. The vast majority of the range lies in the state of California, although the Carson Range spur lies primarily in Nevada. The Sierra Nevada is part of the American Cordillera, a chain of mountain ranges that consists of an almost continuous sequence of such ranges that form the western “backbone” of North America, Central America, South America and Antarctica. (Source)
  • The Sierra Nevada range is 400 miles long and 70 miles wide east-to-west.
  • The Sierra Nevada Mountains include three iconic features:
    • Lake Tahoe, the highest alpine lake in the United States
    • Mount Whitney, which at 14,505 ft or 4,421 m is the highest mountain in the contiguous U.S.
    • Yosemite, which was sculpted from glaciers out of one-hundred-million-year-old granite
  • The California Gold Rush occurred in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1848.
  • Giant Sequoias or Giant Redwoods occur along the western side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These trees are the largest in the world.
  • Some of the native American tribes that lived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains were the Paiute, Mono, Sierra Miwok, Kawaiisu and Tubatulabal.
  • American exploration of the Sierra Nevada Mountains began in 1827.
  • The first Americans to visit the mountains were in a party led by fur trapper and explorer Jedediah Smith.

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33 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Mountains

  1. I’m not much for hiking, so I haven’t specifically visited any mountains of the Sierra Nevada range. It’d be nice to visit some of the vacation spots for relaxation, though!

  2. Awesome pictures. I could spend all day looking at pictures of mountains. Really enjoys this weeks blogs – Thank You.

  3. Such majestic beauty. I’ve never been there but would like to visit. This bracelet with the green and hearts and leaves is gorgeous! I am amazed time and again at how beautiful your bracelets are.

  4. What beautiful pictures of beautiful scenery! Enjoyed the videos of the Cottonwood Lakes and loved the picture with the couple sitting on a rock overlooking the mountains-beautiful!! I wouldn’t mind visiting there for a mini-vacation! AZ

  5. I am from northwestern nevada and grew up near this mountain range. This is my favorite place in the world to be. I miss when I am not there and that is home to me. For us it was always a quick drive away and at any time we could hop in the car and just go up there. Now that I live in AZ it’s not as easy to get there.

  6. I have been to Lake Tahoe and the Sierra mountains. They were spectacular. We drove all the way around the lake which is about 70 miles, I think and it was so beautiful. Up on the mountain we stopped and i wanted a picture of myself next to this huge tree. It was winter and there was lots of snow. When I stepped on the side of the road to go to the tree i fell in a ditch. The snow was over my head. When my husband stopped laughing, he helped me out of the ditch.

    We also went to Donner pass. The pine cones are huge there.

  7. These mountains are about 5 hours north of my home. I made my first visit to them last October when my family gathered to scatter our mother’s ashes up there. The mountains are truly magnificent!

  8. The mountains are gorgeous to look at what I would like to see the most are the giant redwood and sequoia trees. It must be amazing to see them in person. Sometimes photos just don’t do it justice, like the Grand Canyon.

  9. We have always felt fortunate to live in Calif. where everything is so close! don’t have to go far to see some incredible landscape!!!!!!!

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