Bear Cubs

Bear Cubs

My first stuffed animal as a child was a panda bear. When I had my daughter, she collected — you guessed it — Care Bears. Last year, I gave my three-year-old grandson a stuffed brown bear for his birthday. There is just something cuddly about those round ears and overall plump silhouette that brings on a strong case of the awwwws. Some of the information in this blog has to do with bears generally. But all the pics and the videos include adorable cubs.

The most interesting fact I unearthed was that bears share a common ancestor with wolves, dogs, foxes and coyotes! I had no idea!

Here’s a wonderful video of two, small, 12-week-old bear cubs making their way down a cottonwood tree. Mama made her den way up in the tree, which kept her cubs safe from other bear attacks.

In this video, which is on the long side, 2 four-week-old cubs are rescued and raised in the Carpathian Mountains. DH and I watched this story, with our grandkids, about how this man went about raising the cubs and preparing them to live in the wild. Wonderful.

FunFacts about Bears and Bear Cubs (Source) (Source)

  • There are 8 species of bears: American black bear, sloth bear, sun bear, Asiatic black bear, brown bear, giant panda bear, spectacled bear and the polar bear.
  • Bears live up to 30 years in the wild.
  • Mother bears are affectionate, protective, strict and devoted. Depending on the species, they will keep their cubs close up to three years.
  • Bears can see in color.
  • The bear ancestor is an offshoot of the Canidae family which includes, dogs, wolves, foxes and coyotes.
  • Except when courting or when a mother bear raises her young, bears are solitary animals.
  • The sun bear, found in the tropical forests of southeast Asia, is the smallest bear at only 4-5 feet long (1.2 to 1.5 meters).
  • Polar bears are the biggest bears and weigh up to 1600 pounds. Grizzly bears weigh up to 790 pounds.
  • Most bears are omnivores.
  • Bears hibernate. During hibernation, the bear’s metabolism slows, its body temperature decreases and it’s heartrate slows from 55 to 9 beats per minute.
  • Male bears visit females to see if they’re ready for breeding. Courtship varies among species. Ovulation occurs during the mating rituals.
  • Gestation lasts from 6-9 months.
  • Female bears give birth during hibernation.
  • Litter sizes vary depending on the species, though up to four seems normal.
  • Cubs are born blind and entirely dependent on their mothers.
  • Cubs nurse up to a year.
  • By 2-3 months, cubs are ready to follow their mothers from their dens.
  • Male bears play no role in raising their young.
  • The giant panda can only suckle one cub at a time. If twins are born, one is left to die.
  • Males will kill cubs to bring a female into a reproductive state. Mother bears will, however, defend their cubs to the death.

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*** This Week’s Giveaway is Closed ***

We have a winner! Congrats Lori H.!!!

First December Winner: Merrie W.!!!

November Winners: Kim S., Tamara, ELF, Grace W. and Catedid

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43 thoughts on “Bear Cubs

  1. They are adorable. I had a teddy bear that growled. I pushed on his tummy so much he soon stopped growling. He also lost most of his fur. Loved that bear. He got himself lost during one of our moves.

  2. I saw a bear one night.They are a lot bigger than you would think. I thought it was a cub but when it stood up it was very tall and big. They are scary in person.But I like them.

  3. Bear cubs are just so cute and cuddly! Love pix #4, #9 & #13. Have only seen cubs in zoos. Mama bears are really protective. Never knew the males killed the cubs just to get the Mama bear in heat. Glad Mama bear has such good mothering instincts. 🙂

  4. Amazing they are relatives of dogs.. I love picture #9 where it looks like the fun is hugging the mom. Bear cubs are adorable. We were in the Smoky mountains one year going through a place called Cades Cove. It’s a place where no one lives but has old churches and cabins there. Very Beautiful place to see how things were long ago. Usually you see different animals and their was a bear cub in the woods near the little road you drive through on. Everyone was stopping and getting out to see it. The park rangers were making everyone go back as the momma hear was close we didn’t get out of our car for that reason but the baby was adorable.I definitely didn’t want to run upon a angry momma bear.we also have beat where we live.

  5. Bear cubs are one of mother nature’s wonders. It’s amazing to me that they’re related to wolves, coyotes, foxes and my own beloved dogs! Not something I would ever have guessed.

  6. So love the picture of the bear cub nuzzling its mother. Never met a bear up close and personal. Would probably not react well if I did. (NYC)

  7. I love the pics with the cubs – they are just so cute! My first stuffed animal was also a bear that my grandmother gave me. I still have it and it has a place of honor on my shelf along with my favorite care bear, Lucky!

  8. Bear cubs are so adorable! I love how strong and fierce they are while still being cuddly. My favorite is the picture of the three black bear cubs. I’ve never seen any bears in real life though I would love to some day. Thank you for your blog posts and all that you share.

  9. Bear cubs are especially cute! I’ve collected more bear stuffed animals in my life than any other type. I don’t think I’d ever want to meet one in real life (outside of a zoo) because I’ve seen enough nature documentaries to remember that the mama bear is undoubtedly nearby!

  10. I’m a HUGE Polar Bear favorite animal of all!! I watch the documentaries on them when one comes on! And I LOVE that bracelet!! I love ALL of your bracelets!! What a great hobby!! Happy Holidays!

  11. Bear cubs are so cute! I have never seen any in the wild, but I have been really close to one that was being cared for at a bear rescue. Your bracelets are so beautiful!

  12. I do have to say that bear cubs are so darn cute but if there is a cub around, momma isn’t far behind. We get bears wandering through our yard quite often. Probably because we live on a lake. You would think living in northwest New Jersey you wouldn’t see that many but that’s not true. I would say the scary part is when they are not afraid of you at all. I had one up in my driveway that was bigger then the size of 3 big burly men and when I hit my car alarm, it didn’t even flinch. While having small kids it can be even scarier.

  13. I think Cubs, Fox’s and baby tigers have the sweetest faces of all the animals. Funny they are usually not so people friendly yet so sweet faced. I am from Alabama and the only one of these we really ever see is the Fox 🙂 Thank you for the chance the romance bracelet is stunning 🙂

  14. There is something to be said about photos of bears as well as watching them on TV. Although they can be quite dangerous I find that they are also quite gentle, loving to their cubs, meticulous in how they hunt. Thank you for sharing these photos, it put a smile on my face.

  15. Who doesn’t love a roly poly bear? They are beautiful creatures and I enjoy watching them when I get a chance. I also have a spot on my bed for a teddy bear.

  16. I have not seen any bears in real life, just in zoos. I love that the little cubs seem to become independent very quickly and I love how they play/fight with each other. My favorite picture is the one with the little cub and his mother and the cub is looking over the log.

  17. I love picture number three with the little cub trying to look over the log….soooo cute! My hubby and myself are bear fanatics…we can’t watch bear documentary after bear documentary lol.

  18. I love bear cubs and yes I had a stuffed bear and I carried him til he fell apart bears are so smart love to watch the cubs they are so playful!!!!

  19. My parents live in the mountains of East Tennessee. I have seen them outside of the house there (I do have pictures). In the past 5-10 years, they’ve come out of the woods and close to the homes.

    Denise from Maryland

  20. Hi, I like the pictures with the cubs with their mama’s. I’ve only seen bears in the zoo. When I was young I was into Carebears alot. I live in Rochester, Tx. Although I know Arizona well, I grew up in Globe, AZ only an 1 1/2 outside Phoenix. I sometimes miss the Pinal mountains .LoL I like Texas though too.

  21. I love Bears. In fact I collect a lot of items that are bears. One of my favorite collections of bears is my Beanie Baby collection. Over the years there have been many Beanie Baby Bears made and while I don’t have them all I have quite a few.
    I love both your newsletter and you blog. The pictures are amazing!

  22. We go camping at a resort that has bears within the campground specifically to see bears. We were disappointed the last time we camped there as we didn’t see any. Too late in the season I think.

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