Embrace the Wild Sensual Excerpt

000 Caris Roane - Author Photo 2A Mastyr Vampire. A beautiful fae Protector. Two hearts in the wild. Passion ignites for this blood rose and her mastyr vampire, but will the burdens they carry keep them apart?

Welcome to EMBRACE THE WILD Sensual Excerpt. EMBRACE THE WILD is the sixth book of the Blood Rose Series. 

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For two-hundred-years he’s lived a solitary existence until a beautiful fae, with enormous power, disrupts his world…

Mastyr Vampire Malik has only one goal: to serve the realm he loves. Battling both the dreaded Invictus wraith-pairs and an element in Ashleaf Realm that wants all innocent wraiths dead, Malik can’t afford to get distracted. But Willow has already become an obsession as he lusts for the powerful fae whose blood he craves. In turn, Willow has her own duties to attend to as the Protector of a large, vulnerable wraith colony. Without her shield, the innocent wraiths will be caught by the malevolent Society, a group intent on killing all wraiths and half-breeds. But her drive toward Malik, her need to be with him, to feed him, overrides her rational mind. Passion storms through her life, changing everything. But at what cost to herself, to Malik, to the entire Realm?

And now, EMBRACE THE WILD Sensual Excerpt!

From Chapter Six

Arriving at the waterfall, he touched down on the granite slab at the opposite end and set her on her feet. “I can feel your power all around here. And something more, something that I’ve felt in the wraith colony.”

She glanced down at her feet.  “I know what you mean. I think the heart of the Nine Realms lives here as well.” She turned in a circle, waving her arms to encompass the surrounding dense forest, the moss at the base of the north-facing trees, the ferns, the fifteen foot waterfall that spanned at least ten feet off a sheer drop of granite. “This was my secret place until you showed up. I often feel as though I’m reborn here.”

“I get that. I really do.”

He slipped out of his Guard coat and shirt then found a flat rock to sit on to start working off his snug, thigh boots.

She watched him for a moment, then moved to kneel in front of him on the surrounding grass. She took his boot at the heel and eased the leather off his foot. She helped with the second boot and all he could think was that this one act defined Willow; she was always willing to help.

Standing up, he stripped out of his leathers, revealing his half-aroused state. The entire world seemed to grow quiet as he stood before her completely naked.

She slid her hands over his pecs, then moved slowly around his waist to cup his buttocks. He was breathing hard when she drifted her hands forward to his lower abdomen and took him gently in hand, stroking him. “You have a beautiful cock, Malik.”

His chest swelled at the compliment. “All for you.”

She nodded and stepped away from him, tugging her tank off. The sight of her breasts mounded because of her bra almost set his feet in motion, his fingers itching to touch her. But he held back, because he sensed she wanted him just to watch right now. Reaching behind, she unhooked her bra and freed her breasts.

His mouth watered and his tongue rimmed his lips.  After all that had happened, he needed this, needed to be with her, to take a breath and sink into the simple pleasure of sex.

She slipped off her shoes and socks then slowly peeled her jeans and her thong down her body. By the time she’d set her clothes aside, Malik could hardly breathe. Whatever a man’s naked body did for a woman, he couldn’t imagine it was more than what he felt right now.

Willow had a beautiful figure, her hips swelling in just the right way, her ass firm, her breasts large and round. He longed to bury his face between them. Yet still he waited, wanting Willow to have her pleasure, to have this moment unfold in a way that would please her.

This was her land, a place that strengthened her.

And he was right, because when she approached him, she took his hand. “Come swim with me. I want you to feel what this water is like. I think it will surprise you.”

She drew him to the end of the granite slab. He felt oddly lightheaded as she directed him to stand with his back to the water just on the edge of the stone.

“Don’t worry, Malik, the water is very deep here. Just fall with me.”

Just fall with her.  Did that have another meaning as well?

He had hold of her hand as he stared up into the starry night sky. A breeze whipped the tree-canopy around so that a feeling of the wild ran through him. His blood stirred.

Standing beside him, also facing away from the water, she took hold of his hand. “Just fall on three.  One … two … three …”

He let himself go, a feeling so unfamiliar that when he hit the water, he felt just as she said that in some strange way he was being reborn. The heart of the Nine Realms had him right now, holding him as he fell into the dark depths of the pool, sinking deeper and deeper.

She still held his hand and gave another squeeze. He understood her intention and pushed toward the surface just as she did.

When he broke through, he took a deep breath and drank in the night air.  “This feels incredible as though something magical lives in these waters.”

“I know.” She paddled slowly away from him.

As he treaded water, the vibrations in the pool began to work on his mating frequency deep in his chest. He slowly began to move through the water in Willow’s direction, driven as he had been for the past two years because she was a blood rose and he needed what she had to give.

Yet the drive had expanded, filling his mind as well, even his soul because this was Willow, a woman he’d come to respect for the sacrifices she had made and for her courage.

She pulled herself with an elegant backstroke in the direction of the waterfall.

He glanced up, his lips beneath the waterline. Had the vines always been there? Maybe, but several now trailed in the water in her direction.

More vines … yes.

His cock hardened at the thought.

Maybe it was the pool, or his connection to Willow, but he suddenly realized what he could do. He reached for the vines mentally and they responded to him. He knew exactly what he wanted to have happen and maneuvered them in Willow’s direction until they wrapped around her arms and held her fast.

She gasped as she rose up in the water, the vines holding her up as she faced him.

“The vines are doing my bidding,” he explained.

She smiled. “I can see that.”

More of them caught her arms and supported her until she was partway out of the water, but half-reclining, her head cradled on a small bed of vines. The sight of her bare breasts, her nipples peaked in the cool air, prompted another idea.

He thought the thought and more vines appeared, diving deeper this time until they wrapped around her thighs and spread them.

He moved closer and ran his hands below the waterline, up the insides of her legs. He loved having the vines work for him, following his thoughts, his desires, until her hips were also above the waterline. Vines now covered her abdomen, keeping her warm, and supporting her.

Slowly, he kissed his way up her thighs, taking turns with each, holding her hips and kneading her bottom. As he reached the juncture of her thighs, he kissed the narrow auburn landing patch, then flipped his tongue back and forth.

“Oh, Malik.” She tilted her head back and he went to work, licking her between her legs and making her writhe in the water.

He stood on bedrock, positioned well to taste her sweet forest-rain scent and suck on her labia.

She moaned, her hips rising and falling in the ancient rhythm. He slid a finger inside her beautiful wetness and added a vibration that had her crying out. “Oh, sweet Goddess.”

He could feel that she was close.  He licked her swiftly and plunged his finger in and out. Her body tensed then a long cry left her lips as ecstasy caught her and took her on a ride. He could feel her internal muscles fluttering as she came.

He was hard as a rock because of the sensation, then he felt a vine rubbing over his thighs and ass. You’re doing that, aren’t you? He pathed.

The vine, yes. How does it feel?

He moved in close to her, spreading his hands up over her breasts. “It feels wonderful because it has your frequency.”

She nodded, still trapped and held up by the vines. “Move into me, Malik. Let me feel you, all of you.”

He stepped between her thighs and holding his cock in his hand, he began pushing into her, and started thrusting while she uttered small cries of pleasure. The vines gave way a little as she shifted her legs to surround him.

When he commanded more support, the vines formed a stronger platform beneath her and he set a steady rhythm.  “How does that feel?”

She moaned. “Wonderful.” She held his gaze, her hips meeting his with each thrust. “Malik, I love doing this with you, feeling you inside me.” Her neck arched and she writhed once more.

He added a soft vibration to his cock.

She gasped. “Oh, Sweet Goddess, that’s amazing.” She panted now, her mouth open. He leaned over and kissed her, dipping his tongue inside. She responded, her own tongue flicking against his, making him harder still.

He sped up his thrusts and watched her roll her head as she gasped for breath.

Finally, she caught the back of his neck. “Wait.”

He slowed the rocking of his hips. “Tell me what you want. Anything, Willow. Anything.”

She smiled faintly, her lips swollen, passion on every feature. “There’s something I want to do to you. I’ve fantasized about it. Will you allow it?”

The thought of fulfilling one of her fantasies made his cock twitch. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Then take me back over to the granite slab.”

When her fangs showed, he groaned. He withdrew from her and at the same time all the vines drifted away.

She swam ahead of him. “Come with me.” She had the slightest, sexiest lisp because of her wraith-fangs, and his whole body vibrated with the need for her to use them. Anywhere.

She patted the granite. “Climb up here and get comfortable, but dangle your legs in the water.”

He felt the vines moving around him, only this time, she commanded them. As he stretched himself out and spread his legs for her, he thought maybe somewhere in this pool he’d died and gone to heaven.

~ ~ ~

Willow ordered the vines to build a support beneath her feet since the water was very deep where it met the granite. With a platform of vines holding her up, she came up part way out of the water and ran her hands up Malik’s oh-so-muscular thighs.

Maybe being with a warrior hadn’t been what she’d imagined for herself, but the physical reality proved superb.

Her fingers trembled as she felt the latent physical strength in his legs. She drew close and licked his firm cock all the way up to the crown. She took the head in her mouth and with her hands, just felt him up: his thighs, his buttocks, anywhere she could reach.

He groaned heavily, her cue to move things along.

She shifted slightly to his right pelvis area and began licking the skin above his vein.  She knew exactly where she wanted to drink from him. With one hand curled around his cock and fondling him gently, she felt his vein rise. She kept licking the area, adding short little jabs of her tongue, until the vein was right there ready for her.  She angled her head and with a quick strike bit down.

His whole body jerked as he cried out. She settled in and began to suck.

His blood. His blood. His blood.

The sweet elixir tasted of the rich forest, and of the earth where all good things grew.

She moved her hand up and down his stalk, his hips arching in response.

His blood powered her body, and she wanted more.

So much more.

While she drank, she shifted her gaze to him and saw that he’d lifted up on his elbows. His lids were low as he watched her drink, his gaze moving from her lips as she suckled, to her hand that still stroked his erect cock.

Malik, do you like what I’m doing?

He nodded slowly, his lips parted. “I could come so easily like this.” His deep voice filled the whole space, sending a thrill through her abdomen.

She continued for a full minute, watching his nostrils begin to work like bellows as his breathing grew harsh.

But she’d become needful again and left his vein, licking the small holes, sealing them up. She had the vines lift her out of the water so that he could see her head to toe. “Take me, Malik, however you want me.  Just take me.”

Her words had a powerful effect, because the water around her rose in a great swell. The vines she’d been using vanished and she was suddenly caught up in his arms. He levitated and swept her onto her back on the granite, but she landed on a soft cushion of vines.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tight as he found his way inside her again, pushing in erotic thrusts that caused her back to arch and a new set of cries to leave her throat.

Sex had never felt like this, as though with his cock buried deep, she was taking in every part of life. She truly felt one with the forest around her, with the land she loved, and with her sacred pool.

The vines caressed her as Malik embraced and fondled her, mirroring the way he made love to her, creating sensation on sensation.

Her body poised and ready, she panted now as ecstasy rose once more.

At the same time, she felt his hunger and she rolled her neck, presenting her throat. He gave a small, hungry shout, then licked a line up her neck. Because her vein throbbed, he pierced her quickly and began to suck.

The two sensations, his cock moving rapidly in and out and his mouth suckling at her neck, had her trembling with the need for another release. Malik, I’m ready.

I can feel that you are, but wait, just for a minute. I want to come with you.

With short quick breaths, she held the orgasm at bay, but she so ready. He sent a soft vibration through his cock and another at her neck.

“Oh, Malik.” She whimpered between pants.

Almost there. The thrusts grew deeper, his cock harder.

Suddenly, he released her neck, his eyes boring into hers. “Come with me, Willow.”

“Malik, sweet Goddess.”

He nodded and she fell straight over the edge as pleasure streaked through her, rising and swelling, pushing through her chest, until her mind filled with stars once more.

And just as the wave crested, Malik moved vampire fast and another orgasm followed, stronger this time. Her cries echoed around the forest, until she was trembling and the sensations began to ease back.

“You’re beautiful when you come, Willow. Now let’s do it once more.”

She didn’t know if she could handle so much pleasure, but Malik sped up his thrusts and a third incredible wave rolled through her, spinning her around and around, until she was crying out over and over.

Malik released at the same time, shouting into the night air, sending more thrilling shards of ecstasy scorching her deep within and bringing her cries pounding against Malik’s own roars thundering into the night.

The vines whipped around them both in wild tandem with their shared pleasure and the water rose as well in waves that washed over them repeatedly.

When the last of the orgasm faded, she had her arms flung on the granite above her head, her chest rising and falling. Malik lay on top of her, still connected, breathing hard.

Her eyes were closed and the vines began to slip away, disappearing into the water and retreating to hang once more on either side of the waterfall.

She’d gone into the wilderness and returned. She felt moved, deeply so. And changed.

She wanted to say something, to give some sort of verbal expression to all that she felt, but she couldn’t.

Instead, she surrounded Malik’s heavily-muscled shoulders with her arms and held him tight.

The words came at last. “That was so beautiful, Malik. I never thought it could be like this. Ever. I felt one with the pool, the vines, the granite, the earth, our world.”

“You’ve said it just right. And did you feel the waves?”

“Yes, the water rose up and kept washing over us.”

He sighed. “It was the most magnificent sensation. I was releasing and you were crying out. This was beyond anything I could have imagined.”

“Malik, together we seemed to be so connected to everything around us.”

“It’s you. I know it’s you.”

She hugged him. “Actually, I think it’s how we are together. I know I have a vine-gift, but I’ve never moved the water.”

As Malik remained resting inside her, a new emotion moved through her chest, warming her, swelling her heart and bringing tears to her eyes.  Was it possible that during all this time, beginning with so many chases through the forest, she’d been falling in love with him?

Or maybe it went back farther, back to appreciating all that Malik was as the ruler of Ashleaf Realm, the man who instituted laws that saved lives, the man that fought prejudice wherever he found it, the same man who helped her to engage with the five fae so that together they succeeded in healing the protective shield over the colony.

Whatever the case, how she felt about Malik had layers and texture, like the vines that had held them together, like the water that had seemed to come alive and flow over them while they made love.

Maybe she didn’t understand all that was happening to her, but one question rose: after all that had happened, how could she ever let him go?

~ ~ ~

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