With powerful front claws designed to bust into termite mounds and anthills, anteaters walk on their fists which helps keep their claws sharp at all times. Nature designed them to be the gardeners best ally, since they truly love eating ants as well as termites. The giant anteater can consume as many as 30,000 ants and termites in a day. They are able to do this with their powerful tongues which they can flick in and out of their mouths as fast as 150 times a minute. 

Anteater Videos: Here’s a fun, informative 3-minute video featuring anteaters from the San Diego zoo. Here’s a 1-minute video of a baby anteater riding on mom’s back. Anteaters can’t pick up their young with their forelegs, so riding it is! Here’s another 1-minute video of a baby anteater.

FunFacts about Anteaters: (Source)

  • Basic information, quote: Anteater is a common name for the four extant mammal species of the suborder Vermilingua (meaning “worm tongue”) commonly known for eating ants and termites. The individual species have other names in English and other languages. Together with the sloths, they are within the order Pilosa. The name “anteater” is also colloquially applied to the unrelated aardvark, numbat, echidnas, pangolins and some members of the Oecobiidae. (Source)
  • The most familiar species of anteaters are: 1) the giant anteater Myrmecophaga tridactyla, (about 1.8 m or 5 ft 11 inches long) which includes the tail, 2) the silky anteater Cyclopes didactylus (about 35 cm 14 inches long), 3) the southern tamandua or collared anteater Tamandua tetradactyla, (about 1.2 m or 3 ft 11 inches long), and 4) the northern tamandua Tamandua mexicana of similar dimensions.
  • Anteaters are most closely related to sloths than any other animal.
  • Anteaters have tube-shaped lips but no teeth.
  • Anteaters have long thin tongues that can reach a distance greater than the length of the head.
  • Anteaters have large, clawed forearms which they use to tear apart anthills and termite mounds.
  • Anteaters have long dense fur which protects them from the attacks of these insects.
  • Anteaters are solitary creatures who will defend their territories. While defending, they will vocalize, swat and sometimes ride on the backs of their opponents.
  • Anteaters can’t see well but their sense of smell is superb. They rely on the latter for defense, feeding and foraging.
  • Anteaters live in South and Central America.
  • Anteaters live in dry tropical forests, rainforests, grasslands, and savannas.

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  3. I would love to invite them to my house. We have fire ants they can enjoy! I wonder about their tale. Why is it so big? Also when they get in the water the tale is something they wash and spend time on – so why is it so important?

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