Giethoorn Cottages

Giethoorn Cottages – The “Dutch Venice”

So, you’re probably wondering how I found these beautiful Giethoorn cottages? It’s simple. I go surfing on Pixabay almost every day just to find some inspiration. I have a fondness for cottages anyway, especially the kind found in the western part of England in the Cotswold district. Stone buildings, flowers and charm, some of my favorite things.

Giethoorn CottagesAs I was cruising the extraordinary photos, I found a pic of a lovely cottage on a canal and I was hooked. Before this week, I’d never heard of Giethoorn. But I soon learned its nickname as the “Dutch Venice”, or the “Venice of the North”, is with good reason. This picturesque area in the north Netherlands is full of canals and can only be traveled but punters or small motorboats.

The history of this charming village in the Netherlands is fascinating. There are canals here because through the centuries, the inhabitants began digging out and making use of the area’s deep reserves of peat. The peat was spread over the land, more peat was dug out, and so on. The result were deep ditches everywhere as well as rising land levels in what became islands. Eventually, wooden bridges needed to be built just to cross the ditches. Then it made sense to connect the ditches with nearby lakes for easier water transportation and voila, you have Dutch Venice. 800,000 visitors head to Giethoorn each year. One-fourth of those visitors are Chinese and many of the signs in Giethoorn are in Chinese!

Giethoorn CottagesOn an unfortunate note, from one blogger’s point-of-view, there were a lot of ‘For Sale’ signs in the yards. He suspected the tourism was taking a toll. Could you imagine living in these homes and people constantly cruising by in 20-foot tour boats? Most of the cottages pictured are situated very close to the canals. You would have no privacy and if you wanted to work in your yard, you’d be waving to an awful lot of people or being shouted at by a few drunken tourists. (Source.) (Source.)

Giethoorn definitely has a fairy-tale appeal so it’s easy to understand why so many people would enjoy visiting this Netherlands treasure.

Here are some FunFacts about Giethoorn, Netherlands (Source) (Source) (Source)

  • A village in the Netherlands known as the Venice of the North.
  • Established in 1230 AD by fugitives from the Mediterranean area.
  • The name refers to goat horns. When the fugitives arrived, they found a bunch of goat horns, the goats having died in a flood 50 years earlier. ‘Giet’ is goat in Dutch. It was first Geytenhorn then Giethoorn
  • The village has no roads, no cars, no buses. Canals connect the people and residents own boats and bicycles. Wooden bridges cross the canals, but only foot-traffic and bikes are allowed.
  • Some of the boats used in this village are called ‘punters’, which, as in Venice, are pushed along by means of a pole. 
  • There are 180+ bridges in the village.
  • The population is a little over 2600.
  • Some of the cottages are over 200 years old.
  • There are many island farms here as well.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at Giethoorn.

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And now, here are the photos! Enjoy!  (Photos from Pixabay…)

Giethoorn Cottages Giethoorn Cottages Giethoorn Cottages Giethoorn Cottages Giethoorn Cottages Giethoorn Cottages Giethoorn Cottages Giethoorn Cottages

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***This week’s giveaway is closed! The winner: Nancy S.*** 

July Winners: Nancy S., Betty O., Shannon C. and Pansy P.

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Venice of the Desert Southwest7/24/2017 ~ UPDATE from Buckeye, the Venice of the Desert Southwest, lol! A steady rain that lasts part of the night and half the day is very rare here in the Phoenix area. But that’s what we had today. For those of you who follow my garden, you know that I have islands and paths. Well, the paths filled up with water and my backyard has officially become: The Venice of the Desert Southwest. And yes, it is a joke. The photo is of the south path that travels between my self-planted palo verde tree and my tallest young Mesquite! 

Just wanted to share!


27 thoughts on “Giethoorn Cottages

  1. It’s like a faery village. Almost hard to believe that people actually live there. Those homes must be passed down through the generations. I also wonder what they look like inside. NYC..

  2. I, like you, love the cottage look and feel. The gardens are beautiful. I would enjoy visiting this enchanting village. Thank you for sharing. I am from Massachusetts.

  3. I’m from Buckeye, Arizona. I keep telling DH I want to live in a cottage. Um, there are no cottages in the desert. I’m thinking of buying a lot somewhere and starting a trend. It might look a little different. I’d have it cloaked in Mesquite trees and palo verdes. Not quite the same thing, lol…

    • Jean, that’s so true! I hadn’t thought of that. No cars or buses and the tourists have been sent home? Idyllic.

  4. Amazing pictures! They seem like they are right out of a fairytale. And I’m with you on the english cottages…when I took my last trip to london I dragged my travelmates out to the country to see them and they fell in love with them too.

    • Tamara, good for you! I once ‘forced’ friends of mine to take a Jeep tour to see the Mogollon Rim here in Arizona and the Sedona Canyon below. They dragged their heels until we got there. One of my friends said they liked it better than the Grand Canyon! No, the area isn’t massive like the Grand Canyon, but the ride up to the Rim and all the different sights are beautiful and compelling. Sometimes our friends need a little encouragement — or strong-arming — whatever it takes!

  5. I love the second photo.
    One gets the sense of going back into time and living the history.

    Just beautiful and serene.

  6. Oh what gorgeous pictures and love all the cottages! Who wouldn’t want to live in one. They are all in such serene locations. My favorites are #2 and #5 (love the little bridge).

  7. I never heard of Giethoorn. Thank you for sharing. The cottages are beautiful. I’d love to live there. The only drawback, I imagine would be flooding issues.

  8. HI. Currently live in Mt. Juliet, TN, but packing up to move to Maryville, TN, next month. I and my two sisters have finally retired and we all fell in love with the Smokies. Youngest sister just moved there, and my middle sister should be there next year. Didn’t want to get left behind.
    Giethoorn looks like a place that would be easy to fall in love with too. Loved going to the Chippewa Flowage in Wisconsin for vacation when I was young. Being surrounded by water was wonderful and so calming. Now I’m trying mountains.
    Thanks so much for taking me on so many mini vacations!

    • Kay, thanks for sharing. I hear the Smokies are magnificent. I’ve only been to Nashville in your part of the world. I think DH and I need to rent a trailer and travel for a few months just to visit the beauties of our country. I’ve been to a few cities, but that’s not the same.

  9. isn’t it funny we look at these smallish cottages & see how homey they are, yet we here in US seem to always be going for bigger…from down the road near Tucson

  10. I have always wanted to live in a cottage, I think even where boats or bicycles are a main mode of transportation would be better. There is a commercial about a cheaper place to buy eyeglasses that shows a cottage with TONS of hanging plants and flowers around where a butterfly lands on her finger that is the cottage I would love to live in, Even if electricity is limited. Now you make me want to plan a vacation there.

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