A handful of mammals make me think of dinosaurs. The rhinoceros is one of them. These large critters, with loose, thick skin, can move fast when they need to, are easily spooked and will charge at will, and can weigh thousands of pounds. You want to stay out of their way.

Because of severe poaching, rhinos are on the endangered list. Widespread demand for rhinoceros horn has kept poachers motivated despite that most countries have imposed banns on hunting them.

This 2-minute video shows a rhinoceros repeatedly charging a group of photographers. Shouting turned the rhino away more than once. Here’s a super-sweet video about two rescues — a rhino baby and hippo baby — who ended up bonding with each other. Later, the hippo baby was introduced to another hippo who could teach him about being a hippo. In this short video, the photographer shares footage of meeting a rhino close-up. 

FunFacts about Rhinoceros: (Source) (Source)  

  • Basic Info, quote: A rhinoceros, commonly abbreviated to rhino, is one of any five extant species of odd-toed ungulates in the family Rhinocerotidae, as well as any of the numerous extinct species. Two of the extant species are native to Africa and three to Southern Asia. The term “rhinoceros” is often more broadly applied to now extinct relatives of the superfamily Rhinocerotoidea. (Source)
  • All species of rhinoceros are able to reach 1 ton in weight or 1000 kg.
  • Rhinoceroses are solitary animals.
  • Several species of rhinoceros are on the critically endangered list primarily because they are hunted for their horns. On the black market, by weight, rhinoceros horn is more expensive than gold. The horns are ground up and consumed by humans for supposed therapeutic purposes. The horns are made up of the same type of protein as fingernails and hair.
  • Rhinoceroses have small brains.
  • There are 5 main species of rhinoceros: White, black, Indian, Javan and Sumatran.
  • The Javan rhinoceros is one of the most endangered large mammals in the world. It’s estimated only 60 remain in the wild in Java.
  • Rhinoceroses are herbivores.
  • Rhinoceroses can have one or two horns, depending on species.
  • Worldwide poaching is a serious issue driven by the demand for rhinoceros horn. One remedy has been to tranquilize rhinos then remove their horns.
  • It’s estimated there are only 29,000 rhinos left in the wild.

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(Photos from Pixabay) 

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*** This Week’s Giveaway is Closed ***

We have a winner! Congrats Mary P.!!!

First June winner: Suzi!

May Winners: Susan S., Sandra L., Mary C., B.N. and Debra G.

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43 thoughts on “Rhinoceros

  1. They remind me of the triceratops in Jurassic Park. They just don’t look “real” especially when they are eating like #4 picture.

    Drea -South-central Arizona

  2. Caris, I just had to tell you…the hyperlinks at the bottom made me laugh so hard tea came out my nose!!! Fun facts about rhinoceros sits right above “who writes steamy paranormal romance” and it just hit me as really funny!

  3. I’ve seen rhinos at the zoo and even got really close at a safari park/caravan ride type of thing. The rhino came right up to the side of the vehicle and we all took pictures. To be honest, I think keeping a healthy distance is a better idea, but luckily the rhino didn’t seem to mind us.

  4. Love the pictures. I have never seen a live rhino but the pictures of them that I’ve seenalways did remind me of my favorite dinosaur triceratop. I hate poaching. I always hated when I heard a story about poaching and how these animals and other species are becoming extinct because of it.

  5. I sure as heck wouldn’t want to be chased by one – lol. Seeing them behind a fence in the zoo is close enough for me. Thanks for all the photos and facts.

  6. I’m with you, rhinos definitely give me a dinosaur vibe. It’s so sad that poaching is an issue. Poor rhinos and elephants! There’s too many animals on the endangered species list, I hope more and more safe zones become a thing, so that animals can thrive.

  7. I like the pictures with the babies and the one where it’s snowing. I remember being little and thinking they were what was left of the dinosaurs. It’s a shame they are so endangered. I also remember seeing them at the circus when I was a kid.

  8. I love watching my 7 year old grandson study them and compare to dinosaurs. He really is amazed by them.

  9. It is crazy how aggressive they are, but they are cool looking. It is sad how hunted they are. I think the last white rhino was killed a couple of years ago.

  10. I’ve only seen rhinos in the zoo. After watching the first video I think I will keep it that way. I loved the video of the baby hippo and rhino . So darling! It’s really a shame that people have to take the life of animals!!!! It’s hard to believe there are so few left because of greed.I like all the photos especially third from last. His coloring reminds me of a dragon for some reason!

  11. They have the saddest eyes and the longest faces. And I admit that when I came to the last photo I thought “butt ugly”!

  12. I would love to see one in the wild. Since they remind me so much of the dinosuar era, I am a huge fan. I am fastinated by creatures in general. From the ancient of our world to the mythological! The solitary rhino, that the horn looks like it is glowing! Its a bit of the factual with the mythological dream state almost. So much we can dream and imagine out there.

  13. Enjoyed all the pictures and never realized there are different types. It’s a shame what the poachers are doing between the rhinos and elephants. Governments really need to do more to protect these animals! I’ve only seen them in the zoo and wouldn’t want a close up encounter. 🙂 AZ

  14. It’s sad to think that the only place most of us will ever see a rhino is in captivity. I’d love to be in a place where they are still wandering freely, the way nature intended, so until then I’ll just keep visiting the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and support them in their efforts to keep another subspecies of rhino from going extinct. Thank you for these wonderful pictures to remind us of how wonderous a rhino is!

  15. Some believe the Rhinoceros is the catalyst for the “myth,” if you believe it to be a myth or legend, of the unicorn. Obviously, a lot of morphing had to take place for the rhino to transform into the beautiful unicorn in folklore.

    A one-horned animal closely related to the rhino is even mentioned in the Old Testament.

    I’ve seen rhinos in the Maryland Zoo and Philadelphia Zoo.

    denise from maryland

  16. It breaks my heart that’s so many animals including rhinos are on the endangered list. One rhino species has already gone extinct. The big cats aren’t far behind.When will humanity learn that slaughtering animals into extinction is just so wrong?
    It’s a crime against nature.

  17. My belief is that even though they aren’t the most attractive animal I feel that the fake stuffed rhinos are awesome looking as long as it has all of the detail of a real one. I have always wanted one but I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for under $35 lol

  18. Thank you for the great pictures and the info on the Rhinoceros. I have seen quite a few up close at various wildlife parks and you can definitely see that they evolved from dinosaurs. Fascinating creatures and it is abhorrent that we, as human beings, are hunting them to possible extinction. On a lighter note, the seventh picture down reminds me of bookends!

  19. I didn’t like the Rhino. As a youngster, thought they were way to “ugly”, whats the “go”with their horns, except to hurt other animals. Then As a slightly older version I found out what the”go” was with their horns and the Rhino was the one being hurt, and worse being killed for their horns.
    I have really changed over the years, these magnificent animals need all the help we can give to protect and ensure they are not being hunted to extinction for their horns.
    ( and ) I have grown to adore these magnificent animals. There are so many species that we have either hunted to extinction or have taken the species close to extinction. What kind of people are we that we are responsible for taking these magnificent animals (and many other species as well) so close to extinct.
    The time is now we must change the way we live ….and that we means all the worlds peoples…….. the way we hunt, the way hemicals are made, the way meat is taken and on and on until we have brought back from extinction all animals, fish, birds etc etc etc……..

  20. They do look prehistoric. And they really are ugly. But they look sweet to until you see the videos and then they look really dangerous.

  21. Rhinos are one of the few species on earth that I can look at the baby and not instantly melt, thinking how adorable and cute it is. It just takes a few seconds longer to appreciate such a unique creature. Thank you for the information.

  22. Saw a documentary of a rescue of a baby rhino that went on to live with..inside their home..and how protective it became of its human herd.Amazing creatures!

  23. Such huge and unattractive animals …lol They freak me out like the Hippo another one that freaks me out. Interesting read as always. (oh and the 15th just may be my bday…js…lol) 🙂 Thank you

  24. Thanks for the interesting article and photos.
    I took an Art at the Zoo workshop one time and got to draw some of the animals at the Phoenix Zoo. One of the hardest to capture on paper was the rhino. The hide is quite thick, there is no expression on the face and the eyes are tiny

  25. I didn’t realize they way 1000 pounds! I sure would hate for one to step on my toes lol. Of course, if it were close enough for that, I would have bigger problems.

  26. I think all baby animals are the cutest things. It’s too bad that some of them don’t stay cute when they grow up. What harm man does to animals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and actually the laws should be made tougher.

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