Animals Together

Animals Together

We bond. We flock. We move about in herds. We form pairs, schools, parliaments, coveys, mated-pairs, colonies, pods, congregations, packs, and best friends. How we share life together, whether with one another as humans, or with animals as our loved ones, or how animals group themselves, the sacred nature of the bonds we form are not easily broken. For an intriguing list of animal group names, go here.

Here is the most wonderful, 10-minute compilation video of animals together. This 10-minute video features photographs of then-and-now animals together, mostly in pairs. Very sweet. This 10-minute video shares 11 stories of animals of different species bonding together.

FunFacts about Animals Together: (Source) (Source)  

  • Pair-bonding is a name coined from the 1940s to indicate a lifelong relationship, frequently monogamous. Another term is ‘mated pair’. However, there are a variety of pair-bonds. Quote:
    • Short-term pair-bond: a transient mating or associations
    • Long-term pair-bond: bonded for a significant portion of the life cycle of that pair
    • Lifelong pair-bond: mated for life
    • Social pair-bond: attachments for territorial or social reasons, as in cuckold situations
    • Clandestine pair-bond: quick extra-pair copulations
    • Dynamic pair-bond: e.g. gibbon mating systems being analogous to “swingers” (Source)
  • Almost 90% of birds are monogamous.
  • Humans pair-bond. But these bonds can be social or sexual.
  • Humans also form social friendships and acquaintances each of which have a different level of bonding.
  • About bonding with animals, quote: A study in 2003, by the U.S. Department of Defense, based on human-animal bonding determined that there was an improvement and enrichment of life when animals were closely involved with humans. The study tested blood levels and noticed a rise in Oxytocin in humans and animals which participated; Oxytocin has the ability to lower stress, heart rate, and fear levels in humans and animals. (Source)

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We have a winner! Congrats Kathy H.!!!

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45 thoughts on “Animals Together

  1. I’m a big fan of the nature shows that feature animals of different species being best friends! The video about animals adopting other animals is so cute!

  2. What a wonderful way to start a Monday morning. The photos are adorable but I can’t pick a favorite. They are just too cute. I loved the videos also but I admit I tested up when I saw one had went over the rainbow bridge. I think one of the strangest pairing ( in a good way) was the hippo and turtle in the video. That’s for the lovely start of the week while I was pouring away for the beach .

    • Pineing not pouring lol. You know me and auto correct. I even double checked it but I swear it changes it sometimes after I got send.

  3. Aww, what a great way to start the week. Look at all those adorable photos. Of course my favorites are the ones with the dogs. Thanks for the smiles!! AZ

  4. My mother had an ill-tempered German Shepherd and a tuxedo cat. The dog loved the cat. They were inseparable. The cat always slept between the dogs front paws. They roamed everywhere together.

  5. Animals can be so adorable. Love the koalas and the elephant family. My cats will do that, walk side by side. The youngest, a female, will walk alongside the oldest, a male, who looks at her warily, because she’s been known to give him a few licks then give him a slap.

  6. Hi, Everyone!
    Wasn’t this a fun way to start the week? I have to say I enjoyed putting this blog together so much. The videos I posted were each 10 minutes long which meant I was watching videos for a half hour just to include them on the post. I usually try to limit the time for your sake as much as mine, time being as precious as it is. But I got so caught up in all this sweetness, I couldn’t help myself.

    So glad you enjoyed the post!

    Buckeye, Arizona USA

  7. I had two Yorkies Spencer & Kirby, I still have Spencer and he will be l2 on the 14th. I lost Kirby when he was 8. But I now a Tracy who is a mess but my mess. Love them both.

  8. I liked all of the photos and especially the ones with people in them.
    I looked it up and the most solitary animals are the bear and skunks. Thank goodness, we could not handle 2 skunks at once. Thank you Mother Nature!
    I am a dog person and have had a lot of them and they have enriched my life.
    I like this saying:
    “A dog is part of your world,
    but to a dog, you ARE their world”

  9. All the pictures are great but I especially like the cheetah one. I am an animal fan and really like dogs. I can’t remember a time when there was not a dog in my life. I will always have a dog as long as I can. Buckeye is an ok town. I grew up east of there in Mesa. Wahoo Arizona

  10. one day I hope to go to Australia to see Koalas in the wild and of course to go to the Zoo that the Irwin family runs where they have so many of the animals that Australia is famous for.

  11. I’m a HUGE animal lover , so this particular blog tickled my heart!! I’m a pet sitter by trade and have a menagerie of my own. Any time I travel, I make sure to visit the zoo in that city!!

  12. Such a dull rainy day here in London then I saw these precious pictures and for a moment or two within my soul there was nothing but sunshine and outside did not exist.

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