Emerald Flame Sensual Excerpt

Emerald Flame Sensual Excerpt

An alpha wolf sizzling with storm power. An invisible witch. An evil wizard who wants them both dead.

Hi, Everyone, and welcome to EMERALD FLAME Sensual excerpt. EMERALD FLAME is the 6th book of the Flame Series and is set in the world of Five Bridges with five territories at war.

~ ~ ~

To read more details about The Flame Series and to understand the premise, go here.


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A witch scarred him…

Warren couldn’t trust witches. One had tried to kill him with her poisoned spell.  Though he survived, he was left badly disfigured and blind in one eye. When Kiara, a beautiful witch, begins to heal him, he finds himself craving her. But his prejudice against her kind runs deep. As an evil wizard attacks Savage Territory, can Warren set aside his prejudice, or will he lose his pack, and his territory, forever?

 Wolves hate the secretive nature of Elegance Territory…

Kiara never meant to fall for a wolf. But from the moment she met Warren, her heart beat only for him. She also knew he could never go for her. A witch had almost killed him once. When a vile wizard makes a play for Savage Territory, and Warren needs her help, their relationship climbs to dizzying heights. Yet the scars he bears tells her she can only be a passing flame. Can she protect her heart? Or will the passionate affair leave her forever desolate?

Sensual Excerpt from Chapters Two and Three of EMERALD FLAME:

She drew him, however, to the left down yet another short hall, with more soft lights, more rocks. Yet it felt very different. For one thing, the air was significantly more humid.

He heard the sound of water flowing over rocks before he saw it. Once in her bedroom, yet another surprise waited for him.

“Holy shit. You made this, here? Underground?”

“I did.”

His chest and throat grew tight. “But how is this possible?” He’d never seen anything more beautiful or more welcoming.

A waterfall tumbled over large boulders in an extraordinary grotto she’d constructed opposite her bed. The water then flowed into a pool at least twenty feet across. The edge of the pool was made up of rocks as well, with a couple of flat entry points. Most of the pool was below the room’s floor level.


“Yes, it was another indulgence.” She released his hand. “Care for a dip?”

His mouth was agape. It took some doing to close it. “Yes.” But he continued to stare and wonder at what she’d built.

She was stripping off her clothes before he finally came out of his astonished stupor. She dropped each piece off to the left of the dark, rock-laden pool.

When she turned to face him, she was fully naked. She didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed and his wolf loved it.

Her body was free of hair, so her sex was fully visible, a sight that forced his mind a little more out of its stunned state.

This was woman, what she could bring to his life. A different way of looking at everything, a lightness of spirit he didn’t possess, a frequent smile despite the scars that streaked over her breasts and abdomen. He knew she’d been tortured and here was the evidence. In that sense, they’d both endured similar pain and suffering.

She sat down on the flat portion of the pool’s edge, carefully swung her legs over then slid into the water.

He approached the grotto, still stunned. The pool was a few feet deep. She fanned her arms to keep herself afloat. An herbal smell rose from the water, a witch’s concoction. His senses told him it kept algae from forming. There it was again, more of a warlock’s ability to detect things than a wolf’s. “You keep the pool pure with a potion.”

“I do.”

Her long brown hair floated around her shoulders. He took his boots off first then began to strip out of his clothes. As he did, she slowly gained her feet so that she stood with her shoulders visible.

When he lost his shirt, her gaze fell to his chest and got stuck there. The air became perfumed with her floral scent. His nostrils worked like bellows, laboring to take as much of it in as he could. Fur sprouted on the backs of his hands again, then over his chest and along his cheekbones.

In that moment, he stopped thinking about anything except what his wolf wanted. As he started unzipping his leathers, he flexed his pecs for her. When her mouth fell open and she licked her lips, desire poured over him in heavy waves.

~ ~ ~

Kiara had longed for this day since she could remember. From the first time she’d seen Warren so many years ago, she’d wanted him.

Now he was here and about to fulfill at least one of the many fantasies she’d had about the man.

Slowly, she moved to the edge of the pool just to watch him. Even though she had a good imagination, she really hadn’t pictured the actual size of his chest and the shape and strength of his pecs and abs. She lifted her chin and felt a howl form in her throat. Odd, except Maeve had experienced something similar. The more she had aligned with Alpha Braden, the more she took on his wolf characteristics.

Kiara accepted that the same thing was happening to her, though in her case she couldn’t see where it would lead. Whatever was happening between her and Warren right now, a future with him was impossible. He trusted witches about as far as he could throw them, and she could not see herself living with wolves permanently. They were just too different.

But that didn’t change how much she wanted to have sex with him.

He slowly and carefully lowered his black leather pants, especially keeping the teeth of the zipper from biting his arousal.

Her gaze became fixed on his erection, the large head and the long, thick stalk. He would fill her and then some and she couldn’t wait.

His thigh muscles were angled and powerful. She found it hard to breathe.

“Like what you see?” His voice had deepened.

She shifted her gaze to his face. “You’re magnificent.”

The emerald of his good eye glinted as he followed her lead and sat down on the edge of the pool. She moved back in the water to give him room as he swung his long, powerful legs over the side. He dropped into the water and submerged just as she had.

The pool was a good depth for an indoor grotto, five feet at the shallowest end, and nearly ten where the water splashed from boulders into the pool. It gave her what she needed. A place to float, to relax, and to rest. And in extreme cases, she would bring a suffering wolf here for several rehab sessions.

She didn’t go to Warren right away. Instead, she let him enjoy the water. She kept the temperature regulated so that it wasn’t too cold or too warm. She had a sophisticated pump system that heated the water as it made its way back to the top of the boulders.

He eased back and floated. His arousal had diminished but she liked the partially-erect view.

She decided to follow his lead and once more stretched out and let the water support her.

She felt Warren move in her direction, and her heart rate sped up. He moved in behind her then slid his arms around her waist. He kissed her cheek then her neck.

His resonant voice hit her ear. “Thank you for this. You’ve overwhelmed me and that doesn’t happen often.”

Her chest warmed up. After all this time, Warren had his arms around her. What she’d desired for so long was finally here.

She turned slowly to face him and slid her arms around his neck. She reached up and petted his face and the scarred side of his head. She wasn’t surprised when he tilted his head and kissed the scars on her neck. They shared this much in common. Witches had tortured, scarred and nearly killed them both.

“I’m sorry you were hurt.” He kissed her neck again.

“I’m sorry a witch almost killed you when you first arrived in Five Bridges.”

He leaned back and slid his hand to the back of her neck, beneath the heavy weight of her damp hair. “My scars don’t bother you, do they?”

“Not at all.”

He shook his head slowly. “Why?”

She ran the back of her fingers over his cheek and along the line of wolf fur. “I see the man. That’s all.”

She felt him grow very still.

“What is it?” she asked.

“You can’t know me. We’ve had only a few serious conversations during the time we’ve known each other.”

She tilted her head. “Warren, what I know about you isn’t what you’ve told me or shared when we’ve talked. It’s about what you do and how you interact with those around you.”

He sighed. “I need you to understand this can never become anything. I would never bring a witch into my pack. Never.”

She knew her response couldn’t be flippant. Of all Warren’s qualities, he was a serious man who rarely smiled.

She lowered her hands to grip his arms. “I will never have a claim on you, I know that. I’m a grown woman and I have my own life, my own purpose. The truth is, I have no interest in mating with an alpha and consigning myself to Savage. What I want here, in this moment, is exactly what you’re offering, a powerful, physical experience.”

She slid her hands up his arms and caressed his shoulders. “You and I are the same in that way. You don’t want me to disrupt your life as the leader of the Caldion Pack and I don’t want to give up any aspect of my work in each of the territories.”

She felt his tension release. “That’s what I needed to hear.”

He kissed her and she had the profound pleasure of feeling his arms tighten around her, pulling her close. His tongue searched her mouth, then drove in a steady rhythm that soon had her moaning.

Her hands drifted over his thick shoulders and down his heavy, muscled arms. She’d been wanting this for so long. Now he was here, in her pool.

Her fantasies had become reality.

The water helped her to lift up and slide her legs around his waist. She used a bit of levitation to force her hips close so she could feel the stiff length of his arousal.

He drew back and searched her eyes. “So, you want me.”

She smiled. “Bad, wolf. Real bad.”

“There is something I want to say to you first. I’m grateful for what you did tonight to save my fellow Border Patrol officers and for bringing me here. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” She leaned toward him. But instead of kissing him on the lips, an instinct that felt very wolf made her take a different tack.

She tilted her head then parted her lips, but aimed for his neck. She opened her mouth wide and bit him, not a soft bite, either, but something animal-like.

Fu-u-u-ck. His telepathic voice was as rich and as deep as when he spoke aloud. That’s hot, Kiara. How did you know to do that because my wolf loves it.

I have no idea. It just felt right.

Chapter Three

Standing in the water with Kiara’s legs wrapped around his waist, Warren couldn’t believe Kiara had just done something more wolf than witch. Biting was an effective form of foreplay for his alter species. The feel of her teeth grinding into his skin had his cock as hard as flint. He wanted to bury himself inside her.

When she raised her hips, he got the message. He took his cock in hand and while she retained her grip on his throat, he found her entrance and began to push inside.

She moaned heavily then released his throat. She rose up, fully impaled, then smiled down at him. He felt a literal wave of pleasure flow over him like an ocean swell. “Is that coming from you?”

She nodded, lips parted, unable to speak. Oh, Warren, this going to be like nothing I’ve experienced before.

He felt the same way. He hadn’t been this overcome in a long time. Maybe never.

She didn’t need any encouragement as she began to work her hips. He used levitation to keep himself anchored in the water, so she could move over him however she wanted.

He held her gaze as tight as a fist. He loved her dark brown eyes, glittering with passion. Her swollen lips and the soft moans told him how much she was into him.

He touched her breasts and watched her back arch as she rose up and down on his stalk. Her brow grew furrowed with pleasure. He rubbed the palm of his hand over one stiff nipple then the other. He quickened the motion.

Suddenly, the earlier storm power he possessed returned in full. His palm became filled with electrical impulses and she cried out. “Oh, God that feels good. More.”

He wanted to watch her come. He began to thrust into her and deepened his penetration. At the same time, he teased her breasts with the arcs of electricity from his hands.

You’ll make me come like this.

I want to watch you come. He sped up the rock of his hips and as he did, her movements slowed which allowed him to do all the work. She planted her hands on his shoulders and held on.

Her gaze was fixed on him. “I’ve wanted you for so long, to be here, to feel you inside me.” Her voice was low and hoarse, sultry. Her scent was rich in the air, woman and freesias.

“I’m here. Let me do this for you.”

She nodded. He went wolf fast and watched as ecstasy caught her up and forced a series of cries from her mouth. On and on she cried out and moaned, a beautiful sound as her sex gripped his cock and pulsed over and over.

He held back his own pleasure. His mind had already formed a picture of what he wanted to do to her, how he wanted to release inside her.

When the wave crested, and she settled down, he drew her tight against him then eased back to half recline in the water. She was fully relaxed on top of him, her hands dangling in the water.

He smiled when he felt her hands waving beneath them both. “This pool is perfect,” he said.

She heaved a sigh that made them do a soft bounce in the water. “You’re perfect.”

He caressed her back. Is that what she really thought of him?

He was far from perfect. Hell, he was the opposite of it. But he liked she’d said it anyway. A little delusion never hurt anyone.

As he held her, he heard something inside his soul, like the ringing of a bell, a low, sonorous sound that sent odd vibrations through his heart. He recognized the sensation as a kind of longing he hadn’t acknowledged in years.

He held her tighter.

That feels so good, Warren, your arms around me, I mean.

He loved her in his mind. This pool is amazing. You’re amazing.

She embraced him then drew back to look at him. He loved how, with levitation, he could support them both in the water.

She stroked his cheek with the back of her fingers. “Do you know that you’re smiling?”

“I guess I am.”

She smiled as well. “I have a question for you.” He liked the playful curve of her lips.

“What’s that?”

She kissed him and once more her voice was in his head. The woman had power. How do you want to come? That’s what I want to know.

His cock twitched inside her. He was still firm, a state he was often in just being around her. Having his cock buried deep felt as natural as breathing.

“It’s better if I show you.” He drew out of her, but still held her close.

At that, she all but grinned. “Sounds good to me.”

As he levitated out of the water, she remained stretched out on top of him. He held her tight then lifted them both to an upright position. He now hovered above the pool. “Good thing you made the ceiling tall.”

“I try to think ahead.”

He flew her slowly to the bathroom. “For what I want to do, we’ll need to dry off first.” He landed by the arched doorway, formed of more rounded stones.

She led the way and grabbed two towels then tossed one in his direction.

His gaze was fixed to her breasts. The witch poison scars formed spider webs over her entire chest, up into her neck, and well down her abdomen. The torture, thank God, hadn’t gone to her sex. Braden and his team from Maeve’s compound in Elegance Territory had rescued Kiara. He could tell by the nature of the scars that like him, she’d come close to death that night.

She turned to face him as she continued to dry off. “It’s okay if you look.”

He lifted his gaze to hers. He wouldn’t apologize for staring. Because of the scarring on his head, face and neck, he knew it took time for people to get accustomed. He was doing the same.

A sudden, overwhelming rage rose swiftly. Not toward her, but against those who’d done this to her. He despised this part of living in Five Bridges.

She moved swiftly to him and planted both hands on his chest. “Don’t. I can see your fury. But I don’t want that from you right now.” She stroked the fur that had risen on his chest. He could feel the fur on his cheeks as well.

She continued, “I want you here, sexing me up, not enraged at the witches already executed for their crimes.”

Even his muzzle had started to form. He couldn’t help what he felt. Give me a minute.

He dropped slowly to his knees and with his wolf tongue licked the scars on her stomach. He followed the star-like, silvery paths, tasting the pain she’d endured. He closed his eyes and traveled along each streak, up her chest, over her breasts, then to the lowest points near her sex.

Kiara whimpered, a very wolf-like sound. He recognized it as a precursor to grief-howling. I wanted my body perfect for you, Warren.

Having tracked each scar, he’d grown calmer. He rose slowly to his feet. His fur had disappeared as well as his wolf-muzzle. “Your body is perfect, just as it is.”

She smoothed her hand along the scars of his face and touched his scarred eye. Warmth flowed from the tips of her fingers and he felt her healing ease along the damaged tissue. At first it was a gentle sensation that became something more. To his shock, he could feel the skin closest to his eye begin to reform and to draw back.

He blinked. Some of the old scar tissue had given way.

He touched the area gently and his heart rate sky-rocketed. He could open his eye, not all the way, but almost. Dammit, he could see from both eyes again.

He met her gaze and stared at her. “How did you do that?”

Her own large brown eyes had widened. “Warren, I can see both of your eyes. But I don’t know what I did. I was in the moment and my healing ignited. I think I felt some of your storm power flowing along my arms. It’s possible we did this together.”

“I can’t believe it,” he said, still touching his eye. He kept blinking then looking around.

“What’s your vision like?”

He moved from looking at the bathroom sink to the wall opposite with an exquisite mosaic of small, jewel-like tiles, to the stone floor. “It’s different and I’ll have to adjust, but I can see.” The scars weren’t completely gone by any means. But after eight years, he could see from both his eyes.

The dark witch poison hadn’t allowed for any real healing afterward. Many witches had strong healing powers, but none of the ones he’d trusted to make the attempt had ever helped him.

He focused on Kiara. Who was this woman?

Tears touched her cheeks. “Your eyes are so beautiful. A deep, vivid green.”

He couldn’t believe this had happened. She’d brought him into her very wolf-like burrow, into a waterfall pool she’d created then into her body. Now she’d given him a kind of healing that would be a blessing the rest of his alter life.

His entire body warmed to her. Only it went deeper, tracking through the depths of his soul and spirit. Who was this woman, this witch, this beauty with her brown hair to her waist, her soulful dark eyes, and strong cheekbones?

He searched her eyes wanting to know her in ways he’d never wanted to know an alter woman before. He planted a hand on her chest between her breasts. “Who are you?”

She drew in a sudden breath, not quite a gasp but close. She arched her neck. “Warren, what are you doing?”

“Touching you.”

She met his gaze. “No. It’s more. Be careful, Warren. You have my heart in your hands, literally, and you could crush it.”

He shifted his gaze to his fingers. He’d sprouted fur again. His palm was directly over her heart and the electricity had returned.

He realized he had killing power in his hand, a very warlock ability, yet he also sensed it was something more.

Focusing on his hand over her heart, he mentally pictured her soul. An image formed in his mind of great beauty, of a different pool surrounded by large boulders but in a dark forest. It was daytime, and a shaft of light poured across the sparkling water.

He was looking at Kiara, at who she was. He saw the beauty of her soul and he felt her capacity for love as though it was as deep as the forest. Maybe it was.

Warren, I’m seeing a grotto in the forest and it’s so beautiful.

You’re seeing the images, too?

She nodded. I am. But what am I looking at?

It’s you.

What do you mean?

You’re seeing a reflection of your soul.

He drew his hand back and the image faded then disappeared. He shook his head, mystified. “I don’t get what’s happening here.”

~ ~ ~

Kiara stood naked in her burrow bathroom, not a foot away from Warren. She was completely overwhelmed by this unexpected miracle. But she agreed with him. She had no idea what was happening, either.

It was all so bizarre.

Healing and killing power.

Storm power.

She didn’t know what to think.

She planted a hand on his chest, between his heavy, muscular pecs. She took great care because of her killing power. Witches, and their male counterparts, possessed an ability to kill vampires with just a touch of their fingers. But they could also do severe damage to other alter species as well.

Warren wasn’t a vampire, yet she could feel how simple it would be to kill him just as he seemed to be experiencing a similar warlock ability to do the same to her.

She lowered her arm and stared at him. She swallowed hard since her mouth had suddenly gone dry. “We could hurt each other so easily. I could take your life and you could end mine.”

“I know.”

“Then you must trust me if you’ve let me touch you like this.”

“I do. Or at least, as much as I’m able to trust any witch.”

“Understood.” Any alter person who’d been burned like Warren would have great reluctance being around people of her kind.

Water pooled at the ends of her hair near her waist. Droplets ran into her ass-crack. He was equally wet and took a moment to shove the weight of his long, damp hair over his shoulder.

How strange it was to be here with Warren, the way she’d always wanted to be with him. Yet it was so much more than she could have imagined. The pool-and-forest image, so similar to what she’d built in her burrow, resonated within her body.

She pressed her hand harder against his chest, but held back her killing power. She wanted to see his soul, the way he’d seen hers. “How did you do it? Looking into my soul, I mean?”

He frowned. “I’m not sure. I felt this call inside me. I focused on your soul. That’s all.”

Kiara closed her eyes. She forgot her surroundings, her wet hair, the proximity of the man she desired. Maybe using intense focus was a wolf thing.

The moment she considered Warren’s wolf abilities, she felt something rise within her, enormous and centered. Yes, very wolf.

She trained her thoughts on Warren.

“What’s happening, Kiara? I can sense power building inside you?”

At that, she withdrew her hand from him then backed away. She still held her palm parallel to his body.

He stared at her hand. He scowled heavily now. He was framed by the rock of the arched doorway and looked like a god. The more she let the power build, he began to change shape in front of her. She knew it was more vision than reality. She was also not seeing him as a wolf. This was something else.

When the image came into her head, it was full of white lightning mixed with gold flashes of light. Clouds billowed at the edges.




His deep voice rolled toward her. “I see a storm.”


While holding the vision in her mind, she released the building wave of power in her hand. Though it was aimed at Warren, what happened next was like nothing she could have predicted.

Her body flew toward his and landed against him. Then they were suddenly caught in the middle of a storm, only they weren’t being tossed around or hurt.

He held her tight.

Lightning flashed, the wind whipped over them both, the air smelled of electricity. The storm was everywhere, violent and beautiful, powerful.

It moved in a full three-sixty, rushing through them, over them. Yet their surroundings remained untouched.

Warren’s emerald eyes now had rings of gold and his body glowed with a similar aura. Lightning bounced off his shoulders. His hair blew around his head as did hers.

He leaned toward her and kissed her. The lightning danced over her mouth and flowed through her body. Desire licked at her, flames of heat and passion.

She drew back enough to say, “Take me to bed, Warren. Now. Let me experience your storm when you’re inside me.”

Then the oddest thing happened.

Warren smiled again.

But not a simple curve of his lips. Instead, she felt as though she was looking all the way back through his life then into the future. She saw his thoughts, his soul, the beauty of his commitment to Savage.

She saw him.

As the storm flew and his arousal pressed hard against her, he crashed his lips over hers. The storm moved inside her. She couldn’t breathe. Desire whirled in whips of ecstasy over every inch of her skin. She shivered and trembled.

He lifted her off the floor then levitated as he took her to her bed. Still holding her close, he drew the covers back then laid her down. All the while, the wind-that-wasn’t-a-wind rode her, evidence of who Warren was in this moment and what he needed from her.

“Spread your legs for me.” Lightning flashed. The wind howled.

She opened and he took a moment to look at her sex as arcs of electricity jumped over his body. His hair writhed faster. He leaned down and kissed her soft folds. Every fantasy she’d ever had about him culminated as he teased her folds first with his warm, moist lips then a long swipe of his tongue. Sparks of electricity sent desire rushing through her.

When she cried out, he kissed her once more then moved up her body to kiss her on the lips. She surrounded his shoulders with her arms and held him tight. And still his storm swept over her and through her, wild and powerful.

She parted her lips and as he slid his tongue inside she felt the head of his cock push against her sex. She tilted her hips and he began to glide within.

As he kissed her, lightning flowed down her throat. She felt the same sensation now moving through her blood and into every part of her body. She clenched inside, pulling on his cock with the strength of her sex.

Warren. This is amazing.

His voice was low and almost hoarse even within her mind as he responded, It’s extraordinary, as though I’m in every part of you.

You are.

I won’t last long. Are you close? He thrust his tongue hard. His hips slammed into her.

So close. She was breathing hard, stroking his shoulders and arms, squeezing his muscles. Thunder rumbled. The wind whipped over her.

He moved faster. Stronger. Deeper.

The electrical sensations grabbed her sex. Oh, God, I’m coming.

As she began to orgasm, pleasure flowed as though the storm pulsed inside her and outside her at the same time. She knew she was shouting. As ecstasy rained down on her, it was everything she’d hoped for and a thousand times more.

Warren shouted with her then slowed his hips, but he didn’t stop moving into her. The wind kept blowing and electrical impulses began to tease her sex all over again.

She could feel he was going to come a second time and her body was ready.

He looked down at her. “Can you come again?”

“Yes. God, yes.” This time, she spread her arms wide as he began to pummel her. She arched her back then her throat. He leaned over her and angled his head. He began to lick her neck in long wolf-like swipes.

Then he opened his maw wide and took hold of her, biting firmly. She felt a wolf-like howl form in her throat.

Once more the lightning invaded her sex, streaking through her until she was crying out again. Ecstasy pulsed in hot, fiery streams. A series of cries left her throat. Tears flowed from her eyes.

All around her the storm raged in the most beautiful array of gold, and violet then flashes of green, and silver-white.

Warren was still hard inside her. But as he let go of her throat, he rose up and arched his neck. He howled, lusty sounds that had her clenching again. He drove fast and hard and as he came another wave of pleasure tore through her. Again, she wanted to howl with him.

He kept driving into her until she knew he’d released the last of his seed. He began to slow then finally his hips grew quiet. His arms were fully extended, back and neck arched. The storm he’d created began to recede.

The air smelled like the sweet scent of a rain-drenched forest.



She slowly fondled his powerful arms, looking up at him, at the lines of light-colored fur on his cheeks, his throat and extending in a V down his chest. She loved it and took a moment to run her fingers through the fine hairs.

Warren then eased down on top of her and grew very relaxed. She caressed his thick, muscled shoulders. “I don’t know what that was, but I want to do it at least a thousand more times.”

He chuckled then heaved a sigh. “I still don’t understand this storm thing.”

His hair was dry now as was hers. She dragged her fingers down the full length all the way to the middle of his back. “You. The storm was you.”

“I guess. Maybe.” He shook his head, but his lips curved. Another unusual smile.


“A grotto, a storm, your wave of power. Surprising.”

As she surveyed her bedroom, whatever the storm phenomenon was between them, everything remained perfectly in place.

Kiara smiled. “Fitting, I think. You are a storm, in Savage, I mean. Without all that you do, the twelve main packs would have fallen a long time ago.”

He was still buried inside her and she was in no hurry to have him leave her body.

He responded, “And you’re a beautiful, deep grotto. I could stay here forever.” He arched his hips to let her feel him a little more.

She smiled and hugged him. Her eyes grew hot with tears, but she restrained them. She didn’t want Warren to think she was upset. But she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this happy or satisfied.

Although, that wasn’t completely true. Before she’d become an alter witch, before her life in Five Bridges, she’d been engaged and very much in love. Doug had been her love and her life. They’d planned on having a big family.

The alter serum had changed everything. Like so many who ended up imprisoned in what was essentially an alter ghetto in the middle of Phoenix, she’d been served a tainted drink at a bar. Later it was learned, the serum had been added to a newly opened bottle of vodka. The change had begun within minutes. Her body had flushed hot then sweat had poured off her skin.

Doug had just come back from the bathroom. She would never forget the horror on his face. But it had only mirrored what she felt. Terror had seized her at what she was becoming.

Then pain.

The alter serum transformed the body’s chromosomes to initiate the change. She had felt as though fire had burned throughout her entire body.

Doug had stayed beside her as long as he was able. But she knew they couldn’t continue as they’d been. She was no longer the woman he’d fallen in love with. As soon as she was settled in Elegance Territory, she’d made him leave. He hadn’t put up a fight. They both knew the score. Very few humans lived in their cordoned off portion of the Phoenix metro area. Humans were weaker compared to any of the Five alter species.

She hadn’t heard from him since and she hadn’t tried to reach him either.

Now she was here with one of the finest men she’d ever known buried inside her and lying on top of her. The weight of him was like heaven.

She settled her hand on the scarred side of his face and head, caressing him gently. She felt him sigh.

~ ~ ~

From the time Warren had been burned, his life had been one long string of battles as he worked to protect his pack as well as Savage. In between, he’d had plenty of sex, usually a quickie outside a bar, or on the running track, or in his police cruiser, anywhere that couldn’t be construed as long-term. Each encounter was forgotten within minutes.

But as he savored the feel of Kiara’s body beneath his and the pleasure of being inside her, he knew he needed to be much more careful with her. He was in no position to offer Kiara anything. He’d come to trust her, that much he could admit to himself. She was fully present and devoted to helping anyone in need including the wolves of Savage. Her secret refuge had proven her character to him yet again.

The secretive nature of her refuge, however, and that she’d built it without him knowing, struck a wary chord within his wolf’s spirit. Wolves preferred everything out in the open, nothing hidden. If you had a complaint with someone, you voiced it. Sometimes the complaint resulted in a dominance fight, but that was the way of his world, one he valued and respected.

Slowly, he withdrew from her. He realized she’d grown very relaxed and was almost in a doze.

He smiled as he looked down at her, at the flush on her cheeks, her closed eyes, her arms thrown wide.

He grabbed some tissues and tucked them between her legs. He was nothing if not productive.

She squinted at him and murmured a sleepy ‘thank you’ then rolled onto her side and tucked her hand beneath her cheek. She closed her eyes and he could sense her drifting off.

He wasn’t ready for sleep, though. He had a lot to think about, so he headed for the bathroom.

He took a long, hot shower and washed his hair thoroughly. Bathing in the pool had been sublime, but so was the warm water now flowing over his head. He used Kiara’s fragrant, herbal soap and scrubbed up his arms and legs, his torso and groin. He might be a wolf and he might love to shift and run through the forest, but he liked to be clean as well. It was a way of getting rid of the night’s grime, the bad parts he had to live with every day of his life.

It also gave him time to think about all that had happened, at the station and with Kiara. He was all about Savage and saving it from falling beneath Julio’s avaricious paws. Though his desire for Kiara was nothing short of profound, it could never eclipse his need to protect his territory.

Setting aside the mind-blowing sex, tonight’s events had put a face on his deepest fears. Julio was after him. If Warren was killed, his pack would fall and the entire territory with it. His wolves had strength and worked as a unified group. But Julio’s power appeared to be backed by something greater than his own ambition and natural ability.

When he’d taken over the two packs, reports had eventually surfaced that he’d used some kind of wave power to subdue all the wolves at the same time. That Kiara also possessed a similar ability spoke to the possibility someone from Elegance Territory might be involved.

His suspicions began to take shape. What if a dark wizard, with a unique wave power, had backed Julio during the takeover of the two, less dominant packs?

He shut the water off and grabbed a towel. As he slowly dried off, he turned physically toward the bedroom. He sharpened his wolf hearing. Kiara was snoring softly.

He levitated the distance to the doorway and settled his gaze on her. If a wizard was making a play for Savage, would Kiara at some point become his enemy? Could she become the means by which Savage fell? Or would she be a potential ally?

As the full weight of the situation settled into him, he sighed heavily. He would need to set some limits with Kiara. Making love to her had been extraordinary. But it was just sex, after all. Once the moment passed and reality returned, the decisions he made had to be for the Caldion Pack’s best interest. Being involved with a witch to any serious degree, and certainly long-term, was out of the question.

He moved to stand over her. She was exquisite, though. His maleness had always responded to her beauty. Her complexion was creamy but with a slight olive tone. She had strong cheekbones which he suspected would photograph well. Her lips were full and sensual. He’d enjoyed kissing her.

Sudden need for her swelled over him like a heavy ocean wave that crested then hit him hard. He’d always desired her. What man wouldn’t, she was that beautiful.

But as he stared down at her, he realized that what he felt wasn’t simple. He didn’t just want the woman. He craved her. His bones ached and threatened to shift as he looked at her. A howl formed in his throat. He arched his neck and released it but only on the softest wolf-cry.

~ ~ ~

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