What is your favorite leaf? I’m fond of ferns for their delicate beauty. Though autumn leaves, when they turn, always get me. I love the oak leaf’s shape and the heart shape of morning glory leaves.

Leaves bless us with the most critical gift of all: Oxygen. For the plant, oxygen is a waste product. Isn’t that awesome? In turn and in order to create food for itself, a plant requires carbon dioxide which is the waste product we offer them every time we exhale. It’s a beautiful relationship.

One of the reasons I enjoy working in my yard is that I always feel better afterward and I know it isn’t just because of the physical labor involved. I’m breathing in oxygen the entire time. I think fresh air isn’t touted enough for our general health and well-being. I’m a strong believer in it and despite that I live in the desert, the window near where I work and where I sleep is always cracked a couple of inches, year round, day and night.

Here’s a brief video of the elephant ear plant, colocasea gigantea.

To view the largest leaves in the world, go here! This is the aroid plant of Indonesia and the leaves are as large as ten feet across.

FunFacts about Leaves (Source) (Source)

  • Plants that shed their leaves each year are deciduous. Those that keep their leaves are evergreens.
  • In the tropical rain forest of Borneo lives the plant with the largest leaves. This is the giant, edible aroid. Its leaves can be as wide as ten feet across. To view a photo of this amazing plant with a man perched between leaves, go here.
  • Leaves are considered organs of the plant.
  • Photosynthesis is the process of converting light energy into chemical energy. (Source)
  • Oxygen, thankfully, is released as the waste produce of photosynthesis.
  • Leaves are generally flat and relatively broad. These characteristics allow the plant to gain the best possible exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is critical to the process of photosynthesis which helps the plant create its own food.
  • Leaves are thin which allows the sunlight to get to the chloroplasts, or cells within the leaf to help create its food.
  • The plant must bring carbon dioxide, water and light energy to begin photosynthesis which allows the plant to create simple sugars.
  • There are long lists of scientific names for the following parts and designs of leaves:
    • The edge of the leaf, such as: dentate, sinuate, lobate, etc.
    • The tip of the leaf, such as: acute, mucronate, obtuse, etc.
    • The base of the leaf, such as: cuneate, hastate, oblique, etc.
    • Surface of the leaf, such as: coriaceous, farinose, lepidote, etc.
    • Hairiness of the leaf, such as: barbellate, canescent, floccose, etc.
    • The veins of the leaf, such as: pinnate, parallelodromous, palinactodromous, etc.
    • Basic leaf types, such as: conifer, angiosperms, etc.
    • Arrangement on the stem, such as: alternate, basal, cauline, etc.
    • Etc., etc., etc.

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23 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. We used to have two Gingko trees in our front yard. I would wait all year for a cold Fall so that the green leaves would turn into a beautiful gold display. In my area of Southern California, I don’t think all that many people had a Gingko tree (I’ve never see one in anyone else’s yard near my neighborhood) so it was quite a unique display of gold foliage! The only problem was the sudden and major shedding of leaves which required weeks of daily leaf gathering expeditions so as not to annoy the neighbors with our carpet of leaves. It did look quite beautiful when both the tree and our grass were covered in golden leaves!

  2. I’ve always loved leaves that cling. I think they are a sign of perfect cooperation, each giving the other something it needs, or at the very least, not harming the other. A metaphor for life.

  3. I can’t decide which leaves I like the most. I like the first one and the one with the cute little lady bug on it. The aroid plant is amazing !! It almost doesn’t look real. I never imagined a leaf could grow that big. I wonder what it taste like ?

  4. I love ferns too! I have a lot of native ferns that grow on my property in the woods especially near the pond and ravines. Also some mayapple. I used to play in the woods and use them as houses for my GI Joes! I made some pretty neat forts for them!

  5. I live in Nolanville in Central Texas not to far from Fort Hood. But I am originally from Forest Home, Alabama. We had maple tree leaves that turned colors every fall that we absolutely beautiful. I also like the elephant ear leaf and the fig leaf. My mother had elephant ear plants every year that would cover about half her body when we took pictures of her and her plants. The different shape of fig leaves are beautiful as well. There are trees with leaves here but you have go out on drives to get to see them. There are so many new home developments here that very few trees if any at all are left standing on a lot. However, Central Texas has many, many cedar trees. Many of them Red Cedar which I am allergic to. What a bummer. They are beautiful trees as well.

  6. I love all these leaf pictures! Here, in the desert, we need all the leaves we can get. During the spring, I most appreciate the new leaves that my Sapphire Dragon, Mimosa and Honey Locust trees put out after waking up from their winter nap. In the summer, I appreciate the wisteria leaves as they cool my arbor. In the fall, I appreciate the leaves on my crape myrtles as they turn an interesting shade of red. During the winter, I appreciate the leaves of my late grandma’s Hawaiian lilies and the paperwhite narcissus and freesias as they bloom out of season and keep me in flowers all winter. Appreciated all year long are the rose leaves, my evergreen Japanese Box, purple honeysuckle and India Hawthorne, as well as my grass leaves. I’m ever grateful for leaves!

  7. I love the seasons of leaves. In the spring they bud out and from bare limbs and we watch the leaves grow. In the summer they provide shade. In the fall they change colors and fall to the ground becoming crunchy (if it isn’t too wet) and therefore fun to walk on and listen to the different sounds. In the winter they provide ground cover and decay to become nutrition for the soil that the trees grow in and then the cycle starts again.

    We have oak and pecan trees in our yard so lots of leaves to fall!

  8. What leaves doesn’t a gardener like?

    Well, perhaps the poison ivy leaves…LOL.

    I find huge leaves fascinating.
    I planted a banana tree this spring and it produced huge,. smooth leaves.

    It was like having a piece of the jungle in my yard.

    I wrapped the trunk in several layers of burlap before the first killing frost.

    I’m hoping it will survive the winter.
    Some winters in NC are so mild you feel like it’s a long Northern Autumn.

    Other years we aren’t so lucky.

  9. I still love flowers more than leaves. But when I lived in New England I remember driving down a road that the trees hungover the road on both sides like a canopy and it was October and the leaves were a beautiful yellow. That memory will always stay withe me. Here where I live in Central CA, we mostly have oak trees so not as spectacular as the Eastern Seaboard.

  10. I love anything to do with the forest . I always feel so at peace surrounded by leaves, bark and soil. As I am an earth sign it makes sense lol.

  11. Wow! Interesting question – What is my favorite leaf? I don’t think I have ever really given it any thought. I just find them all beautiful, each in their own way. The shape of the maple leaf is nice, but then so is the oak. I like all of my house plants. I have a spider plant, a couple of African violets, some Ivy, a mystery plant and the ever faithful philodendron. My Philodendron came with me when I moved from Washington state in 2009 and moved to Texas and back with me. Hardy thing. Yes, I have house plants for the health benefits they can provide, not to mention they just plain look nice. I have always been fascinated with the spider plant – all those little baby plants that fall from the parent plant. So fun. I found out this year that the babies start out as a flower. I didn’t know the plant flowered. Guess I have never had one that did well. I have this wonderful east facing window that all my plants seem to love. A wonderful display of green all year.

  12. Lovely photos as usual but I don’t have a favorite as I love the different colors and shapes of all leaves. Just amazes me all the different shapes leaves has. I miss seeing all the different colored leaves from back East. Here in SE Arizona, we don’t have so many color changes, not like Northern Arizona.

  13. I lived in Oregon as for awhile as a child and I loved the foliage in that state! Your pictures reminded me of being there. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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