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DARK NIGHT is part of the world of the amulet, which features master vampires and the women who try desperately to keep from being snared by their bonding powers. Set in the shires, each story delves into a different aspect of the land of the amulets, in which the making of the small, powerful charms, forged by a vampire’s design and blessed in a witch’s bath, often turns the world upside down.

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DARK NIGHT: Amulet Series #2

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Reader alertThe amulet stories are one of my sexier offerings, so be warned!

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A powerful master vampire and an unwilling witch must work together to retrieve a killing amulet from a dreaded enemy…

He never wanted to love a witch…

When a powerful amulet is stolen from the Fealconshire tribe, Master Vampire Eligio goes on the hunt and learns that the sexy witch, Sol-Brenna has bought it illegally on the black market.  Because the amulet can be changed from a source of healing to an instrument of death, Eligio must get the amulet back.  When he presents Sol-Brenna with an offer she can’t refuse, Eligio soon learns he’ll have his own price to pay…his heart!

She never wanted to be bound to a vampire again…

Sol-Brenna loves her witch’s trade and takes pride in her brews, concoctions and erotic salves.  But when Master Vampire Eligio comes to her door presenting her with the choice between extensive jail-time or a single night of love, Sol-Brenna finally gives herself freely to the vampire despite his threat of incarceration.  But in surrendering, she starts down a path that may cost much more than she ever dreamed possible…

Dark Night

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Excerpt from DARK NIGHT:  Chapter One


Amulet Series #2

Chapter One

Eligio, master vampire of the Fealconshire tribe, approached Sol-Brenna’s house with a smile and a certainty that before dawn he would find his way into her bed. The witch had recently taken illegal possession of one of his amulets having purchased it on the black market and he wanted the amulet back.

But mostly, of course, he wanted the witch.

He had known Sol-Brenna for years, though she lived in Master Gabriel’s shire. He had been drawn to her, like the ocean to sand, from the first time he met her. But she’d ignored his attempted seductions even though she streamed the most delectable scent, like cherry pie, whenever he grew close.

Eligio had told her about the scent she gave off, but she’d shrieked at him to get the hell away from her, muttering vile things about cherries and pie.

Sol-Brenna was fond of shrieking, a witch’s province, a sound that tended to light up the insides of his thighs and send thrills through his testicles.

Yup, he had a thing for the witch.

And now that he had a nice piece of blackmail on her, he intended to make full use of it. Buying on the black market was forbidden, as in actionable in a court of shire law.

Tonight, the witch would pay up or go to jail.

He chuckled. Of course, almost everyone bought on the black market these days, especially witches since they had a need for exotic herbs and the like.

His gaze slid over the front façade of her house: Brick and timber, a real cottage, a typical witch domicile. He could smell various aromas that hung about the walls and windows which meant her brewery was all lit up. In many ways, the witch cliché defined Soli-B exactly.

Yet even through all the brew-fest odors, he still caught her scent, crust and sweet cherries. He was ready to take a big bite of all that lusciousness.

He sighed gustily as one who was about to have a dozen, no, maybe a hundred, fantasies fulfilled.

He hoped she’d use one of her potions or salves. Her coven produced some of the finest arousal aids on the market.

Yes, a salve maybe, applied with her fingers.

He shuddered and his sudden thick arousal threatened the fine leather of his pants.

 *** *** ***

Sol-Brenna couldn’t believe her eyes. That damn master vampire was back.

She was in her cellar, a deep cavern-like space beneath her cottage, and was able to watch him through her security feed. She had at least seven pots brewing in a state of perfection, but each needed attending for the next few minutes or she’d lose a month’s income and that was so not going to happen.

She picked up her intercom remote, a necessity in her line of work, and with one free hand stirred her third pot. It had the essence of gila monster nail clippings, nicely pungent, almost like wild mushroom. Good. Good.

She moved to the fifth pot and gave a stir. She glanced at her screen and pushed the little red button on the remote, then said harshly, “Eligio, you dog. Get the hell off my property.”

She moved to the seventh pot and this time used a whip to froth up the mixture that included wings from the delicate luna moth, a proven aphrodisiac for trolls. One of her best-selling cock-balms.

“Hey, Soli, my sweet. I’m hungry for some cherry-pie.”

She ground her teeth. She hated that he invoked his whole fruit-pie theme, like she belonged to him because that’s what he scented. As though you could even smell cherry-pie. Aw, friggin’ troll warts! Why couldn’t the bastard leave her alone? “Go away, Eligio. You are not wanted here.”

Of course want was the wrong word because she wanted him bad. But he still needed to take his sorry ass off her front porch. She’d loved and lost a vampire a few years ago and she had no desire to go down that difficult road again.

She shifted quickly to her second pot. This brew was thick, almost like a stew, and would be fashioned into a paste by the time she turned the flame off. A small portion, dissolved in her special elderberry tea, took days off the common cold. Just a few minutes more.

“I can’t leave since you have something that belongs to me and I want it back.”

Oh, frog-shit, he knew about the amulet. She could feel it. Somehow he’d found out. Her heart instantly went into overdrive, kicking up a serious ruckus. No, no, no. And she’d been so careful.

As she hit the button, she decided to play dumb. “You left your stench here on your last visit. You can definitely have that back.”

She side-stepped to pot number one. She picked up a spray bottle and sent a squirt over the surface. Eau de lady bug. This was a favorite at children’s parties. The resulting cream, when applied to the skin, would create a picture of a ladybug, a kind of face-painting.

She smiled. She loved her job.

Once more, his voice, deep, low and oh-so-masculine rumbled through the com. “Let me in, Soli-B. I want in bad and I do mean in.”

Her breath caught all over again. Damn that vampire! He had the most erotic voice. Her toes curled inside her soft embroidered, jeweled slippers. She looked down at them, peeking out from beneath her long flowing skirt.

She was such a witch, totally and completely, almost a freaking cliché. And each time she stirred one of her concoctions, eleven jeweled bangles would clink together on her right arm, a sound like poetry to her ears.

She moved to the fourth pot and reached for a pinch of nutmeg. Her chin quivered as she sent the little brown shavings into the pot. This was one of her favorites. Another aphrodisiac, but meant for vampires. She would like to use this on Eligio, put it on the head of his cock and suck just so, not too hard. Eligio had a big cock, not that she’d seen it exactly, but she had seen the outlines of his arousal once when he’d caught her and kissed her a few times. She’d dragged herself out of his embrace and slapped him good. But she’d also stolen a look south and almost ended up wrapping herself around him after that.

She was a weak witch.

Damn, she wished she wasn’t so drawn to him. If only she could formulate a potion that would make him forget a night of love. Then she could spend a few hours going gymnastic on him but afterward he’d forget it ever happened.

She hit the button again. “Go away.” She moved to the sixth pot and stirred. Hearing an odd sound, she glanced at the security screen. The vampire had moved in close and now scratched at her doorjamb. At the same time, he looked straight into the camera.

“Let me in Soli-Bren.” He had a couple of nicknames for her and each one tugged at her heartstrings, which pissed her off all over again. She didn’t want to get involved with another goddamn vampire. “You know you want me. Hell, your scent is flooding from beneath the door. Whatcha doin’ in there? You using some personal implements with vibrating capacity?”

Sol-Brenna smiled. Just like him to say something to make her smile, the bastard that he was. She hit her button. “Do you honestly think you could replace any of those lovely pieces?”

“Let me in and we can do a comparison for a couple of hours. I’m game. Besides, you know I have a kind of speed that none of your implements can give you.”

Well, that was very true and Eligio never made promises he couldn’t keep.

She trembled now, aching deep inside. She moved swiftly to the seventh pot and stirred, but her body was on fire.

“Soli-B, you’ll have to let me in tonight. I have a warrant for your arrest.” She watched him turn and tap his back pocket. “Got it right here. I’m taking you to jail unless we can work something out.” Funny how he spoke of taking her into custody like he was still sexy-talking.

She had to focus on her pots, but right now a different kind of trembling had set in. How serious was he about arresting her?

“What is it, Eligio? What are you not saying?” She hopped back to the first pot. The smell was just right, like cloves. She turned the flame off. One brew done. Good.

“I have the black marketer in custody, the one who sold you the amulet. I have enough proof of your illegal activities to send you away for a century, unless of course we can come to an agreement, just a small agreement.” He chuckled softly. “Actually, not so small, if you catch my drift.”

She raced back to number seven and turned the flame off. Another perfect mixture. “I’m a little busy, Eligio. Come back tomorrow night.” She could be at the Isabella Falls resort by then, incognito. He’d never find her.

“I’m not going away. Not this time. You’re going to have to deal with me tonight.”

She glanced at the screen. He was still looking straight into the camera so that she could see the ice-blue of his eyes. They were hooded. Her nostrils flared. Even above all the aromas from her brew-pots, she could still catch his scent, despite that a whole flight of stairs, and her living room, separated them.

He smelled like a unique kind of wolfsbane that lived at the edge of the dangerous bogg-woods. This variety, with its lovely purplish flower and wonderfully poisonous roots, smelled musky and erotic with just a hint of lemon, like Eligio. The bastard.

“Soli-B,” he sing-songed through the intercom.

His voice snapped her out of her sudden Eligio-delirium. She shifted to pots two and three and shut them off, stirring down the line once more. All her mixtures had reached the perfect stage. She heaved a huge sigh of relief and shut down the rest of the flames.

She overlaid covers on each pot. She’d let them cool and rest for a full twenty-four hours.

Setting her remote on the counter, she gathered up the spoons, rinsing carefully and separately. One of the earliest mistakes she’d ever made was to wash her spoons together, which had created a noxious cloud in her basement. She’d been lucky as hell. Witches had one of the highest mortality rates of all the species in the shires because it was so easy to get a mixture wrong. Then kabboom! No more witch or brewery.

But the noxious-cloud incident had been ninety-plus years ago when she was still green behind the ears. She really had learned her lesson.

She washed her hands carefully. Any residue could also cause a problem, not so much for her, but she could peel the skin off a vampire with the wrong combination of ingredients. And as much as the idea appealed to her right now because of a certain annoying vampire-dog at her front door, Sol-Brenna wasn’t a vindictive witch, lucky for Eligio.

But she did need him to go away.

She dried her hands, took a deep breath then headed up the stairs.

Once in her living room, she removed the charms at the base of the door and watched as the blue light dissipated. She often thought the overall effect of the spell looked like a copy-and-paste that covered her front door.

She heard the scratching again, then a muffled, “Soli-B.”

Sol-Brenna sighed heavily. What was she to do with this absurd vampire?

She opened the door. He smiled, all his big beautiful teeth shimmering in the night. By the sweet goddess of life, he was handsome. He had his right arm folded against the doorjamb like it had taken her whole house just to hold him up while he waited for her.

His brows rose. “Hey, you died all that red hair of yours a chocolate brown.”

“Yes, I did. I like change.”

His gaze drifted over her hair. “I like it. Aw, hell, I like your hair any shade. Remember the year you had it black streaked with purple? Loved it.”

“You did not. You must have told me a million times that I looked like an ad for Halloween Addicts Anonymous.”

He chuckled. “I only said that because I liked to watch you get mad.” He smiled again. “You sure are pretty. Have I told you that lately?”

She lifted a brow, then lowered her gaze to where all the good stuff happened. The man was thick and punching against the zipper of his leathers. Her body responded so typically by clenching hard, which of course would have released some of her own desire-laden scent.

His eyelids fluttered as a soft groan left his lips. “Mmmmm. Cherry pie.”

When he opened his eyes, however, she saw flames dancing in them. Well, she’d never seen that before. “I guess you’d better come in.”

 *** *** ***

Eligio remained rooted where he was because his pants had shrunk and he ached deep into his groin. By the great vampire lords, he was in trouble, maybe even more than he really understood. He couldn’t quite believe how happy he was to see Sol-Brenna, like his soul was trying to reach for her straight through his chest.

Damn, but she was a beauty.

She had thick curly hair, chestnut colored this time, that hung down to her waist in waves and ringlets and a kind of volume only witches seemed to have. He wanted her hair floating over his body, everywhere. He often worked his cock, sometimes first thing in the morning, with an image in his mind of Sol-Brenna naked, her nipples peeking from between thick, heavy strands of all that mass and his lips finding one of those nipples, then the other, repeatedly.

She had auburn eyes with thick brown lashes, eyes that glared at him. Her brows were arched, one higher than the other right now because his arrival had pissed her off.

“You miss me?” he asked, finally crossing the threshold. He could feel the remnant of a spell tugging at his legs. He looked down and saw a faint blue line of light. “You just removed your charms, I see. Who have you been trying to keep out?”

She rolled her eyes. “You, of course. But please come in so I can shut the door. I don’t want my neighbors to know that I’ve been entertaining a vampire in my house. This is a nice neighborhood.”

He just smiled. She liked to say provoking things. He stepped into the room and as she shifted to close the door behind him, he caught her chin with his hand. “Seriously, Soli-B, who are you afraid of these days?”

“No one.”

“You’re lying. But you ought to be afraid. Keeping a killing amulet in your home is inviting trouble. As soon as your seller lets it out that he sold the amulet to a witch in Reavenshire, you’ll have visitors, and none of them with good intentions.”

“It’s not a killing amulet. It’s meant for healing.”

“We both know that’s only half the truth. With a powerful witch’s immersion bath, the spell can be transformed into something deadly.”

She frowned slightly. “Like you give a damn.”

“Hey,” he said, scowling at her. “I care. I’m not just sophisticated beefcake, despite the appearance to the contrary.”

She lowered her chin, biting her lip. “Beefcake? Really?”

Eligio smiled as the door snapped shut. He could always make her laugh, something she was trying hard not to do right now.

He glanced around. The woman liked wood: End tables, a wall of expensive paneling, coffee table. Even the couch had wooden arms. “You like wood.”

Her gaze fell straight to his crotch. Again. “Yes,” she said. “I do.”

All right, his eyes rolled back in his head this time.

“But not vampire wood,” she added, “which I thought I’d made abundantly clear, Eligio.”

“I like how you say my name.”

“You’re not hearing me, are you?”

“Nope. There’s only one thing I want to hear pass your lips.” He stepped closer to her and held her gaze tight to his. “Take me now, Eligio.”

“In your dreams, you dog.”

“Hey, I like dogs.”

“Well that sure fits.”

He laughed then reached into his back pocket and withdrew the formal warrant for her arrest. “You’re coming with me.”

“Not likely.” She took the document and crossed to her couch. She curled up in the corner, her slippered feet disappearing beneath a skirt with a lot of soft rippled fabric fanning out over her body. The colors were like her slippers in deep pink, blue, red, green, orange, purple, a real rainbow and full of life.

She wore a dark pink, silk tank, cut deep, that revealed a long line of cleavage. He throbbed low now. She had full breasts that he’d also fantasized about. He licked his lips as she perused the arrest warrant.

Finally, she leaned her elbow on the arm of the couch, her bracelets clinking with the movement. She rested her head on her open palm, met his gaze and said, “I guess you have me now.”

He smiled and nodded. “I’ll tear up the warrant if you’ll give me just one night in your bed.”

“You are such a prick.”

“You know I’m not.”

At that, she sighed. “Yet here you are extorting sex from me.”

“I’m just giving you the excuse you’ve been looking for since we first met. Besides, I don’t know why you’re holding back when the entire room smells of your lust for me.”

She sat up and glared at him. “If you say cherry pie one more time, I’ll start shrieking.”

He didn’t even hesitate, though he drawled the words. “Cherry…pie.”

She levitated as she got her shriek on and swirled around him. She emitted a long, loud forest cry that reverberated through the room, which should have punctured his sensitive vampire ears. Instead her voice flowed through him like cool water over his burning soul, a sure sign that she’d gotten to him, more than he wanted to admit.

He’d been after her for years and now he was here with the only thing that would possibly tempt her to finally take him to bed: A threat of jail-time.

When she finally settled down, she stood in front of him panting. “I…don’t get it,” she said, her dark eyes wild. “You should be in pain from that shriek. You know you should. What the hell is wrong with you?”

She punched at his shoulder with two fingers and kept jabbing.

But the contact did him in. He wanted her so bad, he ached. He grabbed both her arms, bracelets and all, pinning them behind her back, then dragged her against him in a tight embrace. She struggled and called him all sorts of names, several of which made him smile.

He kissed first one cheek then the other. He licked a slow line all the way to her ear then dipped inside. Even her skin tasted sweet like cherries, yet underneath was that pastry flavor.

She whimpered and finally stopped struggling.

He groaned and began to plunge his tongue in and out. “I’ve wanted you for so long,” he said between thrusts.

And the sweet smell of her arousal rushed all around him, torching his body with desire.

 *** *** ***

 Sol-Brenna didn’t excel at surrender. She was better at clawing and scratching and flying around in her witchy way. She took deep breaths, but each inward draw sucked in more of Eligio’s scent.

Why had she even let him into her house?

Oh, yeah, the warrant for her arrest and the amulet she kept in her safe. She had to come to some kind of agreement with him.

But she let herself go now for the simple reason that it felt so damn good to be held in Eligio’s arms. And the moment she relaxed into him, he released the tight grip on her arms only to surround her and hold her close.

She should be pissed off that he’d trapped her like this, but she hadn’t been with a man in so long, almost a decade now since her fiancé had lost his life in a brutal Mage attack. She had forgotten how wonderful this felt as she slid her arms around the breadth of Eligio’s back. She pulled his shirt from his leathers and slid her hands underneath, gliding her fingers over one massive muscle after another, up and up, then slowly back down.

He was a warrior in his tribe.

She tilted her head and sucked on his neck. She had a secret about her heritage that only a couple of people knew and her small fangs itched to make an appearance. She could smell his wolfsbane blood, which tightened her deep inside.

The groan that came out of him rumbled like a Corvette motor beneath her ear.

“No commitments,” she said softly as she kissed him across the sharp angle of his cheek. She had to stand on tip-toe to reach him. She was five-eleven but he had to be at least six-five, maybe taller. And her jeweled slippers were simple flats, no heels at all. She’d like to put on a pair of stilettos and do this all over again.

“No commitments.” His voice sounded rough.

His hands tugged on her tank top. She leaned away and let him glide the silk up and over her head. He let it fall to the floor.

He parted his lips as he gazed down at her breasts. This was one asset she had in abundance.

She stepped away just a little and gave him a treat as she pulled each breast from the cups of her bra, letting her girls rest on the underwire. She put her hands on her waist and took a deep breath.

Eligio groaned and dropped to his knees in front of her, landing on the wood floor with a heavy satisfying thump.

He played with her breasts and suckled as she drove her hands into his hair. He had beautiful vampire hair, thick and dark brown, flowing in waves to his shoulders. Many of the vampires she knew had hair like this. Her fiancé’s hair had hung clear to his waist. She had driven him crazy with the ways she would braid it and add beads and comb it.

He’d let her. He’d been a good man. Then he’d died because of others of his kind.

She’d vowed never to get near a vampire again and here he was, making her moan and her back arch as he plundered first her left breast then her right. And if his mouth wasn’t doing the mischief, then his fingers were teasing and plucking.

He had big hands which covered her really well and that was saying a lot because she had a lot to cover.

He slid his hands around her back, beneath the mass of her hair, squeezing her bottom then dragging her skirt over her hips.

He followed with his mouth, nipping at her stomach, her navel, her abdomen. The lower the fabric went the lower he went.

When he tugged the fabric all the way to the floor, he groaned. “You went commando,” he said, his voice low, guttural.

“I always do.” She laced her fingers through his hair.

She felt his shudder. When she spread her legs, he groaned all over again.

The angle wasn’t the best, but Eligio went to work gliding his tongue up and down her landing strip then moving to each bare side, teasing her over her mound and lower to suck on her sex. Desire flowed. She couldn’t remember why she hadn’t done this sooner.

She’d always known it would be like this because her relationship with Eligio wasn’t simple. She actually liked him and she believed he liked and respected her.

She could have stayed in this position forever, but she had a better idea.

“I want your clothes off,” she said. When he rose up, she stepped out of the pool of fabric at her feet, then took his hand. “But just to be clear, once we do this, you’ll tear up that warrant and promise not to come back with another one tomorrow night.” He opened his mouth, but she added, “Or any other night thereafter.”

He smiled. His lips were wet. She reached up and kissed him. She tasted herself and then she was in his arms as he deepened the kiss and thrust heavily into her mouth. He was a hard ridge against her stomach.

But she pushed against him. “I want your promise.”

He nodded. “So long as you give me the amulet, then yes, I promise never to return here. But you could come visit me in Fealconshire. I have a nice big bed there. My home competes with the best European castles and even has a few dungeons below. Perfect for a witch. I could set you up with a second brewery and a few pots for making your famous salves.”

“In your dreams, Fido,” she said, as she led him to her bedroom.

He stood on the threshold and looked around. “Not a window to be seen,” he said. “Well, I’ll be damned, this is a blackout room, isn’t it? What haven’t you told me? Have you been with a vampire before?”

* * *   * * *   * * *   * * *   * * *   * * *   * * *

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Dark Night: Amulet Series 2

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Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorTRAPPED, HUNGER, SEDUCED…

The Blood Rose Tales, are much shorter stories than the “Embrace” books of the Blood Rose Series. Each ‘tale’ highlights one particular aspect of the world of the Nine Realms as well as a mastyr vampire in pursuit of his Blood Rose.

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Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorBlood Rose Tale #1 – TRAPPED

Zephyr can’t keep away from Alesia and feels obligated to keep her safe.  They’d broken up, unable to reconcile painfully opposing views on what should be done to the evil Invictus pairs.  But when several wraith-pairs attack her diner, he flies her to safety, taking her home where they’re trapped together for the entire day. 

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Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorBlood Rose Tale #2 – HUNGER

Yolen keeps his love life and his work life separate with one goal in mind – to protect Brianna.  After seeing his best friend slaughtered by the enemy, he will do whatever it takes to ensure Brianna’s safety even if it means holding her at a distance. 

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Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorBlood Rose Tale #3 – SEDUCED

For weeks, Mastyr Willem, agent for the Realm Investigative Unit, has been tracking Charlotte Vail, a human college student at the local Grochaire University. He’s had a thing for Charlotte that he doesn’t quite understand.

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Enter a world of blood-starved mastyr vampires and the rare women who can satisfy their deepest needs…

Blood Rose 1 –  Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorEMBRACE THE DARK  

How can he resist his blood rose…

Gerrod, mastyr vampire of the Merhaine Realm, never thought to have his blood-needs satisfied by a mere human. But Abigail is no ordinary woman.

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Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorBlood Rose 2 – EMBRACE THE MAGIC

Ethan, mastyr vampire of the Bergisson Realm, never thought to find his blood rose, the one woman who could ease the blood-starvation he’s endured for decades. But Samantha carries a surprising level of power as her newly discovered fae heritage emerges..

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  Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorBlood Rose 3 – EMBRACE THE MYSTERY

Quinlan must keep Grochaire Realm safe from the enemy at all costs.  As ruler of his realm, a woman has no permanent place in his day-to-day existence. But when his lust takes him to Batya’s bedroom, he soon discovers he’s deep into a powerful experience that threatens to blow his life apart.

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Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorBlood Rose 4 – EMBRACE THE PASSION

Seth, Mastyr Vampire of Walvashorr Realm, craves Lorelei, his new bodyguard, but he has a hands-off policy with those under his command. However, the sexy glint in her eye, as well as her wolf-shifter ways, keeps him in a fevered state. 

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Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorBlood Rose 5 – EMBRACE THE NIGHT

Mastyr Vampire Jude has kept his distance from all women because he lost his wife and daughter to an enemy attack a hundred years ago. He won’t go through that kind of loss again. And he won’t jeopardize another woman’s life while the deadly Invictus wraith-pairs still pose a threat in the Nine Realms.

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Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorBlood Rose 6 – EMBRACE THE WILD

Mastyr Vampire Malik has only one goal: to serve the realm he loves. Battling both the dreaded Invictus wraith-pairs and an element in Ashleaf Realm that wants all innocent wraiths dead, Malik can’t afford to get distracted. But Willow has already become an obsession as he lusts for the powerful fae whose blood he craves.

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Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorBlood Rose 7 – EMBRACE THE WIND

Mastyr Vampire Zane didn’t want another woman in his life not after the dreaded Invictus killed his wife five years ago. He serves Swanicott Realm, the land he rules, and doesn’t want anything to interfere with his war against the enemy.

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Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorBlood Rose 8 – EMBRACE THE HUNT

Mastyr Vampire Ian never wanted to see Regan again. He blamed her for the massacre at Raven’s Overlook, an attack that killed his sister and her children. He’s convinced Regan enthralled him, using her extensive fae powers to keep him by her side. If he’d been in his realm that night, he could have saved 200 people.

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Caris Roane Paranormal Romance AuthorLove in the Fortress: Blood Rose Series 8.1

Mastyr Vampire Griffin hates his enslavement in Margetta’s fortress. He sought death a thousand times because of it, but was denied when the Ancient Fae brought him back repeatedly, forcing him to train her evil army. When a beautiful fae-slave, Sandra, tells him to live, he begins to believe his life could have more meaning…

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Caris Roane is the New York Times bestselling author of thirty-seven paranormal romance books. Writing as Valerie King, she has published fifty novels and novellas in Regency Romance. Caris lives in Phoenix, Arizona, loves gardening, enjoys the birds and lizards in her yard, but encourages the scorpions to inhabit elsewhere! Her motto: Live the Fang!

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