Sapphire Flame Sensual Excerpt

Sapphire Flame Sensual Excerpt

A wolf’s critical plan to take over his pack gets derailed when his enemy — a beautiful fae — saves his life during a vicious rogue attack…

Hi, Everyone, and welcome to SAPPHIRE FLAME Sensual Excerpt. SAPPHIRE FLAME is one of my longer books and has more heat than a thousand suns.

Caris Roane ~ Passionate Warriors Often With Fangs…

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A Paranormal Romance

Book 7 of the Flame Series

He never thought he’d find love again…

A wolf’s plan to become alpha gets derailed when his enemy — a beautiful fae — saves his life during a vicious rogue attack…

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And now here is the first, full sensual scene from chapter 6:

As he moved into the bathroom, a large space with double sinks appeared. The whole room was tiled with white, gray-veined marble and matching marble on the sink counters. At the far end was a walk-in shower with a rain apparatus and two shower heads at opposite ends.

She went ahead of him and started up all three.

He got his boots off then was stripping off his tee by the time she turned around.

Her eyes widened. “Oh, my. I mean, I felt your muscles, but Grant, you are built.”

“It’s the advantage of being an alter wolf.”

He unbuttoned his leathers, unzipped then slowly slid them down. He was in a half-aroused state.

Natalie hadn’t moved or started to undress. She seemed to be enjoying the show or maybe her wolf was because he could see her wolf-sign floating over the surface of her hands and wrists in faint, iridescent colors. She seemed to favor pink, purple and green. Some blue. It was beautiful.

When he was naked, he approached her slowly watching her gaze take in his body, head to foot. She wasn’t embarrassed at all. The problem was she was still fully clothed and that had to change.

He kissed her once on the lips, then began the process of stripping her down. She didn’t try to help. Instead, her hands were running over his shoulders and down his arms, whatever she could reach as he unbuttoned her tunic then unhooked her bra.

He didn’t look at her breasts for the sole reason that if he stopped to admire her in any way, he wouldn’t get her leggings off. He slid his thumbs into the waistband and eased the fabric down her hips. He exposed a landing strip that had his mouth watering. God, he wanted to feast on her, his lips working her, his tongue plunging deep inside.

He leaned down to remove her flat black shoes. She bent all the way over him and now he felt the mounds of her breasts against his back. He groaned. She then went about the business of separating his braid.

When the job was done, he rose up and kicked all the loose clothing against the wall. He then took her hand and drew her into the shower. The temp was just right.

She moved beneath the rain shower and lifted her face to feel the water. He stood facing her so that one of the other heads pummeled the back of his neck. It was his turn to look and to take in the full length of her beautiful, toned fae body.

“This feels so good,” she whispered, eyes closed.

His lips parted, but he couldn’t speak. His wolf seemed to be running laps beneath the surface of his skin. He was looking at what he wanted, and she was his for the taking.

Her second wolf-sign, a lovely flash of iridescence, appeared at the base of her throat. His body responded instantly, and he angled his head so that his lips could reach the spot.

As soon as he made contact, she relaxed or maybe melted was a better word for her response. She arched her neck just enough, so he could kiss the place properly and run his tongue in a slow circle around the small well.

She moaned softly. Her hands found his arms and began a slow caress to his elbows then made a return journey.

He continued to kiss her as the rain-shower poured over his back.

After a moment, he felt her shift and he drew back. She’d reached for a bar of soap and had a glimmer in her eye. “May I wash you, Grant? I’d really like to.”

He could only smile as he took a step back and gestured with hands spread palms-up. He then pushed his long, wet hair behind his shoulders.

She took her time. She began at his neck and worked her way over his shoulders. She made cooing sounds and kept telling him how beautiful he was. He’d never thought much about it. His world was about strength and dominance. The warriors of Savage were physically powerful as all hell.

When she’d made an entire circuit around his body, she ended with one hand on his cock and the other massaging his testicles. He swore he’d never been happier.

He kissed her and let her have her way until a typical urgency forced him to stop her fingers before he was too far gone.

She smiled and kissed him. He took the soap from her. “My turn.”

He thought there couldn’t have been a better ritual for what they were about to do. He tended her as thoroughly as she’d soaped his body. He memorized her curves and planned a tongue-assault on her peaked nipples.

When he rubbed between her legs with soapy fingers, she clutched at his arms and gasped. “I forgot how good that could feel.”

He rinsed her thoroughly then took a step back. “Show me your wolf.”

Without hesitation, she lifted her right arm and there on the inside was her wolf-sign, shimmering in pink, violet and green with small flashes of light blue all the way to her elbow and back. Her wolf-sign was increasing.

He took her arm and kissed the colors. He watched as the same colors glided a few inches farther up her arm. With his lips, he followed the wolf all the way up to her shoulder. She groaned softly.

He shifted to kiss her hard. She moaned heavily as she leaned against him, her full wet body pressed against his. The water poured down on them both.

I’m loving this.

I am, too, she responded.

He’d never been more grateful for telepathy.

He drew back but continued with his mind connected to hers, Show me your wolf again.

This time, she tilted her head back and once more closed her eyes. Her wolf appeared in an almost heart-shaped form of iridescent pulses between her breasts.

He kissed the spot tenderly. He encircled her waist with one arm then covered her left breast with his hand. His kisses blazed a trail to her other breast.

Yes. Yes. Her voice was breathy even in his head.

When he took her breast in his mouth and began to suck, her hips arched hard against his body. Small gasps left her throat.

He sucked harder and her hand flew to the back of his neck adding pressure. I’ll do anything you want me to do.

You’re doing it.

He loved how open and confident she was.

A lot like Renee.

The thought of his wife brought too many memories surging. Of loving her. Of losing her.

He released Natalie, remembering why he hadn’t been with a woman this way in all these years, not since Renee’s death.

“What is it?” Her words were slightly muffled as he tilted his head back and let the rain-shower beat over his face.

He dipped his chin. “I had an unfortunate thought. I’m sorry.”

She pressed her palms against his pecks and smoothed her way to his shoulders. “Renee?”

“Yes.” His gaze flew to her face. “How did you know?”

She appeared to debate her response, then said, “We both lost so much. I haven’t been with a man since I got here.”

His eyes widened. “Not once?”

“No. Oh, God I just realized that would add pressure, but I didn’t mean it to. I never wanted to be with anyone until you. We can stop if you like. Honestly, Grant, I’ve had the brakes on since we met. I’ve barely got them off now and I can’t offer a single guarantee that I won’t slam them back on and leave you out in the cold at some point either.”

He gathered her against him and held her close. His eyes burned. He reached to the central lever and shut of the water from overhead. The other two still sent warm sprays of water over them both from opposite directions.

“I want to make love to you, but damn this feels intimate and wonderful and more permanent than I’ve ever allowed before.”

She squeezed him hard. “We’re in the same boat. How about we give each other permission to walk away at any time.”

“Sounds good. Maybe necessary. I’ve also dealt with the shit of this world by not getting close to anyone.”

He felt her take a deep breath then release a sigh. “Ditto. Okay. So, we’re letting each other off the hook here.” She drew back and met his gaze.

He nodded slowly. He didn’t know how true or accurate that was. But for the moment, it helped. Maybe that’s what this would be between them, helping each other over the hurdles one at a time.

He shut off the remaining heads then grabbed a nearby towel. He took his time drying her off then handed her a fresh one. “For your hair.”

As she tended to her dripping locks, he began his own drying off process, including squeezing water from his hair.

When he started to leave the shower, she caught his arm. “Truly, you don’t have to do this.”

She was exactly what he needed right now. “I want to more than you can know.”

He took her towel and tossed it on the floor then picked her up and cradled her in his arms. “Let me take you to bed.”

~ ~ ~

As Grant carried her into the bedroom, Natalie felt buoyant. She was right where she wanted to be, loose strings attached.

She shifted in his arms and leaned up to plant her mouth on his throat. She slung her free arm around his neck to pull him closer then began to suck. His wonderful scent of fresh-cut lumber began to flood her nostrils. She ached between her legs and couldn’t wait for more.

She’d enjoyed sex with Aaron. It had been sensual, hot and full of love. A niggling of doubt passed through her that she shouldn’t be engaging with Grant like this. He’d already gotten distressed.

But Aaron wasn’t here.

He’d been gone six years.

As Grant settled her on the bed, then gently pulled her hips to edge, she reached up and touched his face. Grant was here, and he was real, so real. His skin was warm and smooth, except where a line of his wolf-fur exaggerated his prominent cheekbones. His damp hair, pulled as it was away from his face, enhanced his strong, rugged looks.

Yes, Grant was here.

He seemed serious as he dropped to his knees. He spread her legs and leaned all the way over her first to kiss her on the lips then to plant a series of kisses down her chest. He took time with each breast until all her doubts melted into the comforter beneath her.

She wanted this with Grant. She’d wanted to be with him, to make love with him, to have real, here-and-now sex with him from the time they’d been together in the refuge’s emergency room.

Her body responded to each tug on her breast, each fondle of his fingers, each strong suck. Her hips rocked, and deep moans left her mouth.

He kept massaging her breasts, but his lips began a slow, sensual descent. Her sex clenched as he drew near her labia. She held her breath and waited.

Instead of continuing to the desired goal, he lifted her right knee and kissed the inside of her thigh. Of course, this was a whole new layer of sensation, a teasing kind of kiss that made her hips rock harder still. He took his time. She wasn’t sure if she loved it or hated it. She wanted his mouth on her.

He stopped and looked at her. He carefully massaged her thigh then he smiled. “Anything in particular you want?”

She lifted on her elbows. “Your tongue, right now on my sweet spot or I swear you’ll pay.”

He grinned. “I knew I liked you.”

He shifted her leg to rest on his back. When he dipped down, and his tongue made an appearance, she cried out. The anticipation was almost too much. How long it had been.

When he took a long swipe over her sex, she cried out again and groaned. The pleasure was almost too much.

He licked again.

And again.

When his hands once more found her breasts, she reached down and swept her palms up and down her arms. She loved the feel of his muscles, his strength, his manliness.

His licks came quicker now, punctuated with sudden sucks. She cried out each time.

Look at me. His deep voice commanded her.

She met his gaze as he kept licking then sucking. Pleasure began to grow, to expand.

You’re licking me.

Yes, I am. You taste like lemons and mint and woman. I could eat you forever. He slowed his licks.

She loved that he was drawing the moment out.

I think you need something more.

Yes. Your cock. Driving hard.

He chuckled. I have something else in mind.

Still looking at her, he dipped lower. She gasped. “Oh.” Her voice sounded strange, almost pinched.

When he drove his tongue inside, her head rocked back all on its own and a deep groan floated up to the ceiling.

You like that? he asked, mind-to-mind.

Yes. God, yes.

He went to work and plunged his tongue into her like a piston. She’d forgotten that he was wolf, not just man. He had more power than a human male, more force, more quickness.

She gasped for air as pleasure built, as her sex began to reach for his tongue with each assault.

So close.

Her words gave him a nudge and his tongue went faster and deeper still. A second later, she was flying over the edge.

Ecstasy drove through her sex in a series of exquisite ripples, but it kept on driving and pushing up through her abdomen. Shivers chased over her body. Her breath caught on a searing cry.

He slowed for a moment but continued driving then suddenly he was plunging again. The action took her by surprise but not her body because another orgasm, more intense than the first raced through her and opened her throat for another long cry.

The divine aftermath relaxed all her muscles and she lay with her arms stretched over her head.

Grant continued to rub her thighs in long gentle strokes that felt like heaven. She wanted to keep him with her forever.

How had he known to do what he did?

The thought that grabbed her mind was how many women, how many female wolves he’d been with in his pack or in Savage. A growl formed in her throat, which she suppressed quickly. Yet a sudden spark of jealousy remained. She didn’t want Grant being with anyone else and she hated the thought of all the women who’d come before.

But her rational mind only laughed at her idiocy. Grant was a strong male and would need release. She had no doubt there were plenty of women in his pack who had helped him out. She forced her absurd thoughts away.

“Good?” Grant asked.

She opened her eyes. When had they closed? She met his gaze. There was a surprising tension around his eyes. “Very. Exquisite, in fact. Thank you.”

She lifted up on her elbows with only one desire, to give him some ease. Because right now, he looked wound up and not in a good way. “My turn, Handsome.”

~ ~ ~

Grant’s brows rose. He tried to smile but couldn’t. Natalie’s words, the taste and smell of her, the sight of her wolf-sign which continued to chase over the surface of her skin, had his balls aching and his cock rigid.

Her swollen lips and flushed face, the glazed satiated look in her eyes, told him he’d done his job.

He wanted to enter her. He might have done it, too, but as he rose from his knees, he realized he was shaking.

The earlier sensation of needing to shift had become a profound drive he’d never experienced before, not while taking a woman to bed. He wasn’t sure what he needed to do. He struggled to control himself. He wasn’t sure what would happen if he shifted. He feared he’d do things that would hurt her.

“You’re showing a lot of fur sign.” Natalie sat up and let her legs rest over the side of the bed. Her hands went to his chest where a V-shape had formed in lines of his dark-and-buff-colored fur. She leaned in and took a long sniff. “That’s amazing. Like a sawmill.”

He started to back up, to give her room, but she said, “Stay right where you are.”

He’d been so preoccupied with not shifting, he didn’t realize her position in relation to his body.

“Come closer.” She grabbed his ass and urged him toward her.

Before he could stop her or explain his difficulty, her mouth was on him.

Oh. God.

Warm. Wet. Gentle. Sucking.

Natalie had taken him in her mouth. Nothing had ever been more welcome and for whatever reason it calmed his wolf, at least for the moment.

He settled his hand on her nape and arched his hips. One thrust in. So good.

Her hands were free, and she used them. She glided her palms up and down his thighs then over his abdomen. She raked her nails across his skin low, near his cock. Pleasure washed over him in shivers, everywhere she touched him.

She rimmed her tongue along the sensitive ridge and he groaned. A hand glided over his balls and he spread his legs a little more. She caressed his testicles and with a finger pushed at all the sensitive tissue, then stroked the perineum.

So much pleasure.

He thrust again. She caught his cock with her wet mouth and pulled back with a firm tug all the way to the crown, then brought him back into her mouth. She repeated the process.

He was getting close, but he didn’t want to come like this. He needed to be inside her.


She slowed her movements, then stopped as she released his cock from her mouth. She looked up at him and waited.

“I want to be inside you.”

“I want that, too.” She moved backward on the bed, with her legs spread wide purposefully.

He groaned as her sex came into view, streaming and ready for him. She held out her arms.

There were no other preambles. He stretched out on top of her and using his hand to guide his missile, he found her opening. With his crown seated, he settled his forearms on either side of her shoulders and began to push.

Her whole body did a roll of pleasure which drew him deeper.

He pulled back, then pushed some more.

She groaned and cried out. “You feel so good.” Her hands gripped his shoulders.

He looked down at her, at the faint freckles across the bridge of her nose, at her beautiful, passion-drenched hazel eyes, her swollen lips.

Slowing his thrusts, he leaned down and kissed her.

Her gaze bored into his. For a moment, he felt as though he saw all that she was, the loving wife she’d been to her husband, the hopeful mother, the powerful fae who’d built a home for herself in Revel, even a wolf. His heart expanded as though trying to reach her by punching through his sternum. He wanted this woman. He wanted to possess her in every way possible.

He kissed her again. She responded with a moan and with a dip of her tongue between his lips. He curled his hips and thrust hard.

She cried out, her back arching. More. Her voice in his head was like a drug.

His lips found hers again and he worked her mouth the way his cock plunged in and out of her sex.

She raked her nails along his flesh and his wolf loved it.

But that was the problem.

His wolf had begun making serious demands again. Fur sprouted over his entire chest and he could barely keep his nose from elongating. In a sudden flurry of pain, his legs and arms cramped.

He withdrew from her and howled in pain. He planted his hands on his thighs.

She leaned up on her elbows. “Grant, what’s wrong? What’s happened? Your eyes are gold and you’re showing so much fur.”

He struggled to catch his breath. Sweat poured from his body. He couldn’t talk. He couldn’t even offer a telepathic word for her.

She sat up and rubbed his shoulders. “It’s okay. We don’t have to do this. It’s okay. You’re okay.”

The gentle touch of her hands and the sympathetic words did more to calm his wolf than anything else.

Finally, his vision cleared. He cupped her face with his hands. “It’s my wolf. Everything about you seems to excite and stimulate that part of me. I could barely control shifting while I was inside you.”

“Then shift. The wolf is you. I’d be okay with that. I think.”

He saw her doubts then kissed her. “It’s not what you think. I don’t know what I would do to you if I shifted. There’s a good chance I would hurt you. Don’t ask me how I know, I just know. Shit. I don’t know what to do.”

She leaned back a little and stared at him. I’m going to call on my wolf and see if I can help figure this out.

Okay. Telepathy made things better as well. He was wrung out from holding back.

She closed her eyes and he waited. He watched in awe as her wolf-sign appeared between her brows then washed down her face in a glow of color to disappear. She winced suddenly as though experiencing pain, but her expression soon cleared. The same wolf-sign then rippled down her chest and abdomen and settled to pulse just above her landing patch.

He had fallen to a half-aroused state, but the sight made him rigid again.

When she opened her eyes, she smiled. “I know now what to do. And don’t worry. I will be perfectly safe, and you will love it.”

~ ~ ~

Natalie watched relief flood his face. He reached for her, but she laughed and quickly levitated off the bed and out of range, so he couldn’t touch her, not yet. She grabbed the remote for her security shutters and pressed the key to lower a second, hidden set of external shutters. She might be flawed in all sorts of ways, but one thing she knew how to do: She was able to think well-ahead and to plan. This quality had always been part of her nature which she supposed might have contributed to her ability to see the future. In some ways, she always had.

“What are you doing?” Grant shifted to the edge of the bed but remained seated.

While the shutters did their work and until she received an all-clear from the remote, she went into the bathroom. She returned to Grant with a damp washcloth and a towel. She handed both to him.

“Exactly what I needed. Thanks.”

He’d sweated profusely after he’d withdrawn from her.

She moved to a panel near the nightstand and tapped the screen. A few more taps and she was able to see the outside. The shutters were nearly down over a grassy area beyond the bedroom patio. She would need the lawn and the fresh outdoors to appease Grant’s wolf.

Her heart pounded in her chest. She knew what was coming and her wolf couldn’t wait. The vision had come to her crisp and clear for what Grant needed and what would keep her safe as well.

Shivers chased down her body at the mere thought of it. The nape of her neck ached, and her sex clenched.

“You’re a very practical person, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she called over her shoulder. “I think I am. Or if not practical, then pragmatic. I like having plans and solving problems.”

“Like mine?” He was now wiping down his thighs and toweling off.

She shrugged, though she threw him a smile. “Any problem really. Yours just happens to be in front of me and very promising.”

She glanced at his arousal. She wanted to return to him and take up where she’d left off. At the very least, she could have given him relief with her mouth. But what she intended was so much better.

When he rose to his feet with a gleam in his eye and cast the towel and washcloth on the comforter, she held up a hand. “No, you don’t. Remember, I have a plan. So, let’s stick to it.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Better if I show you.”

He drew close, however, and peered at the monitor. “What are we looking at?”

She gestured to the patio where the original steel shutters still held the patio enclosed. She flipped to another screen in which a second set of sun-blocking insulated wood shutters had encased part of her outdoor living space including a stretch of grass. She’d had an artist create a mural of a Tuscan countryside on the shutters so that when she would awaken after a day’s sleep and it was still daylight outside, she had a view of something nice and summery yet completely out-of-doors.

She heard the second set of shutters clamp down firmly. She didn’t use the second set all the time, but sometimes grass on her bare feet gave her more peace of mind than anything else. She wondered if that was because she’d always had a latent wolf within her.

The remote gave her a chime that indicated the second area was secure from daylight. The monitor showed a darkened space. It would be nearly pitch black to a pair of human eyes, but her alter vision saw it in a glow.

“That’s it.” She hit the second key, which only worked if the all-clear chime went off. It raised the central patio steel shutter and revealed the lawn, shrubs and flowers that went back thirty feet. At the far end was a traditional, three-tiered fountain. The mural was the finishing touch.

“Holy shit. This must have cost a fortune because I didn’t see it when I flew in.”

“Yes, I paid a pretty penny for it, but this part of my garden pleases me to no end.”

She went to the sliding doors that worked on a folding system. She pushed back both sets so that the bedroom was now part of the outdoors. Though it was in late September, the early morning air was cool and wouldn’t be unbearably warm for a few more hours.

She took his hand, led him outside then halfway up the long rectangle of grass. “Sometimes I sleep out here.”

He squeezed her fingers gently. “I would, too.” He glanced around. “You’ve built something extraordinary here.”

“Thank you.” She chuckled. “I just never imagined I’d use the space for having sex with a hot wolf.”

His turn to laugh.

She turned into him and pressed a hand to his chest. Most of his fur had abated, but she loved what remained. “Feeling better?”

“Somewhat. So, what exactly did you have in mind?”

“Kiss me first then I’ll show you.”

He didn’t need any more encouragement than that. He slid his arms around her and slanted his lips over hers. She realized she loved kissing this man. He was strength and tenderness combined. She felt overcome by his masculinity, yet his lips and tongue were a symphony of soft seduction.

What had her moaning on the bed, took her straight back to her body lit with passion and fire.

Shit. His voice in her head, reminded her of his predicament.

She drew back and smiled. His chest was once more covered with fur. He slapped it. “You think you can take care of this?” He was clearly frustrated.

She didn’t try to argue with him. Instead, she turned away from him then very slowly lowered herself to the ground. She used levitation, so she could give him a show.

“Fuck. What are you doing?” She heard the incredulity in his voice, but she couldn’t see his face. “Natalie. Don’t. I won’t be able to—”

She switched to telepathy. Yes, you can. You won’t shift. You won’t need to. As she landed on her knees and her hands, she arched her back. She was more animal than human in this moment with her swollen sex on display for Grant to see. This is what your wolf wants. Now take it.

She heard him growl, a long, very wolfish sound that held a mountain of resonance. She felt him move in behind her and half-expected him to jump on her and get straight to business.

Instead, she felt his breath on her bottom and she gasped. You smell like heaven, Natalie. All this mint, lemons and woman.

He licked her sex in a long, insistent line.

This small thing, of tending to her first, made something inside her heart grow very vulnerable. Making love with Grant had become so much more than she would have ever believed possible. He was a wolf from Savage, yet he was the human he’d been before Five Bridges as well.

When he pierced her once more and tongue-fucked her, growls formed in her own throat. She needed more and arched her neck and howled, a soft plaintive sound.

He left her sex and leaned over her. “What do you need, fae-wolf? Tell me. Your wolf is talking to me and you were right. This was what I needed. If we bonded, I would take you in this position. So, what do you need?”

“I’m not sure.” Her voice was hoarse. Another howl wanted to let loose. Instead, she focused on his question and on her wolf.

What did she need?

The back of her neck ached. “I want you to bite me, Grant. Hard. Pin me, then take me. Can you do that?”

He didn’t say anything. Instead, he began shoving her long damp hair aside, pushing it over her shoulder. Moans left her throat in anticipation for what he would do and what it would feel like.

When her neck was fully exposed, she felt his cock at the entrance to her sex. She held her breath. When he began to push inside, another moan filled the air. Her sex clenched around his rigid stalk.

Damn, that feels good, fae-wolf.

Same here. Maybe she should have tried for a more poetic response, but it suited the moment.

He began to drive into her. She was so ready for this.

With his hips curling and pushing, he leaned over her. He growled then licked the nape of her neck. She began to tremble as shivers ran over her shoulders and down her spine.

He dragged his teeth over her skin. Her neck arched, and she howled.

He shifted his position and forced her head down with his hand. The dominant movement made her sex ripple with need.


He dragged his teeth again.

More. She kept her commands simple

I’m going to bite you now. He drove his cock faster. He reached an arm below her and caught her breasts. He held her tight in this position. She was his now, fully and completely. He could do anything he wanted to her. He could snap her body in two.

She felt his saliva first, then he bit down hard.

Her sex responded, and an orgasm was on her so fast she cried out. I’m coming, Grant. Right now.

His teeth ground down, though they didn’t break skin. He simply held her in a strong bite as his cock went faster and faster.

Pleasure flowed through her in an exquisite cascade. She was one with Grant as he continued to piston into her.

Faster he went, and a second orgasm flooded her sex then drove straight up her abdomen. She wanted to howl, but she was still pinned in position and could only cry out in odd yips. So good. So good.

He slowed just a little and ground his teeth once more then he drove hard.

A third orgasm remained at bay, just enough so she could wait for him.

She knew he was coming when he suddenly released her neck, rose up and grabbed her hips. He howled and drove faster than a mere human male.

Another orgasm washed through her sex. This time, she arched her neck and howled with him. Something about the timbres of each of their voices blended like a beautiful symphony. The sound further enhanced the sensations of pleasure that now spread through her body.

She felt as though her entire being was on fire.

~ ~ ~

Grant had never known sex like this in Five Bridges. He remained behind her, his cock still releasing fluids that had built up from the time he’d met her. He’d wanted this with her, this connection and joining. Now he was here, fulfilled and satiated.

His need to shift had vanished the moment, Natalie had landed on her knees. His wolf had valued the position that was nothing less than surrender on Natalie’s part.

When he’d held her with his arm over her breasts and bit into her nape, he’d had full control of her. His wolf had loved it and Natalie’s response, her repeated orgasms, had told him her wolf had been satisfied as well.

As he withdrew from her, their combined fluid began to seep from her. He picked her up once more and she laughed as he turned her in his arms. Cradling her with one arm, he held her sex with the other. “I should have brought a towel out here. But I’ll get you to the shower.”

“Good idea.”

She leaned her head against his shoulder. He felt her sudden fatigue and continued to hold her even in the shower. He rinsed her off then toweled her dry.

Once more, he carried her to the bed, only this time, he whipped the comforter back and settled her gently on the sheets. She pulled a pillow beneath her head then immediately turned on her side facing the garden. “Hand me the remote?”

He found the small electronic device and placed it in her hand then went to the other side of the bed. He heard the inner shutter coming down as he climbed in beside her. He spooned her, and she quickly took hold of his hand and drew his arm over her breasts once more.

He settled his head on the pillow and released a long breath, as though he’d held it for a year, or maybe six. He fell asleep as the outer wooden shutters rumbled open to let the forbidden sunshine bathe the grass.

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The Flame Series…






CHRISTMAS FLAME, A Holiday Novella




The Blood Rose Series…










The Blood Rose Time Travel Series…



The Blood Rose Tales…


HUNGER Tale #2


Guardians of Ascension… 







The Dawn of Ascension (Part of Guardians of Ascension)

VAMPIRE COLLECTION, Which Includes BRINK OF ETERNITY Book 1 of Dawn of Ascension (And Book 7 of Guardians of Ascension)

THE DARKENING Book 2 of Dawn of Ascension (And Book 8 of Guardians of Ascension)

The Rapture’s Edge (Part of Guardians of Ascension)

AWAKENING Book 1 of Rapture’s Edge (And Book 9 of Guardians of Ascension)

VEILED Book 2 of Rapture’s Edge (And Book 10 of Guardians of Ascension)

REVEALED Book 3 of Rapture’s Edge (And Book 11 of Guardians of Ascension)

Men in Chains





The Amulet Series


DARK NIGHT #2 Book 2

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Caris Roane is the New York Times bestselling author of forty paranormal romance books. Writing as Valerie King, she has published fifty novels and novellas in Regency Romance. Caris lives in Phoenix, Arizona, loves gardening, enjoys the birds and lizards in her yard, but encourages the scorpions to inhabit elsewhere! Her motto: Live the Fang!

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