I’ve always thought cyclamens were one of the prettiest flowering plants around, though unfortunately I could never keep it alive indoors in a pot. I wasn’t blessed with the patience of growing flowering plants in this way. But I was happy to learn that cyclamens originated in the Mediterranean area where they go dormant during the hot, dry summer months then come alive and bloom over the winter. This has made me wonder if perhaps, perhaps, once my shade is established, I could plant these flowers during the mild winter desert months out in the garden. This is an experiment I’ll consider undertaking perhaps this coming fall. I have one spot in mind that seems to create a very mild spot in the garden where about everything thrives come summer or winter.

Here’s a very short time-lapse video of white, blooming cyclamens.  Here’s a short video with a fascinating look at how to plant cyclamens from seed. Here’s a very short video on how to care for your potted cyclamen.

FunFacts about Cyclamens: (Source) (Source)  

  • Cyclamen is a genus of 23 species of perennial flowering plants in the family Primulaceae. This family is commonly known as the primrose family. Though there is some debate that cyclamens may belong to the family Myrsinaceae.
  • Cyclamens are native to Europe and the Mediterranean Basin all the way east to Iran, with one species actually found in Somalia.
  • Cyclamens grow from tubers and produce patterned leaves and flowers with up-swept petals.
  • Cyclamen leaves are often heart-shaped.
  • In the woodlands, the leaves appear in the autumn then die back in the spring.
  • Each leaf grows on its own stem.
  • Cyclamen flowers emerge on a stem coming from a growing point on the tuber.
  • Cyclamen flowers can be white, red, pink or purple.
  • Some cyclamen species are frost-hardy while some are frost-tender.
  • Cyclamen species are eaten by the Gothic Moth.
  • One nickname for cyclamen is ‘sow bread’ since pigs like to eat this plant.

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*** This Week’s Giveaway is Over ***

We have a winner! Congratulations Charlene F.!!!

March winners: Denise H. and Veronica T.

February winners: Jackie B., Drea M., Sandra L. and Judy M.!!!

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We have a winner! Congratulations Charlene F.!!!

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27 thoughts on “Cyclamens

  1. Looking through the pretty pictures I realised I have some growing in my garden. My lack of this knowledge is further proof I am not a gardener.

  2. I love these flowering plants but have not been able to grown them inside. I look forward to seeing pictures of them in you garden during the up coming season. Hope they work out well in you wonderful garden.

  3. Great looking flowers. It’s weird that the flowers we really love will not grow for us my favorite is night blooming jasmine!!

  4. Cyclamens have such a distinctive look! I’m actually not sure if I’ve seen any up close, but I’ll be on the lookout in the future. The purple ones are my favorite!

  5. Very pretty flowers. I think the 2,3,5,6 are my favorite photos. The color just jumps off the page at you. I haven’t grown any of these before. Thank you for the post.

  6. The secret for keeping Cyclamen plants alive is to ALWAYS water them from the bottom. Once a week, simply pour tepid water in a bowl and set your flower pot in it. Let the soil soak up the water. I have kept them for years this way. Putting them near a bright( but not South-facing) window will encourage reblooming. Use a very DILUTE fertilizer in the water once a month. Good luck.

    • I have begged, pleaded and sobbed trying to grow cyclamen to no avail.

      And I’m a gardner that grew trees from seeds!

      They are so beautiful and I just have to succeed at growing these.

      Susan S. wrote some excellent tips in her post, so I’m going to try one more time.

      Now the hard part, what color should I choose?

    • Susan,
      That is a great tip. One of the videos warned against watering the leaves and showed how he pushed back the leaves to point the spout of a watering can directly on the soil. But I like your idea much better. I’m wondering if watering from the bottom helps protect the tubers as well. Nature is so fascinating. There’s a reason for everything!


  7. Wow very pretty flowers, but I have never heard of them before this. I will have to get some and attempt to grow them. Well my husband will lol, since I literally have a black thumb haha.

  8. Lovely pictures! I didn’t know that cyclamen were from the Mediterranean. I have a shady spot in my yard that just might work. Thanks for the wonderful information!!!

  9. Hmmmm…definitely something that might work in our Arizona climate. You will have to let me know how yours do if/when you plant them. I am seriously considering them for under my mulberry trees!

    Drea – Casa Grande, AZ

  10. I have never grown them but they sure are pretty and living in the woods they may do well here. Will check into it. Love them all.

  11. They look pretty. I like flowers that come in different colours, or anything in purple. The weather here is too unpredictable to grow delicate things.

  12. As I’ve said before, I don’t really like flowers but I do think cyclamens are beautiful! I wouldn’t have a problem having these by my house!

  13. Really wish I could grow them. I don’t have luck with flowers. Mostly green plants. But with the snow here I have even killed my aloe plant in my bay windows.

  14. OOOOOOOOOOOO These are pretty. Love the purple. The petals are so different from other flowers. I really wish I hadn’t been born with 2 black thumbs. I can kill off artificial flowers.

  15. I loved ve the deep purple and coral colored ones, they are truly beautiful, they just refuse to grow in my hot house

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